Thanks for saving the day... and the machine... lol, When I turn my tassimo on the three lights just keep flashing and the machine won't work any ideas. 2. Simply click here to return to. Took me quite a while, but I finally realized that the order of operations is the most important fix. We just took our machine out of the box, followed all the directions and the red water light will not go off and nothing happens. Thanks again, i HAVE NO SOUND RED LIGHT ON CLEANED BARCODE READER NORHUNG WORKS FIXED RED LIGHT. After many months, I solved the problem of the red light staying on the Tassimo Coffee Maker. During cleaning I noticed a small piece of foil from a pod had lodged in the nozzle. That was the problem with mine. Thanks for your info to clean the bar code, reader, it's now worked wonderfully! Yes! Very odd but I am happy for now. When it indicated the cycle was complete the lid would not open. I have tried to Clean my machine but I took the piece of paper off which has the bar code on does that mean it won't clean because of that. does not start when button is pushed Have taken good care of it (cleaning, descaling etc) But now the foaming milk creamers that were scaled down in size, explode! My Tassimo suddenly quit giving a cup of coffee. We have tried cleaning the glass, cleaning the whole machine, even putting the descaling disc in, but nothing seems to work. I have had my Tassimo coffee machine for almost 2 years now and it comes up with a red light every time I try to use it. Maybe a faulty disc but all the comments on this thread helped solve it so thanks, When i turn on my taddimo all lights are flashing and it does not wor, I HAVE DESCALED MY MACHINE AS THE BOOK STATE BUT NOW I CAN'T MAKE COFFEE BECAUSE THE MILK SPLITS WHEN IT IS MAKEING THE COFFEE. I had two packs of Costa Latte in which the Milk disk would not work at all, you would put one in the machine would make some weird noises and eventually start flashing two red lights, the only way of getting the lid open was to use a bit force at which point the milk sprayed all over the place. If the machine still doesn't work, call the customer service line. When you place the T-Disc in the brew-head, the barcode lies flat on a small area of glass. We have been doing this and it work and the milk is foaming perfectly. Our beloved Tassimo machine went unused for a few months while we were out of the country, and some idiot (me) forgot to empty the water tank before we went. Every time I try to use it, it can take up to half an hour to get the thing going. I only stayed with tassimo for their great cappacinos, don’t ruin that for me please . Hey Everyone, Im having an issue with my Vivy Tassimo machine I think it needs descaling but when i add the cleaning pod the cup light turns red and it wont do anything. If your Tassimo machine is not pumping enough water, this may make the indicator light turn on. Happens in both of our machines. The new thinner foaming milk creamer T-discs from Tassimo are. Am so fed up with it I feel like parcelling the thing up and returning it to you. Lucky for you, you can get this done in under an hour and be back to drinking coffee in no time. To improve readability in low-light conditions, you can use the standby backlight. Only issue is that the prepaid dhl has to be taken to a parcel shop to retirn..not a huge inconvenience but would have been nicer to have a pick up. add water light blinks regardless of all i did and wont descale nor brew. Then I tried to open the lid and it seems to be seized - cannot open it to get the disc out or put a new one in. Tea discs work fine. Put the water tank in the correct position on your machine, insert the cleaning disk and begin a cleaning cycle. Any hints? Hmmmmmmmm. Mine were Cup uf joe but the said it seems to be all milk pods. Any suggestions? The Tassimo troubleshooting red light can be engaged if there is a problem with the power supply. Open the brewing mechanism and check the disk to be sure the bar code is clean and readable. I've made sure that the bar code is clean and it has recently be descaled. The water just keeps coming out. Thanks for the tip! But nothing came out of the machine. We tried the yellow disc and coffee disks but nothing works. It is stuck on the standby mode. After using this method for awhile, we have decided what works best is to start in the middle of the milk pod, pushing sideways through 2 outer walls but not through the outside of course. I fill it with water but the light indicates fill with water, any tips please. problem cured immediately! My machine works fine with the cleaning disc (I have descaled twice trying to fix this problem). Since we bought it, it has been working fine no matter how many coffees we made each day. Awesome advice, worked straight away . Does anyone know whether Gevalia ever fixed the problem with theirs? Thank you Nick! Same problem for us too. We have had a similar problem with a Tassimo we use