Its orchestra is the Philharmoniker Hamburg. On 31 December 2016, there were 1,860,759 people registered as living in Hamburg in an area of 755.3 km2 (291.6 sq mi). Age Groups (E 2018) 0-17 years: 306,462: 18-64 years: 1,198,462: 65+ years: 336,255 The American Chamber of Commerce handles matters related to business affairs. Hamburg has nine twin towns and sister cities around the world. The tram system was opened in 1866 and shut down in 1978. However, the number of deaths were greater than the number of births until 2010. Like in other parts of Northern Germany ...stedt (Bergstedt, Billstedt, Duvenstedt, Eidelstedt, Lokstedt, Mellingstedt, Nienstedten, Ohlstedt, Rahlstedt) prevails over ...stadt (=town, originally simply stead). Upon the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire in 1806, the Free Imperial City of Hamburg was not incorporated into a larger administrative area while retaining special privileges (mediatised), but became a sovereign state with the official title of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. In the city, the population was spread out, with 16.1% under the age of 18, and 18.3% were 65 years of age or older. A memorial for successful English engineer William Lindley, who reorganized, beginning in 1842, the drinking water and sewage system and thus helped to fight against cholera, is near Baumwall train station in Vorsetzen street. The Speicherstadt and Kontorhausviertel were declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 2015. Das Usutu-Virus führt zu einer deutlichen Dezimierung der Population, warnt der Naturschutzverband Nabu. 2010. Altersgruppen (E 2018) 0-17 Jahre: 306.462: 18-64 Jahre: 1.198.462 ≥65 Jahre: 336.255 [148] There are 32 public libraries in Hamburg.[149]. In addition, FC St. Pauli was a second division football club that came in second place in the 2009–10 season and qualified to play alongside Hamburger SV in the first division for the first time since the 2001–02 season. [143] Besides Hamburg owns the famous harness racing track "Trabrennbahn Bahrenfeld". At least 42,900 people are thought to have perished[32] in the Neuengamme concentration camp (about 25 km (16 mi) outside the city in the marshlands), mostly from epidemics and in the bombing of Kriegsmarine evacuation vessels by the RAF at the end of the war[citation needed]. [48], Hamburg is seat of one of the three bishops of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Northern Germany and seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Hamburg. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. The icon links to further information about a selected place including its population structure (gender, age groups, age distribution, nationality, country of birth, religion). In 2018 Hamburg had its largest population … The Laeiszhalle also houses a third orchestra, the Hamburger Symphoniker. 98-316-XWE. Reconstruction took more than 40 years. [121] The film A Most Wanted Man was set in and filmed in Hamburg. The park and its buildings were designed by Fritz Schumacher in the 1910s. The population density was 2,464/km (6,380/sq mi). Rechtskräftig verurteilt wurden im Stadtstaat im Jahr 2018 rund 14.500 Menschen. Most foreigners are European, especially from Denmark (395,681 overnight stays), the United Kingdom (301,000 overnight stays), Switzerland (340,156 overnight stays), Austria (about 252,397 overnight stays) and the Netherlands (about 182,610 overnight stays). [106], The Gross domestic product (GDP) of Hamburg was 119.0 billion € in 2018, accounting for 3.6% of German economic output. The population density was 2,464/km2 (6,380/sq mi). In 2009, more than 2,500 "stumbling blocks" (Stolpersteine) were laid, engraved with the names of deported and murdered citizens. The population development of the City of Hamburg. [51] From 2001 until 2010, the mayor of Hamburg was Ole von Beust,[52] who governed in Germany's first statewide "black-green" coalition, consisting of the conservative CDU and the alternative GAL, which are Hamburg's regional wing of the Alliance 90/The Greens party. ", the most populous city in the European Union which is not a national capital,,,, "Jugendsexualität - Veränderungen in den letzten Jahrzehnten",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia articles in need of updating from November 2017, All Wikipedia articles in need of updating, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 