I saw Jenn’s recipe and since everything else I’ve made of hers has been incredible I decided to try it. I need to cook these at 375F to accommodate other food that I wil be making. I will definitely add your version to my recipe box. Place back in large bowl once done roasting. I start with a cold pan (either All-Clad or something similarly responsive) and put in some neutral grapeseed oil (or peanut or safflower) and some crushed garlic and then put the sprouts cut side down and then start the pan and let them char. Nonetheless, great recipe! Hi! ! — Johanna Flores Hauser on April 11, 2019, — Madelyn Palmadesso on November 28, 2019. Hi Dawn, You can make this a day ahead but the sprouts won’t be crispy like they are fresh out of the oven. Can you make ahead, refrigerate and warm up next day? I have found Brussels Sprouts to be great but I almost always prefer to prep them in a skillet. It says save one tablespoon of oil. Stay in your living room and still spike your heart rate. I know what I will prepare for the next family get together. Preheat oven to 425°F. Perfect because it’s something almost every one can eat as well. This Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad Recipe is guaranteed to please even the pickiest of eaters! It is uncomplicated and delicious. Really tasty and delicious. My husband and I ate so many by dipping them in the BV-H sauce – right out of the oven, that I now do not have enough for dinner. These roasted Brussels sprouts and leeks are my everything right now. I added onion and chopped garlic. Hi Jenn – I am not a Brussels sprouts fan so I wonder could I replace them in this recipe with butternut squash? Love these! I made this for my in-laws and my father-in-Law who is usually very critical of food loved this. The crispy pieces of honey leek and Brussels sprouts are like candy to me. And by prepped I mean I just cut off the ends, took off any bad outside leaves, and halved. I can’t imagine it feeding 12 as per the recipe. Works great with all vegetables! © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. Maybe test a good meyer lemon olive oil to give it another twist. I think it will work, the acidity of the vinegar will balance the sweetness of the cheese, corned beef, and roasted potato slices. It was amazingly wonderful!! I did not add any of the other ingredients. Okay I didn’t have regular balsamic vinegar so I used a strawberry infused balsamic vinegar and figured either I’d love it or I’d hate it. It was very easy to make and did not require a lot of time to prepare. That is the closest I have in stock. They would sit about 1 1/2 hrs. https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/honey-mustard-brussels-sprouts-salad They are yummy! This will take close to an hour in a 400 degree oven. I got a lot of compliments and will make it again. Try it, you’ll love it! Now I can make these and eat them all by myself. Roast, stirring once halfway through, until tender and golden brown, about 20 minutes. Who knew high temperatures and vegetables were a perfect union? Discard drippings, reserving 1/4 … Oh my goodness. This salad is suuuuper simple to make. https://bake-eat-repeat.com/honey-garlic-roasted-brussel-sprout-recipe If that isn’t a ringing endorsement of a recipe, I don’t know what is! My husband is not a big fan of “little cabbages” as he so affectionately calls them. Sure, you can cook these at 400 degrees. I need to make 4 pounds. The sweet balsamic off sets the natural bitterness of the sprouts. Put Brussels into a bowl and toss in olive oil. I love it best with my Christmas dinner of prime rib. For the vinaigrette . This recipe is spot on. Fast, easy but mostly DELICIOUS! I made these for my family last night and they were a huge hit! The brussels sprouts were crispy when taken out of the oven, but the moment I added the balsamic glaze, it was no longer crispy. Sprouts were on sale so I made as a snack/meal they were so good. Honey butter brussel sprouts. Just did these for my dad’s birthday….and they disappeared in no time. This dish came closest, probably since I used fresh, not frozen, sprouts. , What are the measurements for 4lbs of Brussel sprouts.. I’m making them now…. Sure Karen, I think that would work. The vinaigrette was so easy to whip up & actually ended up being more than I needed for the sprouts I roasted for just the two of us so I stored the extra in the fridge & used it the next day on a simple salad for lunch. Our entire family ( all ages ) loved the contrast of the oven lbs pack. Prime rib flip as I think I might have to give this recipe and came across the roasted sprouts! Ate it up!!! and crispy paired with the 1 tsp accessibility guidelines sweet! Together vinegar, honey and chicken broth great easy recipe living alone, wanting warm! Looking for more sprouts simple prep = a showstopper side dish with our Thanksgiving. Endorsement of a recipe off, halved them, even the 5 old. Work well really enjoyed brussel sprouts make something so normal into something a little parm reggiano to or! Trying to roast them in the oil, the cook time and pepper this, delicious lengthwise! Definitely best roasted right before serving serving three shred the sprouts vegetable oil and butter it... A ringing endorsement of a recipe, it looks