The knives sit in a small, neat, carbonised ash block that would take up little room on the worktop if space is an issue. We also used them for a variety of everyday kitchen tasks including cutting raw potatoes, slicing cucumber and leeks, and chopping onions, nuts and dried fruit. The knives don’t go in the dishwasher, though, which might be an issue for some. Two roll-bags, attached directly to the handlebar and to the top of a rear rack and cinched down with straps, already offer a considerable weight saving over panniers. Climbs become far less of a chore. One end being mountain bikes with single track and credit card touring with road bikes on the other. The best tactical knife I've found is the CRKT M16. You can pull the knives out of the top or through the front. Carrying a lot of gear only complicates the experience for me.’. We're all built differently, have different riding styles, and want different things. Bright and cheerful, they would be an ideal gift for students. The Best Bike Pump For Touring: (Here’s My Top 3) The wind’s screaming past your ears, the pavement’s flashing by in a blur, and everything’s right with the world. They feel light, cutting effortlessly through salad ingredients and bread. While back-up paper maps and a compass are always recommended, bikepacking lends itself particularly well to touring with a handlebar-mounted GPS; my favourite is the Garmin eTrex 20 ( It’s a world you might otherwise not have experienced with a heavier, more traditional set-up – simply because it wouldn’t be half as enjoyable getting there. If you haven’t bought knives for a while, you might be surprised to find a santoku knife in some sets. A bike’s geometry will often also tend to suit either thrashing around off-road or more traditional touring-style riding. Here’s my default pack-list, which I’d adjust as needed. Mix in some pre-prepared turmeric, coriander and cumin (equal parts) or a curry powder. When suddenly it feels as though you’re pedaling through peanut butter. Best knife set for people with limited space. The knives are unspectacular in the looks department, though the curl at the end of the handle is an attractive touch and the wooden block is well finished. In the UK, handlebar slings that allow the use of waterproof roll-bags without fouling brake and gear cables are particularly useful. Knives need to be removed from the top of the block, which could be an advantage for safety-conscious parents. BEST FOR: DIRT AND DEBRIS TOURING; Vittoria Terreno Zero. Mountain bike touring tends to involve far more movement in the upper body, so you end up with strain on one part of your back. The knives attach magnetically which means they are fully visible, so there’s no hunting for the correct knife. We sliced raw sweet potatoes with the larger cook’s knife and tomatoes with the all-purpose knife. Wherever you roam has the potential to become part of your tour – a singletrack trail, a rutted jeep road across a moorland, a rock-strewn track down a mountain side. You want the bike to be light enough to enjoy the trails that you can ride, and then heft over technical sections you can’t. Many knife sets are designed to be on display. When the weather looks good, I’ll use an even more minimal option, like Six Moon Designs’s ( Wild Oasis tarp (0.4kg), which has midge protection. The term bikepacking is borrowed from US bike-tourers of the 1970s. I prefer bikes that require no tools for the fold like the Tern or Brompton bikes. This doesn’t mean you need to revert to a full pannier setup. I've been using one for years. You just spin it to access the knives. Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL2. Read on to discover which knife sets to buy. People have been strapping bags to handlebars and donning backpacks since the dawn of mountain biking, and using their knobbly-tyred bikes to explore remote routes unreachable on day trips. Bikepacking has come to mean ‘multi-day off-road adventures by mountain bike’. Buyer's guide: touring bikes. If so, you gotta check out this list of folding and coupled bicycles capable of short and long-distance bicycle travel. The only slight downside is that they are handwash only. Wales-based Wildcat Gear ( specialise in custom work, with a full range of bikepacking gear available, as do Buggybags. Registered office: Parklands, Railton Road, Guildford, Surrey GU2 9JX. They’re full tang and made of German stainless steel but they are also very light. Bicycle Touring: Riding your bike on established roads (dirt and gravel included) and camping/sleeping however. The block itself is made of solid oak and is very heavy with feet on the base to avoid slipping. If you intend to embark on such adventures regularly, it’s worth using dedicated bikepacking gear. I like Tarptent ( from the US, with their wide range of single-skin, fully-enclosed offerings, such as the roomy, 0.9kg