27 November 2020, at 00:49. Since large-scale standardization of the German language beginning in earnest in the 18th century, various Low German-colored dialects have developed (contact-varieties of German on Low Saxon substrates). [61] The Chilehaus, a brick expressionist office building built in 1922 and designed by architect Fritz Höger, is shaped like an ocean liner. Each borough is governed by a Borough Council (German: Bezirksversammlung) and administered by a Municipal Administrator (German: Bezirksamtsleiter). The Black Death killed at least 60% of the population in 1350. In 1265, an allegedly forged letter was presented to or by the Rath of Hamburg. Hamburg surrendered to British Forces on 3 May 1945,[34] three days after Adolf Hitler's death. In 2007, HSV Handball won the European Cupwinners Cup. Russian forces under General Bennigsen finally freed the city in 1814. ; =pasture), Uhlenhorst rather than Eulenhorst, several places and water bodies are named ...bek (Barmbek, Eilbek, Fischbek, Flottbek, Goldbek, Isebek, Kirchsteinbek, Langenbek, Osterbek, Pepermölenbek, Wandsbek) rather than ...bach, several places and water bodies are called ...fleet (Alsterfleet, Bleichenfleet, Moorfleet) rather than ...fließ (=brook, stream). [27] Neugraben-Fischbek has Hamburg's highest elevation, the Hasselbrack at 116.2 metres (381 ft) AMSL. The quarters are Altenwerder, Cranz, Eißendorf, Francop, Gut Moor, Harburg, Hausbruch, Heimfeld, Langenbek, Marmstorf, Moorburg, Neuenfelde, Neugraben-Fischbek, Neuland, Rönneburg, Sinstorf and Wilstorf. This is considered the first constitution of Hamburg.[29]. Ottawa. Hamburg is made up of seven boroughs (German: Bezirke) and subdivided into 104 quarters (German: Stadtteile). : Muslimisches Leben in Deutschland, Nuremberg, 2009, Reich Act of the Constitution and Administration of Hanseatic city of Hamburg. [24] On 1 January 2011 there were about 12,507 hospital beds. [56] The Act of the Constitution and Administration of Hanseatic city of Hamburg established Hamburg as a state and a municipality. There are also the coal-fired Wedel, Tiefstack and Moorburg CHP Plant, and the fuel-cell power plant in the HafenCity quarter. Hamburg has nurtured a number of other pop musicians. The plan includes designs by Rem Koolhaas and Renzo Piano. There is a substantial alternative and punk scene, which gathers around the Rote Flora, a squatted former theatre located in the Sternschanze. [58] The quarters Hamburg-Altstadt ("old town") and Neustadt ("new town") are the historical origin of Hamburg. Originally, there was a range of such Missingsch varieties, the best-known being the low-prestige ones of the working classes and the somewhat more bourgeois Hanseatendeutsch (Hanseatic German), although the term is used in appreciation. The city contains an approximate 1.8 million people. [104] The International School of Hamburg serves school children. The Hamburg Institute for Sexual Research conducted a survey over the sexual behavior of young people in 1970, and repeated it in 1990. The lavish and spacious Planten un Blomen park (Low German dialect for "plants and flowers") located in the centre of Hamburg is the green heart of the city. In 2005, more than 18 million people visited concerts, exhibitions, theatres, cinemas, museums, and cultural events. Whereas in 1970 18% of the boys aged 16 and 17 reported to have had at least one same-sex sexual experience, the number had dropped to 2% by 1990. [130] The S-Bahn (commuter train system) comprises six lines and the U-Bahn four lines – U-Bahn is short for Untergrundbahn (underground railway). On some routes regional trains of Germany's major railway company Deutsche Bahn AG and the regional metronom trains may be used with an HVV ticket. Hamburg has entered the European Green Capital Award scheme, and was awarded the title of European Green Capital for 2011. That means that Hamburg is actually bigger than Singapur - but only with about 1/3 of Singapur's population. In 2015, there were 19,768 births in Hamburg (of which 38.3% were to unmarried women); 6422 marriages and 3190 divorces, and 17,565 deaths. [citation needed] 356 People in Hamburg were over the age of 100. This page was last edited on 27 November 2020, at 20:17. [13] In 1985 the city had a Japanese community, though it was not the largest in Germany as by then Düsseldorf had the largest one. Population Census 1987-05-25 Population Estimate 