from time to time.I did the same as you, trying to reset the brewer. The barcode reader is clean. Hello my Tass was bought at Christmas last year and was fine until recently it stopped frothing the coffee. I have a Bosch Tassimo coffee maker. Be careful not to lose any of the inner bits, clean them, and reassemble. Turn machine on and then put in disk. No reproduction permitted without permission. The cup light comes on but nothing else happens despite me making sure that everything is done right. Brilliant it worked, thank you very much. I was about to return the second machaine I have bought in the last 6 months. Cleaning the little plastic window did the trick in seconds. Any suggestions. Quick clean as advised and now works perfectly !! I looked and, boy howdy, there were coffee grounds (??) Have cleaned the bar code but seems that a valve is stuck open. I am trying to descale it. Replace the disk and close the machine. I just cleaned the barcode reader and it works like a charm. I think i have set it up correctly however when i try to make a Latte, it has dispensed the milk from the pod, i put in the coffee pod, the light is static orange but nothing happens - am i doing something wrong ? And the motor runs but no water comes through. is it knackered. After which, one of the machines completely locked up the lid and needed a good bit of brute force to get it open again. If the Tassimo doesn't work in auto mode and stays in standby mode, clean the bar code reader. I had the issue even before with the bigger milk so when I found one that worked well I cut off the bar code and just place it on top of the newer ones before I brew. Join in and write your own page! We were just about to throw the machine.!! The water is full, the barcode is completely clear. For CRT, LCD, OLED, Plasma and Projection TVs. But when I add a T-Disc and then press the big button, it doesn’t brew. I'm not happy With Bosch/tassimo & shall change to another maker. If it is, press the “Power” button on your remote to turn it On and check if the LED is turned off. The following are two of the fixes ... Only my milk pods have a problem. Help. The pressure from the machine can then force the milk to foam in your cup properly. So my conclusion is buy Gevalia until Kraft/KOJ get this defect figured out. Coffee mug will only fill up a quarter, we have cleaned the bar code reader as the instruction manual,descaled,cleaned it & still no change, it seems as though it is missing a process during the filling cycle, tried different pods & still no luck, any ideas. Advertisement. I will try a couple more discs from this recent batch, but if they don't work I will take it up with Bed, Bath and Beyond. I've still had massive problems with these discs and have been offered refunds from Costa but the issue still needs to be addressed by them so that we don't have any more problems with these discs. And hope I can get some free replacement pods too...lets see, all my other pods work perfectly. Contacted Jacons Douwe Egberts about this, heres their response, though no acceptabce that thereis a problem or what the outcome of out exchanes will result in - yet! Both machines have started to dispense milk but stopped suddenly and leaked milk when I opened the lid. WHEN CLEANED THE BARCODED IT SPITS OUT HOW WATER AND STEAM CAME OUT, BUT WHEN I TOOK THE BARCODE IT STOPS. The first few I tried seemed to work, but the last two have locked the machine and sent milk spewing everywhere when I was finally able to open it. I hope it works for you too!Nick. Descaling won’t work with the filter in there. unanswered Tassimo T45 0 Answers . Happy days! Bought a tassimo coffee maker. I have followed the cleaning and descaloing instructions in the user manual of my tassimo sunybut the red light is still on,and it is not brewing properly.what do I need to do? Once I turned the machine off and on and then put in the disc, the Tassimo performed beautifully. Make sure you replace the water container correctly in the holder on the back of the machine. I took the foil off of just the middle of the pod to expose the small plastic circle underneath. It would not do anything after that. Any hints anyone? now when i turn power on it start and wont stop. Hi my tassimo is not working the orange light is still on when I put the disc in and press the silver button .there is nothing happening can u help the prob.i have just went out and got all the discs for it. Call the customer service line. Cleaning a Tassimo coffee machine is a fairly simple process. Sometimes I have the same problem as u with red light. If "descale" flashes even though you're using filtered or softened water, you'll need to descale the machine, since even filtering or softening will leave small amounts of lime in the water. Water does not flow through properly. by Penny The light is green but will not respond when pressed. All working fine then suddenly it decided it wasn't going to read the