Rainbow, which sleeps 1-2. Ison distribute Revelate frame-bags for Salsa and Surly frames. This knife set made short work of fruit and veg. Some sets can be kept in the cutlery draw while others come in a block, in a variety of colours, sizes and styles. Currently riding round the world, Kurt Sandiforth has a particularly interesting set-up, using home-sewn bikepacking bags and slimline, rattle-free panniers, fixed to a Surly Pugsley with 4in tyres. Built for long distance comfort, the best touring bikes are strong, light and versatile, capable of climbing steep gradients as well as allowing you to relax and enjoy the scenery. … Throw all into a pot at the same time, adding in lentils and basmati rice. There’s an indent at the top of the handle that makes them comfortable to hold and they are easy-grip, too, so you’re less likely to drop them. These versatile Japanese-style knives have indents on the blade and are designed for chopping and dicing. The quickest folding bikes take about 10 seconds, some of the slower folding bikes will take 10 minutes or more to disassemble. We did wonder if the paint might scratch over time, but were reassured by the 15-year guarantee. There is a high level of attention to detail here – even the rivets in the handles are stylish. The real appeal in bikepacking is its ability to offer the best of all worlds: the sense of remoteness I so value when mountain biking, the sense of self-sufficiency I savour when I tour, and the thrill of singletrack on a bike that’s light enough to really enjoy riding. Triumph’s already brilliant Tiger 800 triple has also received a … Blade Material: 440A Stainless Steel. And don’t overstuff your frame-bag. Chop up a carrot small, so it cooks quickly. Japanese manufacturer Fuji’s entry-level touring bike, simply named the Touring, features a Reynolds 520 cromoly frameset with classic drop-bar touring geometry.It’s prime for upgrades and additions, with three bottle cage mounts on the frame, and lowrider mounts on the fork. Be sure to apply duct tape to any areas where there might be cable rub – and if you’re precious about your frame, apply tape where paint might rub off. Packing light has other knock-on effects, too. Even so, it’s best to use a backpack for just water, which is drunk throughout the day, or light, bulky gear; keep heavier items on your bike. They’re just like a normal bicycle with the added advantage of a motor to assist you when you feel the need. Takes 2-3 days. Investing in a set of knives means you will cover all the basics and a matching knife set can look smart, too. The Scandi name reflects the simple but modern look of this knife set. Plus I can cover greater distances with less effort. In the meantime, blow up your mattress, fluff up your sleeping bag and have a stretch. But aside from a bicycle (and strong pair of legs) a decent, lightweight tent or bivi is one of the most important pieces of … So my Swiss Army knife isn’t just a knife on my bike, it’s the sharpest knife on a bike. Bikepacking gear tends to be more fiddly to pack – at least until you become familiar with the system – and without careful preparation, it’s less water resistant than modern, seam-welded panniers. If you have any questions, suggestions for future reviews or spot anything that has changed in price or availability, please get in touch at They are well balanced and extremely comfortable to hold. What's the difference between cycle touring and bikepacking? - A 1,250km race, which can also be ridden as a tour, that traces the German East/West divide, following dirt roads, tank tracks and singletrack. Which is why touring bikes primarily – but not exclusively – make the best pillion machines, too. This is a cleverly designed knife set with some extras you might be surprised to see at this price point. Chop up fresh ginger, garlic and a small onion. We also liked the way the two smaller knives go in separate slots at a different height, to help you identify the knife you need. We wanted knives that cut cleanly and easily, and tested each set on crusty baguettes, tomatoes, peppers and carrots. Details I appreciate include eyelets for water bottles on the fork and under the down tube, as well as a surplus of braze-ons for when I want to tour with panniers. We also liked the integrated knife rests – the handles are designed so the blade doesn’t touch the surface, if you put it down, making it more hygienic and creating less mess. The main advice I can offer for aspiring bikepackers is to enter a different state of mind for travelling by bike: minimalism. 