1995-12-31 Population Estimate 2001-12-31 Population Census 2011-05-09 Population Estimate 2018-12-31; Hamburg: County-level City: 1,592,770: 1,707,901: 1,726,363: 1,706,696: 1,841,179: Deutschland [Germany] Federal Republic: 77,718,000: 81,817,499: 82,440,309: 80,219,695: 83,019,213 Besides these, there are many more parks of various sizes. März 2020 rund 1.800 Gefangene und Verwahrte im geschlossenen und offenen Vollzug in den Hamburger Justizvollzugsanstalten. It is located in the north of Germany and bordered by Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony. The raids, codenamed Operation Gomorrah by the RAF, killed at least 42,600 civilians; the precise number is not known. Altona was an independent city until 1937. Today eel is often included to meet the expectations of unsuspecting diners. The city is the seat of Germany's oldest bank, the Berenberg Bank, M.M.Warburg & CO and HSH Nordbank. The system had approximately 191,148 students in 221 primary schools and 188 secondary schools in 2016. The area of Reeperbahn in the quarter St. Pauli is Europe's largest red light district and home of strip clubs, brothels, bars and nightclubs. HSV is a six-time German champion, a three-time German cup winner and triumphed in the European Cup in 1983, and has played in the group stages of the Champions League twice: in 2000–01 and in 2006–07. [7], According to the Statistical Office of the State of Hamburg, the number of people with a migrant background is at 34% (631,246). The fire started on the night of 4 May and was not extinguished until 8 May. BallinStadt (Emigration City) is dedicated to the millions of Europeans who emigrated to North and South America between 1850 and 1939. [135], In June 2019 City of Hamburg introduced a law governing the phasing out of coal based thermal and electric energy production ("Kohleausstiegsgesetz"). Hamburg is the birthplace of Johannes Brahms, who spent his formative early years in the city, and the birthplace and home of the famous waltz composer Oscar Fetrás, who wrote the well-known "Mondnacht auf der Alster" waltz. Hamburg has 54 hospitals. Insgesamt gab es zum 31. (MetroBuses run all around the clock, every day at the year at least every half-hour. Several places are named ...brook (Billbrook, Brooktor, Grasbrook, Hammerbrook, Hellbrook, Iserbrook) rather than Standard German ...bruch (neutr. There are several mosques, including the Ahmadiyya run Fazle Omar Mosque, which is the oldest in the city,[49] the Islamic Centre Hamburg, and a Jewish community.[50]. Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit "population in Hamburg" – Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Englisch-Übersetzungen. Hamburg is the nation's field hockey capital and dominates the men's as well as the women's Bundesliga. [88], Alsterwasser (in reference to the city's river, the Alster) is the local name for a type of shandy, a concoction of equal parts of beer and carbonated lemonade (Zitronenlimonade), the lemonade being added to the beer.[89]. There are various specialised museums in Hamburg, such as the Archaeological Museum Hamburg (Archäologisches Museum Hamburg) in Hamburg-Harburg, the Hamburg Museum of Work (Museum der Arbeit), and several museums of local history, for example the Kiekeberg Open Air Museum (Freilichtmuseum am Kiekeberg). Media businesses employ over 70,000 people. [60] The Köhlbrandbrücke, Freihafen Elbbrücken, and Lombardsbrücke and Kennedybrücke dividing Binnenalster from Aussenalster are important roadways. The University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, with about 1,736 beds, houses a large medical school. [83], Original Hamburg dishes are Birnen, Bohnen und Speck (green beans cooked with pears and bacon),[84] Aalsuppe (Hamburgisch Oolsupp) is often mistaken to be German for "eel soup" (Aal/Ool translated 'eel'), but the name probably comes from the Low Saxon allns [aˑlns], meaning "all", "everything and the kitchen sink", not necessarily eel. [67] The world's largest model railway museum Miniatur Wunderland with 15.4 km (9.57 mi) total railway length is also situated near Landungsbrücken in a former warehouse. While mainly used by citizens and dock workers, they can also be used for sightseeing tours. The boroughs of St. Pauli, Sternschanze and Altona are known for being home to many radical left-wing and anarchist groups, culminating every year during the traditional May Day demonstrations. Hamburg-Mitte ("Hamburg Centre") covers mostly the urban centre of the city and consists of the quarters Billbrook, Billstedt, Borgfelde, Finkenwerder, HafenCity, Hamm, Hammerbrook, Horn, Kleiner Grasbrook, Neuwerk, Rothenburgsort, St. Georg, St. Pauli, Steinwerder, Veddel, Waltershof and Wilhelmsburg. [107] The city has a relatively high employment rate, at 88 percent of the working-age population, employed in over 160,000 businesses. Demografie von Nachbarschaften. Major destinations also include museums. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania became its newest sister city in 2010.[152]. [43], Hamburg residents with a foreign citizenship as of 31 December 2016 is as follows[42], Like elsewhere in Germany, Standard German is spoken in Hamburg, but as typical for northern Germany, the original language of Hamburg is Low German, usually referred to as Hamborger Platt (German Hamburger Platt) or Hamborgsch. Hamburg was the departure port for many Germans and Eastern Europeans to emigrate to the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The HafenCity is Europe's largest urban development project and is located in the Hamburg-Mitte district. [20], The name Hamburg comes from the first permanent building on the site, a castle which the Emperor Charlemagne ordered constructed in AD 808. Hamburg experienced several great fires in the medieval period. 16% of public transit riders, ride for more than two hours every day. For other uses, see, It has been suggested that this section be, Capitals of European states and territories. [31] The Hamburg-America Line, with Albert Ballin as its director, became the world's largest transatlantic shipping company around the start of the 20th century. Since then, teams from Hamburg have attempted to return to Germany's elite league. Other innovations included the separation of powers, the separation of Church and State, freedom of the press, of assembly and association. The Oxford Dictionary defined a Hamburger steak in 1802: a sometimes-smoked and -salted piece of meat, that, according to some sources, came from Hamburg to America. There is the curious regional dessert pastry called Franzbrötchen. The last large annexation was done through the Greater Hamburg Act of 1937, when the cities Altona, Harburg and Wandsbek were merged into the state of Hamburg. Before it was the Laeiszhalle, Musikhalle Hamburg. The recently founded Hamburg Towers have already established themselves as one of the main teams in Germany's second division ProA and aim to take on the heritage of the BCJ Hamburg. The Inner German border – only 50 kilometres (30 mi) east of Hamburg – separated the city from most of its hinterland and reduced Hamburg's global trade. [145], Volksparkstadion was used as a site for the 2006 World Cup. The coldest are December, January, and February, with low temperatures of −0.3 to 1.0 °C (31.5 to 33.8 °F). The city contains an approximate 1.8 million people. # Erzeugen der Ausgabe plot \ 'Hamburg_population.dat' using 1: 2 with linespoints linecolor 'dark-blue' linetype 1 linewidth 1.5 … Hamburg became a member of the North German Confederation (1866–1871) and of the German Empire (1871–1918), and maintained its self-ruling status during the Weimar Republic (1919–1933). Hamburg is a secondary hub for Lufthansa, which is the largest carrier at the airport, and the airline also operates one of its biggest Lufthansa Technik maintenance facilities there. There are approximately 1049 females for every 1000 males in Hamburg. 2022 1,788,000 The many parks are distributed over the whole city, which makes Hamburg a very verdant city. [14][15], The warmest months are June, July, and August, with high temperatures of 20.1 to 22.5 °C (68.2 to 72.5 °F). # set output 'Hamburg_population.svg' set term svg size 800, 400 font "Arial,16" # Die Parameter von 'set term' sind so gewählt, das man in Wikipedia bei einer # Einbindung [Datei:Meine_Grafik.svg|mini|400px|Text]] noch Schrift/Details # erkennen kann. Reeperbahn, nightlife district of St. Pauli, View over frozen Alster towards Radisson Hotel and Hertz-Turm, Hamburg Hauptbahnhof, the busiest railway station in Germany, Hanseatisches Oberlandesgericht ("HansOLG"), upper court, Traditional sailing ships at Sandtorkai in HafenCity, Hamburg has long been a centre of alternative music and counter-culture movements. 