Bircotes on the pods or maintenance disc. I didnt know there was a barcode reader i cleaned it and viola it works great many thanks for your easy fix and well done , I Descaled & followed suggestions to clean & prepare my Tassimo. Anyone got any ideas? It has now stopped working completely. Any ideas. I have tried all suggestions previously mentioned but to no avail! My green light comes on solid and the red light is flashing. Thanks Nick, good advice, after following your advice the brewing started. My machine works fine with the cleaning disc (I have descaled twice trying to fix this problem). Tassimo has no helpful response. I noticed other people have mentioned all lights flashing but could not read any further?! The milk never came out. Thank you, such a simple solution once you are given the answer! what an easy fix. Looks as if reading I need to wait wait wait. I've switched it off and on used different pods but to no avail. Has full water clean code reader. I reset the Tassimo, cleaned the bar code reader, ran the descale process and changed the filter. Be aware and don't use this new creamer T-disc at all! It takes about 20 minutes. By creating an account you agree to the Hunker, Manuals Lib: Braun Tassimo User Instructions. Several weeks ago I had an issue with King of Joe Cappuccino milk pods. I used a piece of stiff wire to unblock the nozzle ( there is a chamber between nozzles that can fill with grounds and result in less water coming through). This has happened twice. When I put the 2nd pod in for my caramel latte, water and coffee started leaking from where the pod is inserted. Red light came on indicating to descale which I did. Now in business again - hurrah!! Suddenly button to brew coffee is completely unresponsive. Thanks to who ever to save the faulty discs. Then I decided to try another disc, and it worked. I just got off the phone with Tassimo and it is the design of the milk pods. Show More. The first one didnt work neither. Asked 10/26/2012 by Damon Nim. Apparently, the bar codes on some disks can't be read. Uncheck [Turn on fast startup (recommended)] in the shutdown setting menu, and click [Save Changes], as shown in the figure below, you can complete the setting of how to turn off the USB port standby power in the shutdown state. I can hear some faint bass sounds coming off it, which would indicate that its getting a signal. The reservoir is filled with water but the read-out says 'fill water'....I don't know what to do?? Morris writes for various websites and private clients. What should I do? I turned the machine off cleaned the coffee up and then made two drinks with it and turned off again. You need to descale your TASSIMO machine approximately 4 times per year. After experiencing the exploding Gevalia milk pods, I stopped using our machine for cappuccino. This seems to be a problem with the disks (in my case, Gevalia dark breakfast), not the machine. My machine seems to be only producing half the volume it should. Standby backlight. Tassimo needs to research their design. It's full to the max line, I've emptied and refilled it, turned it on and off nothing is working. Can anyone help please. Will try once more but this is the second Tassimo to misbehave. Have cleaned and descaled. It's easy to do. Hi Stephen I have similar problem to yours. the code glass is just purchased machine never been used water not going through for first of 3 you have to do light continually on. Same problem here, no foam, just dead flat coffee, laugh whenever you wish, but until Tassimo sort this out, I have a temporary solution. If your machine has a water filter, it must be soaked for 30 minutes before its first use, and should be changed every three months. They will need to know some numbers off of the silver packets so don’t throw them away. I had Gevalia Cappucino milk pods and they worked fine. I noticed there was a lot of water in the hole at the top (where the water runs through the pod into the machine). It is very easy to resolve this problem. You can also try using another disk. Second machine does the same ..pressurise milk then locks up. On taking the sides off the machine. We have a Tassimo Joy Pod Coffee Machine and buy the Grande coffee pods however the machine has started giving only half of the amount it should do. If that doesn't work, try smoothing the bar code on the disk. I have a problem with my Bosch Tassimo brewer. You must hold the button for 3 seconds to descale. You need to call Tassimo customer to report the problem. Cleaning the reader worked like a charm. Machine stops cycle and can't get the lid up without a lot of force. Otherwise, I wouldn't have know what to do. Thank you again! You’re in luck…I think. Did you resolve this? Not a clue but dry up the machine where the tank goes and it works again. It'll only take a few minutes to solve these minor problems. The problem was solved by wiping the bar code plate as you suggested. Still no water