03-03-2011 #125. b-kul. The North Face Stormbreak 1. These knives, which are made from a single piece of stainless steel, are noticeably weightier than others in the same price range, and feel extremely solid and practical. Frame-bags are the most obvious: zippered bags that make use of the centralised, low-to-the-ground area that is otherwise wasted but for a couple of water bottles. There’s a confident 25-year guarantee, too. Riding in Peru’s remote Huayhuash mountains. This is key – there’s no point having a beautiful set of knives if they’re ineffective. A summer bag can be extended for autumnal use through the use of a silk liner or a vapour-barrier liner. Set contains: 9cm half-bolster paring knife, 14cm boning knife, 16cm flexible filleting knife, 17cm santoku,  20cm half-bolster cook’s knife, sharpening steel. The knives are made of Japanese stainless steel, and come with a five-year guarantee. When using my iPhone, I like Gaia’s ( navigational app best. The vegetable knife doubles up as a zester, which we tested successfully with lemon, and the small chef’s knife has a couple of holes for stripping herbs. Touring & Trekking ebikes electric bikes for touring and trekking . Wheel diameter. BEST FOR: TIGHT TURNS AND QUICK BRAKING Continental Ultra Sport III. Bikepacking is a relatively recent phenomenon. Adventure road bike test: Kinesis Tripster ATR, Great Rides: Bikepacking the West Country Way. We looked at whether the knife block was thoughtfully designed to store knives safely and securely. We awarded marks for stylish knives and, if applicable, for the appearance of the knife block, too. On longer, multi-week trips, I still prefer to do without weight on my back. We tested a representative sample of knife sets and scored them against the following criteria. Ridgeback Voyage. We've put a selection of knife sets through their paces – read on to see which came out on top. We put the knives through their paces on squishy tomatoes, leeks, carrots, peppers and potatoes as well as meat and stale crusty bread. For more of our top bike touring gear recommendations, check out the Best Stoves for Bike Touring. Descents become safer and more assured. It’s a discipline, and a good one. Bikes without panniers are a whole lot easier to push – which, as any mountain biker will know, comes as part and parcel of most off-road trips. If you’re a parent, safety will also be a consideration. This review was last updated in August 2020. But the knives can also be bought by home cooks who simply want an excellent quality set of knives. Its UK equivalent is However for an all around pocket knife I really like Swiss Army. GPX files can be found online, swapped on forums, or created and shared with Google Earth or the likes of programs like Topofusion ( and Ride With GPS ( Sharpen up your skills in the kitchen with a good set of knives. Almost any cross-country mountain bike can make a decent bikepacking machine, whether it’s full suspension or a hardtail. In some of our blocks, the knives sat at the side, while others needed to be pulled from the top end, making them harder for young children to remove. The knives are light to hold while cutting a range of food extremely well, slicing through tomatoes, carrots and potatoes with ease. And there’s considerably less wear and tear on components. Start by putting a pot of water on to boil. Handle Material: Plastic, Steel. Best, John 02-28-2011 #24. Even better, any mountain bike can become a touring bike thanks to a system that doesn’t rely on rack eyelets. We rated our knives for strength and balance. - An 800-mile traverse of Arizona (60% singletrack), that begins in Utah and finishes on the Mexican border. What is behaviour change and how does it apply to cycling? - A 2,000km circular mountain biking route of Andalucia, Spain, along dirt roads and quiet backroads. Bring only what you need. It’s a rotating block which means it doesn’t take up much space on your worktop. Touring wheels generally work well as commuting and winter wheels too. This is a “look at me” knife block that resembles books on a shelf – you keep the knives in the “slots” between the spines, meaning they’re very easy to remove. I’ve found that two small panniers, teamed with a frame-bag, front roll-bag and a seat bag, is a great way to add extra capacity without compromising handling adversely. As you’d expect at this price point, they are full tang. Folding Bike Pros. Weight savings are greater than you might imagine. Set contains: paring knife, all-purpose knife, 20cm cook’s knife, carving knife, bread knife. Taking into account the number of knives in each set, we looked for a good variety. Includes a magnificent hike-a-bike through the Grand Canyon. It’s an unobtrusive block with a traditional look to fit most kitchen styles. It’s a really attractive collection of five full tang knives with high-carbon stainless steel blades. I ride a Surly Ogre (, a versatile bike designed with off-road touring in mind. Folded siz… Both come with eyelets on the fork legs for water bottles (if your bike doesn’t, hose clamps work well), as does Genesis’ fat-tyred Caribou. Be thorough about cleaning and lubricating frame-bag zips, as these are weak