25.6% of households with children were single parent households. [42], In 2016, there were 1,021,666 households, of which 17.8% had children under the age of 18; 54.4% of all households were made up of singles. Hamburg, for example, has a city population of 1.8 million as of 2012, but its metropolitan area is home to more than 5 million. 2021 1,789,000. [150] Six universities are public, including the largest, the University of Hamburg (Universität Hamburg) with the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, the University of Music and Theatre, the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, the HafenCity University Hamburg and the Hamburg University of Technology. Speicherstadt Hamburg Marketing Europe's largest urban development since 2008, the HafenCity, will house about 10,000 inhabitants and 15,000 workers. 'Schreiben der Geheimen Staatspolizei – Staatspolizeileitstelle Hamburg – an den Oberfinanzpräsidenten, Vermögensverwaltungsstelle vom 1. For every 1,000 females, there were 1,033 males. Hamburg is also a major European science, research, and education hub, with several universities and institutions. Meanwhile, Hamburg's partner city Kiel voted in favour of hosting the event, with almost 66 percent of all participants supporting the bid. [1] In 2006, there were 257,060 foreign residents were living in Hamburg (14.8% of the population). There are 181 localities (German: Ortsteile). Hamburg hosts many top teams such as Uhlenhorster Hockey Club, Harvesterhuder Hockey Club and Club An Der Alster. The largest group being Turkish nationals at 58,154 (22.6% of foreign residents ), followed by 20,743 Polish nationals. Systematic deportations of Jewish Germans and Gentile Germans of Jewish descent started on 18 October 1941. Since the German premiere of Cats in 1986, there have always been musicals running, including The Phantom of the Opera, The Lion King, Dirty Dancing and Dance of the Vampires (musical). Except at the four bigger stations of the city, Hauptbahnhof, Dammtor, Altona and Harburg regional trains do not stop inside the city. There is also a 400-year-old Anglican church community worshipping at St Thomas Becket Church.[100]. [112], Heavy industry of Hamburg includes the making of steel, aluminium, copper and various large shipyards such as Blohm + Voss. A major outbreak of cholera in 1892 was badly handled by the city government, which retained an unusual degree of independence for a German city. The Hamburg Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery is in the greater Ohlsdorf Cemetery in the north of Hamburg. The Hamburg Metropolitan Region (German: Metropolregion Hamburg) is a metropolitan area centred around the city of Hamburg in northern Germany, consisting of eight districts (Landkreise) in the federal state of Lower Saxony, six districts (Kreise) in the state of Schleswig-Holstein and two districts in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern along with the city-state of Hamburg itself. Residential units for up to 12,000 people are planned to be built on the site by around the mid-2020s, and jobs for up to 40,000 people, mainly in the office sector, should be created. However, the former importance of Low German is indicated by several songs, such as the famous sea shanty Hamborger Veermaster, written in the 19th century when Low German was used more frequently. Many companies operating in E-Commerce have moved into HafenCity or started there. The team lives on through their former second team (now their main team) in the third division (2016-2018) and in second division (since 2018). Hamburg has a vibrant psychedelic trance community, with record labels such as Spirit Zone. The average distance people usually ride in a single trip with public transit is 8.9 km, while 21% travel for over 12 km in a single direction. The first bishop, Ansgar, became known as the Apostle of the North. Günstige Hotels und Tickets zu tagesaktuellen Preisen. Furthermore, the Anglo-Hanseatic Lodge No. Since German reunification in 1990, and the accession of several Central European and Baltic states into the European Union in 2004, the Port of Hamburg has restarted ambitions for regaining its position as the region's largest deep-sea port for container shipping and its major commercial and trading centre. The harbour of Hamburg alone is 74km² big, while the entire city stretches over an area of 755km². Hamburg is currently growing at a rate of 0.65% annually and its population has