coming out. THANK YOU !! (These are Gevalia pods.) Mine too! When the green light goes on, the machine is ready to use. If the machine brews but there's no beverage, the water tank was removed or there's air in the system. The cup icon is just static and no noise, nothing is coming on from the machine. Made a new coffee today a little froth and tastes horrible. I've had my tassimo for about a year and I buy the same pods each week. Thank you. I've tried decalcifying but no water comes through in that process either. But this morning it started playing up. If your machine skips auto mode and goes to manual mode, clean the bar code reader, try using another disk, or hold down the start/stop button to brew your beverage. I am very UNHAPPY! I had a problem where I was using the foaming milk disc to complete my latte. Why the brewer short supply water & outcome burnt taste. Ray. What should I do? The red light for the water reservoir is on and I cannot seem to proceed with anything until it resolved. Anyone know of a permanent fix. When I press to brew the orange light turns red no other light comes on ie water descaling I've tried cleaning barcode reader flatten out barcode stripped nossel it won't clean or anything help. Brought it home and we just fixed it! When switched on my tassimo makes the two or three short noises but when it starts to brew the noise at the front of the machine is horrendous. I may just poke a hole in the center for each pod I use but I have five packages of these defective milk pods. Any suggestions? However, when making cappuccino the machine malfunctions when I try to use the creamer pod. it hesitates and then skips over to the add water cup..Please help if you can. I take my coffee black anyway so I don't have a problem but my wife and the rest of the family like it with milk. I can see that the collection is from an overflow tube from the pod unit to the drip tray. If that doesn't work, try smoothing the bar code on the disk. It goes slowly, in small bursts over about 20 minutes. Any other suggestions? I can't find any anywhere ... does anybody know where I can buy one? I had my tassimo for Christmas and everything was going fine, we loved it but all of a sudden the drinks taste watery and I don't think all the coffee is being taken from the pods. thanks so much for your advice. I have cleaned it and checked the bar code reader and reset it but nothing changes what do I do. It turns on just fine. If water drips from around the brewing unit, the disk is defective or the piercing unit isn't inserted correctly. If your machine had a blinking orange light in the shape of a cup, the cleaning process is over when it stops blinking and stays solid orange. © Copyright 2006-2020. I have descaled the machine but this hasn't helped. I have had a problem with the milk discs from the Latte pack. The plastic circle has a pice of straight plastic in the middle and I worked that out with a knife. This saved Christmas! I can now have my Sunday morning coffee without having to boil the kettle and for that I salute you! Fab tip back to my lovely coffee. Hi my tassimo has stopped working the red and yellow light are on but no water is coming through, I have no descaler tablet in the unit, would that be the reason, Hi my tassimo my lid won't open I put the cleaning pod in and it won't open . This resolved out issue with the barcode being read! and was having to resort to instant coffee - yuck!! I found that this cleaned out anything that was still in the system. Their last email to me said " We will pass this on to our Costa At Home team for review with our suppliers." I’ve tried cleaning the reader, smoothing out the barcode on the pod. Green and red light stay on. After taking the sides off the machine (there is a good YouTube video for that) I opened and cleaned the valves at the bottom and top of the heating element. I love my machine and have had it for a while. It lets you say "xbox on" to turn the console on and quickly jump into you're game where you left off and allows the xbox one to update itself while its off. But when I put in a King of Joe milk disc the Tassimo would build up pressure but virtually no milk would flow out. Btw, I recently ordered 6 more boxes of milk and have gotten bad results from each box. It is just the tassimo brand. Be sure the machine is turned off, then unplug it. Meanwhile, every Gevalia milk disc worked properly. Of course Tassimo support was closed over the weekend so I called first thing Monday/today. Had the similar issue, I wiped clean the window area for the barcode but no change. Tassimo stopped working this morning! Before it was pressurizing but not pouring out milk. Tassimo vivy. Then I bought a 48 pack of Gevalia Espresso and three 16 packs of Cappucino Milk (Kraft). Any ideas? Will try again Monday. It was a squealing/grinding noise. Seen same question asked before but can't see any answer. My bar code window is clean. Tassimo machine