points. Subscription offer: save 44% and receive a brand-new cookbook. In short, both you and your bike will be less fatigued. Shopping by bike: cargo bike, trailer or panniers? On off-road terrain, racks and panniers add unnecessary extra weight; weight that isn’t tightly distributed across the bike, making for an unwieldy ride. The heart of a bikepacking set-up includes a frame-bag and a roll-bag strapped to the handlebars, often with a front pouch for sundries. The bread knife, noticeably thinner than other bread knives we tested, glided effortlessly through our crusty loaf. 10 best bike helmets: Stay safe on the road whether you’re commuting or racing We’ve tried and tested the best protective models that are perfect for any riding occasion View at Backcountry. Some of us would rather just keep knives in the kitchen drawer. At the other end of the spectrum, a cyclo-cross bike can also be great for those looking to clock up the miles on better-surfaced dirt roads. Even so, it’s best to use a backpack for just water, which is drunk throughout the day, or light, bulky gear; keep heavier items on your bike. Such a bike is extremely capable off-road, surprisingly efficient over tarmac stretches, and easy to maintain. It has a steel frame, effective and puncture resistant tyres, handcrafted with high build quality and a sports design that has been cultivated over 25 years by Brompton bikes. What differentiates this new wave of bikepacking is the specialised gear that’s emerged and the popularisation of long-distance mountain biking routes. Best Saddle For Bike Touring. View at Backcountry. Check out Mike Hall’s ( record-breaking round the world ride for an example of super-light road touring. Best Electric Bikes for Long Distance Touring. While a bikepacking set-up makes an ideal option for multi-week off-road trips, its limited cargo capacity can be an issue for those planning several months on the road. Aesthetics. Set contains: 9cm paring knife, 10.5cm all-purpose knife, 20cm cook’s knife,  22cm carving knife, 22cm bread knife. Singular’s Puffin is in the pipeline too. The Cube Travel is incredibly capable on a mix of surfaces, with 29×2.2″ tyre clearance with fenders. Folding bikes are free to fly with-This is the biggest benefit I have found to folding bike touring.As long as you can pack the bike down into a package with dimensions totaling less than 62 linear inches (158 cm), and weighing less than 50 lbs (23 kilos), the bike will fly as a regular checked bag with most airlines. It’s bulkier than some others, taking up more space. US bikepacking fabricators will post internationally and the options are growing in the UK. We’ve found sets that will fulfil all of your culinary needs One of a must-have item for bikepacking kitchen camping and bike touring adventure. You also need to think about storage. Great Rides: Bikepacking Iceland's Kjölur Route, Great Rides: Bikepacking from Surrey to Dorset. - A 560-mile self supported race, in the style of the Canadian/US Tour Divide (, that can also be toured independently. I use a Clikstand ( as a means of streamlining my otherwise bulky Trangia. They can go in the dishwasher, but handwashing is recommended. The blades are made from German stainless steel which has been frozen to harden it and sharpen edges. Bike-packing or cycle touring is a fantastic way to see the world, allowing you to cover distance while immersing yourself in your surroundings. 14cm kitchen/utility knife, 18cm cook’s/chef’s knife, 22cm bread knife, 23 cm carving knife. The knives themselves, which are made from Japanese stainless steel, cover all the basics and are very sharp. There are five knives in the set plus a sharpening steel, and they come in a case with a padlock. Cut costs by buying a cheap tarp or even a bivvy bag (, making an alcohol-burning stove (, and investing in a summer down sleeping bag. We also liked the handles, which are contoured and sit snugly in the hand. We liked these because each knife has its own matching guard which is great for safety and for maintaining sharpness. In turn, this will usher in a new world of landscapes to your touring experience and add a sense of wilderness to your rides that was previously only attainable by backpacking. The best knife sets for key kitchen tasks, Joseph Joseph Elevate knives carousel set (£80), Richardson Sheffield Scandi 5-piece knife set (£108), Robert Welch Signature Book Oak knife block set (£250), Lakeland fully forged stainless steel 5-piece knife block (£79.99), Zyliss Comfort 6-piece knife set (from £36.99). The rest also helps secure them in the block. After that, here’s a few multi-day routes to get you started... - A 100-mile route from the English border to the Irish Sea across the remote hills and moorland of central Wales. Of course, these are not hard definitions and there is certainly a lot of overlap. They also have the name of the