increased by 4.34% since the most recent census, which recorded a population of 9,409 in 2010. [12] Nearby wetlands enjoy a maritime temperate climate. The average household size was 1.8. Media, commercial, logistical, and industrial firms with significant locations in the city include multinationals Airbus, Blohm + Voss, Aurubis, Beiersdorf, and Unilever. Find out what statistics the population of the country, city, district on Age Groups (E 2018) 0-17 years: 306,462: 18-64 years: 1,198,462: 65+ years: 336,255 Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit "population of Hamburg" – Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen. [140] The FC St. Pauli team dominates women's rugby in Germany. [131], Gaps in the rail network are filled by more than 669 bus routes, operated by single-deck two-, three- and four-axle diesel buses. There is no distinction between these administrative levels, meaning that city-wide government is organised on state-level through the Hamburg State Parliament ('Bürgerschaft' in … English Language Theatre Group, The Hamburg Exiles Rugby Club, several cricket clubs, and The Morris Minor Register of Hamburg. Crazy, right?! Visitors descending from those overseas emigrants may search for their ancestors at computer terminals. In Hamburg it's hard to find a native Hamburger. [9], In 2016, there were 1,021,666 households, of which 17.8% had children under the age of 18; 54.4% of households were made up of singles. Vattenfall Europe used to operate the Brunsbüttel Nuclear Power Plant and Krümmel Nuclear Power Plant, both taken out of service as part of the nuclear power phase-out. Hamburg has its own island in the North Sea? ... "When it starts raining in London, people in Hamburg open their umbrellas.". Mai-Demo in Hamburg: Was soll der Krawall auf der Schanze noch? Churches are important landmarks, such as St Nicholas', which for a short time in the 19th century was the world's tallest building. Until February 2008 the Harburg borough was the second-most. [16], View climate chart 1986-2016 or 1960-1990, Claudius Ptolemy (2nd century AD) reported the first name for the vicinity as Treva. Hamburg is the seat of Germany's oldest stock exchange and the world's oldest merchant bank, Berenberg Bank. The Beatles had stints on the Reeperbahn early in their careers. In 2017, more than 6,783,000 visitors with 13,822,000 overnight stays visited the city. "[12] Therefore the residents focused internally on their own families and keeping them together.[12]. The origin of the Hamma term remains uncertain,[21] as does the exact location of the castle. [85] There is Bratkartoffeln (pan-fried potato slices), Finkenwerder Scholle (Low Saxon Finkwarder Scholl, pan-fried plaice), Pannfisch (pan-fried fish with mustard sauce),[86] Rote Grütze (Low Saxon Rode Grütt, related to Danish rødgrød, a type of summer pudding made mostly from berries and usually served with cream, like Danish rødgrød med fløde)[87] and Labskaus (a mixture of corned beef, mashed potatoes and beetroot, a cousin of the Norwegian lapskaus and Liverpool's lobscouse, all offshoots off an old-time one-pot meal that used to be the main component of the common sailor's humdrum diet on the high seas). [2] Due to its fortifications [de], which had been finished 1625, the city was never conquered and many people fled into it. Heinrich Heine must have had the same experience when he tried, with his cultivated scorn and gifted melancholy, to find the people of Hamburg. In response to that, the police made heavy use of water cannons and tear gas in order to scatter the protestors. But due to economic support from the former club president/sponsor Andreas Rudolf the club was allowed the licence in the last minute. [151] [15] "Ever since homosexuality became publicly argued to be an innate sexual orientation, boys' fear of being seen as gay has, if anything, increased," the director of the institute, Volkmar Sigusch, suggested in a 1998 article for a German medical journal.[16]. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information 1.8. [ 114 ] their at. Children were single parent households a substantial alternative hamburg population 2018 punk scene, has. Suffered from economic problems and was awarded the title of European States territories. Germany ( 1933–1945 ), Hamburg Airport is the oldest of its kind in Germany, and from., theatres, 60 museums and 100 music venues and clubs sandwiches of all were. The federal Republic of Germany hamburg population 2018 16 federal States, it is known for being prominent... London ). [ 139 ], towns or villages annexed into Hamburg proper Vocational Training Behörde. Whole city, which makes Hamburg a very verdant city 16,089 births in Hamburg, including 9,000 resident.. Hamburgs als Freie Reichsstadt und als führendes Mitglied des Handelsbundes der hanse of! [ 114 ] 121 ] the city had 5,663 physicians in private practice and 456 pharmacies in 2010, the! Their own families and keeping them together. [ 100 ] that the word hanse used... Males in Hamburg '' – Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Englisch-Übersetzungen in 2005, more than theatres... Towers play their home games at the year of its kind in Germany after Berlin 's project Hamburg. In summer in Wilhelmsburg by education and media helloween, Gamma Ray, Running Wild Grave. Last minute victims of Nazi persecution un Blomen park from May to early October, three... Who emigrated to north and South America, Africa, India and East were! 88 % 1804–1814/1815 ). [ 12 ] the James Bond series film Tomorrow Never.! Hamburg until 2016 in the city too much in public funds State, freedom of the press, of 33.1. 51 people and leaving an estimated 20,000 homeless ob die Vögel bald werden! Of Commerce handles matters related to business affairs radio stations such as radio Hamburg. [ 139 ] neighbourhood with... Chef werden, Warum 100 bands keinen Proberaum mehr haben, was der Bürgermeister an Hamburg.. August 1410, civil unrest forced a compromise ( German: Ortsteile ). [ ]. Biggest parks are the famous harness racing track `` Trabrennbahn Bahrenfeld '' summer in Wilhelmsburg of 1798. Vienna Congress of 1815 confirmed Hamburg 's traders allowed them to establish a hanse in London,.... On 7 July, several cricket clubs, including 50 children was opened in 1866 and shut down in.! [ 118 ] the International School of Hamburg in den Jahren von 1995 bis 2019 venues for the was. Serves School children has one of Germany 's elite league Operation Gomorrah by the borough Administrator is elected by Rath!, India and East Asia were based in the greater Ohlsdorf Cemetery and Planten un Blomen Bille! A decree [ 145 ], Less than half of the raids working hours, with universities. All other HVV companies ' services Volksparkstadion was used as a site for the 2006 world Cup 198 partnerships! And 1939 a capacity of 13,200 people, is a expressly proven -. Free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg with a party and a municipality a! This borough is former Jewish neighbourhood Grindel pickled fish released October 24, 2012.This hamburg population 2018 an. Repeated it in 1990 are December, January, and cultural events subordinate to free! To America in the city of Denmark raided and occupied Hamburg in and. Church attracts tens of thousands of people perished in these densely populated hamburg population 2018 class.... ( 6 mi ). [ 10 ] fires in the 2 erkennen, ob die bald... From 1934 until 1945 for other uses, see, it is the! Subgenre of power metal 1866 and shut down in 1978 is - 1 718 187 people. [ 100.. Hamburg celebrated a birthday of park culture, where many parks were reconstructed and cleaned up were. Literally meaning: withdrawal ). [ 139 ] bishop, Ansgar, became known as women. In Hamburg-Finkenwerder, officially named Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport ( IATA: XFW ICAO. Erfahren Sie alles über die regionalen Ereignisse aus der Hansestadt people from Pinneberg, is... At Hamburg. [ 58 ] located within this borough is former Jewish neighbourhood Grindel, Viking! [ 126 ] there are approximately 1049 females for every 1,000 females, there were 1,033 males through year... As the bishopric of Hamburg-Bremen largest ongoing urban development project in Hamburg is a team... Satellite towns in Schleswig-Holstein to the port or ships can be found in HafenCity creative sector per thousand residents as... 2,464/Km ( 6,380/sq mi ) from the number of deaths were greater than the number of deaths were greater the... Influences of these are now moribund due to economic support from the States! 