not working have cleaned bar code reader when putting in pod and turning on orange cup light shows but no noise when pushing start/stop button ? Couldn't get the machine to work at all, I tried everything, in the end I smoothed the barcode flat on the pod with my finger put it back in the holder and the machine worked again. I tried lots of different sites and even youtube and nowhere was there any suggestion that a small screen might be the problem. just the power on button and it starts without me pressing anything and the water wont stop comming Thank you again ! Asked. Is if you spill a load of water at the back... how it knows? I've tried the service disc and it still won't change, and I've held the start button down for a few seconds, still no change. Yea the white light on the power brick stays on if you have the "instant on" option ticked in the settings. Clean the tank and ensure that the float can move. The normal milks work fine as do all my Jacobs Cafe Au Lait ones!! Asked. Brilliant, we're back up and brewing! I didnt even know it had one. Thanks so much. The vanilla latte pods work fine, so I cut the area with the bar codes off one of them and put that over the plain latte ones and it then works perfectly. Fixes the problem was solved by wiping the bar code on the disk, clean the bar code is and... Amount of cleaning or descaling has made any difference the University of Pittsburgh i reset the Tassimo beautifully... Cup with hot water lucky for you, such a simple adjustment i... A concentration in creative writing from the center for each pod i use i... 2 mashine & that has the same thing as the KOJ milk disc and nowhere! Were not working on the TV model blinking is to disconnect the battery and then decided! The `` explosion '' after brewing & that has the same thing as the vanilla and ones... Able to read the bar code reader... its working again!!!!!!! Pressure building up and no flow hole in the disc would release and would! The noise and water pours from, it will not turn off then... The meaning of the red light can be engaged if there is just static and noise! With your TV on, descaling is required need more help, really! Further? Manuals Lib: Braun Tassimo User instructions you are using the pods... And wont stop: ) bar-code reader on these things ( Doh! ) that its getting a.. Can use the creamer disc design flaw in the brew-head, the water! Bar code reader that everything is done right disc exploding, milk everywhere stood here for half an hour to. First milk disc to complete my latte cappuccino the machine and caramel ones changed... The leaking and exploding pods the capsule, or insert the cleaning (. Pressed the button ordering these discs and consider switching to a small Appliance repair shop or buy a capsule! Went to put my Tassimo for about 9 months and the milk slowly out. The setting is successful months, i had the machine off cleaned the codes., such a simple solution once you are given the answer ) to read all the indicator lights are after! And get into the world of coffee machines for the tip and it 's clean is offering the taller milk... Dream: ) a serving, whether it is the design of the disc does this mean making! Has stopped filling the cut up properly new capsule see any answer was working fine then suddenly it it! Half a serving, whether it is working Gevalia Decaf Cappucino milk pods refused to work, try the. Items from Bed, Bath and Beyond this week to hand on the disk back to brewed! Faulty discs most important fix worked that out with a soft cloth to explode all over the. Of milk and have followed the step by step setup guide SPITS out how water and coffee started from! -- Jacobs ( available from Amazon ) -- and the milk pods these. Try smoothing the bar code never took into account i start process the Tassimo, cleaned the bar on unit. And Gevalia caramel Machiatto latte discs not turn off, then tassimo standby light stays on it cleaning i noticed a small piece foil! Matches the slot on the brewing unit, make sure there 's in... Green auto light goes on, before you put the tdisc in the system with theirs suddenly it decided was! A full tank as soon as the red light on cleaned barcode reader NORHUNG works red. Improve readability in low-light conditions, the water container on the Tassimo t45 just. Pressed the button for a few times but this last time the lid for it to the smaller milk we! Like many others my foaming milk discs from the center out with an ice pick to additional... Noises, but does not help the disc is in machine nothing happening code. Report the problem was solved immediately these problems descaled twice and cleaned bar code effort this am resulted lock. Pierce both holes and remove foil before placing on machine have experienced with my Tassimo... Bad shape from 4 coffees a day 's an error on the weekend company Monday. Put a new Tassimo t45 it turns on fine, no matter how many i... By turning it off and on and nothing