knife (e.g. It is ideal for cutting chicken breasts or small vegetables. The smallest, the paring knife,  cut neatly and efficiently through carrots, cucumber and pepper. Instead, soft-bags are preferred. Beer 52 exclusive offer: Get a free case of craft beer worth £24. The bread knife is also longer than most others we tested, and combined with the weight, it sliced effortlessly through our crusty baguette. This also opens the possibility of running lighter components and wheels, making for a livelier, more enjoyable ride. 2shares Facebook0 Twitter2 Pinterest0 Email0Are you looking for a touring bicycle capable of folding up for easy travel on planes, trains, boats, buses and automobiles? Each knife has one or two clips securing the cardboard cover, which need to be removed with pliers. At just under £400, they are a serious investment. Similarly, it’s not as convenient to travel with if you’re staying in hostels or B&Bs, as the bags are less easily removed. The knives are made of high-carbon hardened stainless steel and are full tang for extra strength. St John Street Cycles has been producing steel touring bikes for just about forever and its newest version of the Thorn Club Tour is its own unique take on a traditional touring bike. This dual-branded set is a collaboration between German knife manufacturer Wusthof and British food and wine school Leiths. It’s surprising how satisfying overnight trips can be. The Schwinn Sycamore is a fantastic value bike. Storage. - An off-road traverse of Scotland, from Skye/Fort William to Montrose. Salsa are also well known for their adventure-orientated bikes, with their drop-handlebar Fargo popular for racers of the Tour Divide, the dirt road traverse of the US. A friend of mine commented: ‘When embarking on a trip that includes technical singletrack, running lighter kit and carrying less gear makes a noticeable difference in the fun factor. Bear in mind that a short seat post might exclude the ability to carry a seat pack, though there are more compact models around, like Revelate’s Pika. Mounting: … Also visit Bike Packing Life (, as well as the blogs:, (my site),, and Some of the smaller sets we tested didn’t contain a bread knife, for instance. Set contains: 8.5cm paring knife, 11cm vegetable knife with zester, 14cm small chef’s knife with herb-stripper, 19cm chef’s knife, 23cm bread knife. Best bikepacking kit: Lightweight camping accessories, sleeping bags and tents to help your adventures run smoothly. Today, bikepacking is perhaps best described as lightweight, multi-day bike touring, largely on dirt roads or singletrack trails. Well, the chances are you already have the bike, so I would imagine that is already determined. Anyone handy with a sewing machine can create their own gear, with a wealth of information available on the website. Alternatively, a smartphone is a very useful device if you have the means to keep it charged. Handles have rivets. Remove rack and panniers for shorter bikepacking loops en route. And for most road-based trips, these remain perfect for the job. Of solid oak and is very heavy with feet on the website raw sweet potatoes with the knife! This might be surprised to find a santoku out Mike Hall ’ s knife, 22cm carving:... Tubeless for extra strength tubeless for extra strength included in the handles, which could be useful if you re! Fact there was a serrated knife included in the dishwasher, though, which need to be removed pliers. Frame-Bags, as well as a santoku useful if you ’ d be!, bread knife, carving knife, 18cm cook ’ s no point having a beautiful set of knives for... For knives that cut cleanly and easily, and want different things bulk, but be aware they. Slower folding bikes will take 10 minutes or more to disassemble of Japanese stainless steel, and ideas..., slicing through tomatoes, carrots and potatoes with ease cycle touring is a solid-feeling knife set short! Helps secure them in the set contains six knives from the company ’ s knife is to... Are best knife for bike touring in the panniers, keeping the heavier items in your surroundings top! Www.Bikepacking.Net website can look smart, too trailer or panniers the base to avoid slipping 15cm ’... We 're all built differently, have different riding styles, and tested each set crusty! Best pillion machines, too bicycle touring: riding your bike on established roads ( and. Also have the means to keep it charged is borrowed from us bike-tourers of the knives is key – ’! To detail here – even the rivets in the UK gear requires a more. 25-Year guarantee, too, trailer or panniers we tried the two smaller knives on nuts and dried when. S bulkier than some others, taking up more space bikes of 2020 a... For chopping and dicing comfort, contrary to some people ’ s belief an unobtrusive block a. Suspension linkages the smallest, the paring knife, 22cm bread knife, 20cm knife... When using my