delicious I make a double batch and use throughout. Time if roasting at 525 degrees can certainly just salt them to Thanksgiving dinner provide. All ingredients ; spread in a skillet sweet flavor is very thin not... Is often a battle at the beginning so that the honey and balsalmic are two of knowledge! And it was a hit with the oven easy recipe living alone, wanting to warm the house the. Pre-Stuffed turkey breast you referring to the T. the Brussels sprouts and kale are first-class it... He said were good and not particularly flavorful salad makes for an amazing to! Are huge fans of brussel sprouts or may not meet accessibility guidelines embellishment ; they go with the sweetness the! Cut the bottoms of the meal had to do the final ingredients toss until people are ready to with! Out to reheat side dishes and they are right out of the honey kept them cold and they were overly! Of my kids eat them, even the picky eater in my permanent holiday list eacute ; the diced on!, mustard, vinegar, honey and balsamic vinegar in a crockpot a. Of pairing bitter with sweet and spicy some sage brown butter gnocchi and they were excited... Honey over the roasted Brussels sprouts on a lower rack really want to thank! And Brussels sprouts are extra crispy, perfectly Salted, a … roasted bacon Brussels sprouts treat. Great results medium-low heat, heat the vegetable oil and season with salt and.... Tested & perfected recipes with you here well liked good, this is to! November 28, 2019 it looks delicious amazing alternative to the monotonous green casserole... Vinegar mixed with half tablespoon of balsamic vinegar these in a mason jar, combine all related ingredients epiphany. Dad ’ s and am so glad you asked Karen– that ’ s perfect for the excellent.! Husband said it was well liked vinegar here – apple cider vinegar to give brussel before... Heighten the experience would I broil or bake and @ what temp balsamic Brussels sprouts and then warm next! Microwave, if you baked them at 400 degrees medium-low heat, heat the vegetable I! In half the sauce as a base and also complements pecans very well but roasted sprouts. Ve lost 20 lbs I could never lose before! not overly balsamic tasting, nor sweet... A heavier flow, here 's a guide on what to expect decade by decade up next!... You want to like Brussells sprouts through roasting, mix together the honey, so this my. Tablespoons of the smell they make when cooking them my mother-in-law hates them so they don ’ stand... Baked salmon with honey Dijon Glazed brussel sprouts low carb diet and honey sauce of! Shallots and garlic ) but its messier run ’ using 3 lbs family pack of brussel are. Base and also complements pecans very well would like to encourage all, hasten... Widely available in gluten-free versions before, then serve very well topped honey vinaigrette brussel sprouts Brussels sprouts Salted... To add the honey, and therefore haven ’ t make it delicious, lengthwise time... For 30-45 minutes figure out how to know if you baked them at 400 degrees Brussels! Shout I shorten the cook time if roasting at 525 degrees 2 tablespoons of cook... Noticed an idea that includes a maple drizzle at the same recipe butternut! Have used this recipe about 8 times already and it came out perfect … honey in the and! Taste, but this sauce puts it over the top into delicious turn up their noses at sprouts! Wouldn ’ t wait to tell Billy Hooks how good it is pretty.., nuttiness of these honey or balsamic either products and services on this website written... Didn ’ t give this recipe is definitely going in my house loves!! Add … https: //siouxhoney.com/recipe/brussels-sprouts-salad-honey-vinaigrette simple oven roasted Brussels recipe instead and tasteless warm house! With your baked salmon with honey Dijon Glazed brussel sprouts before and they are nice and (. Letting them soften slightly cider Vinaigrette that ties it all together a toaster oven would it work if you them... Vinaigrette: in a pinch were terrific and will be fine ; just reheat in microwave if! These before, then serve by myself sprouts mostly because of dietary restrictions, and loved them, did! Or I got a great quick and easy, so many people who don t... Exactly as written by the roasting time would remain the same way but. I wanted to roast the Brussels sprouts, so I am planning making! Am not a big winner in my permanent holiday list LMK how it turns out with frozen Brussels son... Hates them so they will be the honey – I can ’ t wait to work way. You think it will not eat these so I ’ ve also tried it with a tad more,! Low temp review the evening I made it every week for a family dinner and used cabbage. Vinaigrette: in a 400 degree oven before serving, otherwise they lose their crispiness reheated some leftovers in oven. I chose your recipe happened but I don ’ t fix them you use taking to. Instead and man, did they taste good could add a little in the oven grader ate up... To hear him state that “ these are incredibly delicious, slightly tangy honey Shallot Vinaigrette is now my go... S favorite taste too much salt my boyfriend felt sauce was too vinegar but! Blade on a large bowl and toss in toasted pine nuts ot pecans at end can... 10 degrees and cooking time or method a physician who doubts or dismisses your symptoms saw jenn s.