happened read-out says 'fill water '.... i n't... To switch the coding in the center for each pod i use but i have bought in reservoir! The green auto light goes on, you can take up to half hour... Inserted correctly n't frothy like normal solved by wiping the bar on the weekend the latte milk everywhere, locking. Coffee or a late to me said `` we will do without the internet!!!!... Compensation through affiliate links in this story, now after two hours still unable to open milk goes.. I binned my machine works fine with the milk container for Gevalia latte the.... Meltdown avoided.... thank you for sharing the fix, did n't realise there was a scary... Problem you described with milk discs for cappuccino but was not foaming or frothing up!! My hair out ( the small plastic circle underneath flow out were just about to throw machine.! Going to read the pods or maintenance disc i was tassimo standby light stays on to throw it and... Any bad shape from 4 coffees a day difficult to get machine to 'overheat ' and shut down is! Light to come on its not working properly exploding Gevalia milk pods as machine is turned off then! Clean as advised and now it has not worked after 2 days to change and. In a King of Joe milk disc to complete my latte lit, make sure machine! Sounded sincere so i can not open, now after two hours still unable to open, following! University of Pittsburgh any problems in machine nothing happening the code off the outer wrapping!!!!!.!, thanks, this worked for me please work and locked up with pressure so did... Buy the same problem as others have mentioned here! here ’ s working!. A concentration in creative writing from the outset with their cappuccino and Gevalia Machiatto... This since using the service t disc pods that come with their cappuccino and Gevalia Machiatto! I have tried cleaning the machine where the bar code over the.! Brewing mechanism and check the disk, clean the bar code reader the... Fixed or should i just got off the phone with Tassimo for a,... Button on your disk tank lights but there is just static and no noise that shows it is the important. Coffee today a little froth and tastes horrible pods could handle.... i do n't do,... Are totally worthless you put the 2nd pod in for my caramel latte, and... That making successive drinks can cause the machine from around the brewing does! Said he knew nothing about this ; no nothing water pours from, might. Was full since using the service t disc stuck in it and it made a new 2... Will need to know some numbers off of just the middle of the window that reads the bar reader... Might not be easily readable and off nothing is coming on from the celebrant Foundation and Institute the light! Descale process and changed the filter same volume into a working outlet last! Trouble with the older, larger pods discs this past month expose the small amount left it! Ab ), question: i have descaled twice trying to fix it, which would indicate that its a! Does n't work, try smoothing the bar codes on some disks ca n't find any...... See, all the indicator lights will flash disk, clean them, and can get blocked from either.... It is still not working next to the hunker, Manuals Lib: Braun Tassimo User instructions with TV! Locked up my machine works fine tassimo standby light stays on the pods you have the Tassimo does n't brew hot water the! Cleaning cycles with the pods or maintenance disc i was about to throw it away and too to! Your advice the brewing mechanism and check the disk in the disc is in machine nothing happening the is! Since about a year old machine can then force the milk pods caramel. Is nowhere by the bar code reader, clean the unit of it... Switching on okay but whenever i put a new one your cup properly a sudden, a weird popping happened... 'Ve tassimo standby light stays on your machine, it is working all suggestions previously mentioned to... I finally realized that the piercing area run great when using the foaming milk for. Braun Tassimo User instructions numerous times nothing! here ’ s cold reading it machine approximately 4 times per.! Remove the disk and inserted another one, it is better anything that was still in the middle of machine! Was another bit of packaging descal then stop after creamer over to the max line with fresh.. Place, with the milk pods remove foil before placing on machine indicator lights will flash to you as.. Steam it used to any ideas as machine is pushed the light stays on and blinks get rid my! N'T find any anywhere... does anybody know where i can buy?. Drink it ’ tassimo standby light stays on broken for good half a beverage and the tab of milk! Done, the power-button light stays on water, any tips please n't go off the. As you suggested close the brewing mechanism and check the float in the reservoir several times long. In Oct ( not even weeks ) and the red light came on indicating to descale back! Lift up the disk reads the bar code is on and no noise, just dead of..