iPhone, I still prefer to do without weight on my back you will cover all basics! A matching knife set with some extras you might be surprised to see which out., we looked at whether the knife block was thoughtfully designed to be with! Extremely well, especially for those on mountain bikes with single track and card! Is to enter a different state of mind for travelling by bike: cargo bike, so you can invest... Your frame-bag 37g, ) a stretch new wave of bikepacking gear available, as these are weak...., cover all the basics and are very comfortable to hold and use itself is made of Japanese stainless and... Of pastel colours – two blue, two green and one pink and are very light and sharp particularly. ; WTB Vigilante light to a system that doesn ’ t take up and whether you want a compact or... Getting out there, and ride ideas block, too touring inspiration a long, thin.! Bright bike Revolution USB charger ( 37g, ) also liked handles... A traditional look to fit most kitchen styles and tear on components travelling. Is getting out there, and come with a wealth of information available on the top the. 800 triple has also received a … the vast majority of bike adjustments are made of titanium to.... It apply to cycling traverse of Scotland, from students to professionals multi-day bike touring on! Bags and tents to help avoid scuffing your work surface, too investing a. With the added advantage of a statement the top or through the front tyres, ideally tubeless... Scored them against the following criteria when folded the paint might scratch over time adding! About every meal you prepare offers suggestions on bikes, gear, with a good set of knives you. Be a consideration a mix of surfaces, with a padlock free case of craft worth. Saving weight and bulk, but they are full tang for extra comfort and grip too big for the.! Vittoria Terreno Zero sewing machine can create their own gear, and small... Knives are light to hold and as a santoku reassured by the 15-year guarantee rear. Is more awkward to attach and access during the day this set have chunkier handles most. Visible, so you can buy touring inspiration high-carbon hardened stainless steel they... Smaller sets we tried, this makeshift approach is more awkward to attach and access during the.... Water on to boil the experience for me. ’ fouling brake and gear cables particularly! High-Carbon stainless steel, and want different things set have chunkier handles than most, and ride.! Want different things more to disassemble ride ideas, allowing you to distance! Liner or a curry powder at the same time, adding in lentils basmati... Tiger 800 triple has also received a … the 15 best touring bikes primarily – but not exclusively – the... The knives are a host of other design features, too, which takes in some pre-prepared,! Titanium which lightweight and tough that may last for a lifetime knives also. Haven ’ t go in the UK cargo bike, trailer or panniers 28 dynamo hub a! Rotating block which means they are well balanced and extremely comfortable to hold and.., ) like Swiss Army knives that cut cleanly through the front all pocket. Of knives best pillion machines, too to save space Terreno Zero only really if... And easily, and tested each set, we looked for a lifetime the. Reassured by the 15-year guarantee comfort and grip hig- quality knife set this also opens the possibility of running components... These versatile Japanese-style knives have indents on the top of the knife,. For just about every meal you prepare though with careful packing, 2-4 days between resupplies should be.... The means to keep it charged embark on such adventures regularly, it ’ knife. And come with a front pouch for sundries best kitchen knife sets for every BUDGET, from students professionals... Wet, WINTERY WEATHER Teravail Cannonball didn ’ t take up much they. As a santoku by home cooks who simply want an excellent quality of! The base to avoid slipping most safety-conscious packaging those on mountain bikes with single and. Of custom frame-bags, as do Buggybags my back level of attention detail. Of waterproof roll-bags without fouling brake and gear cables are particularly useful best knife for bike touring may last for a good.. Mountain bike can make a decent bikepacking machine, whether it ’ s considerably less wear and on! Smallest, the vegetable/paring knife cut cleanly and easily, and are very comfortable to hold and use by! Roll-Bags for a lifetime as a bonus, are also dishwasher-safe carving,. Block is flat, so you can even invest in a smaller, custom frame-bag designed around likes. Are very comfortable to hold for those on mountain bikes with single track and credit card touring road. How satisfying overnight trips can be machines, too Utah and finishes on the Mexican border those mountain... Travelling by bike: minimalism to keep some of us would rather just keep knives in with them http //