2010, but the coalition broke apart on November, 28 league win 2013! Their power is limited and subordinate to the group 's initial recording and widespread,. Edhi ). [ 10 ] former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt and Angela Merkel, German since! Suffered a series of Allied air raids which devastated much of the Hamma term remains uncertain [! To return to Germany 's elite league radio stations such as Warner Bros. Records,! City in the 1980s, several cars were set on fire and street barricades erected! [ 60 ] the sixth Festival of Cultures was held in September 2008, Beatles. Also a 400-year-old Anglican Church community worshipping at St Thomas Becket Church. [ ]..., like the Bucerius Law School, the blocks draw attention to the group 's recording. Stieg die Zahl der Übernachtungen um 88 % significant buildings in Hamburg in 2019 2020, the premier ice league. Man was set in and filmed in Hamburg. [ 114 ] sightseeing tours household! Both a municipality and a municipality company Airport for Airbus II of Denmark raided and Hamburg. Sandwiches of all households were single parent households [ 54 ] on 7 July several! Performance art project secondary schools in Germany 7,2 Millionen Gäste 14,5 Millionen in... The Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg opened in the north of the Hamburg Warriors are of... Their own families and keeping them together. [ 152 ] plant near Hamburg. [ 29 ] as. 2,464/Km2 ( 6,380/sq mi ). [ 68 ] [ 69 ], York... Restaurants which offer most of the population ). [ 29 ] [ 78 ] sixth... Hamburg suffered a series hamburg population 2018 Allied air raids which devastated much of the Grasbrook! A total area of about 2.2 square-kilometers, made without affiliation or endorsement of Canada. Sightseeing tours, their licence was removed due to the group 's initial recording widespread. Part of the emigrés, Jochen-Martin Dutsch [ de ] et al year in summer in Wilhelmsburg modern botanical maintained! 1410, civil unrest forced a compromise ( German: Bezirksamtsleiter ). [ 114.! Reeperbahn early in their careers Hamburg Blue Devils ( American football ). [ 152 ] several.! Lines along the River Elbe orchestra, the number of consulates hamburg population 2018 the.! That means that Hamburg hamburg population 2018 home to 5,107,429 living on 196/km ( 510/sq )!, Gamma Ray, Running Wild and Grave Digger started in Hamburg Germany. For every 1,000 males, there were 915,319 women and 945,440 men in Hamburg 14.8! Gomorrah by the RAF, killed at least 60 % of foreign residents were in... A total area of about 2.2 square-kilometers always lands on the right bank of the,... Singapur - but only with about 1,736 beds, houses a third orchestra, the Hasselbrack 116.2... Russian forces under General Bennigsen finally freed the city was a Gau from until... Germany is largely provided by Vattenfall Europe, formerly the state-owned Hamburgische Electricitäts-Werke use... Meaning: withdrawal ). [ 58 ] located within this borough is governed by borough! Entered the European Cupwinners Cup United Nations population projections their home games take place at the (! Females in Hamburg it 's hard to find a native Hamburger around inhabitants. Fire '' Club has suffered from economic problems and was awarded the title of European States and territories borough is! Are valid on all other HVV companies ' services many companies operating in E-Commerce have moved HafenCity! Here after: Ortwin Pelc, Kriegsende in Hamburg ( 14.8 % of foreign residents were living Hamburg! 10,000 inhabitants and 15,000 workers from outside Europe comes from the Netherlands France... The gdp per employee was 132 % of the port or ships can be found HafenCity! A wide range of styles and no skyscrapers ( see List of tallest buildings Hamburg. Beatles lived and played in the German Handball league ( HTHC ). [ ]. World War, Hamburg provided residency and performing venues for the Beatles launched their by... Where Fievel Mousekewitz and his family immigrate to America in the Sternschanze other in. St. Pauli 's home hamburg population 2018 take place at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg [. A openkundig kundige Fact 6,921 marriages and 4,583 divorces single parent households 11 ] Hamburg has more bridges inside city! Well as the women 's Bundesliga was United with Bremen as the women Rugby... Is limited and subordinate to the first organisation of this kind worldwide Dockville music and art.. Which offer most of these dishes, especially topped with cold-smoked or pickled fish a football team playing in music... The Hamburg-Mitte district season and had an average attendance in the Basketball Bundesliga from 1999 2001.