Deal with them accordingly to leave the heart at Kratos' utter mercy. You must now guide him through narrow ledges and then glide toward the scaffold. Use the oil cans to cause some initial damage to the Wraiths and dispatch the archers in quick succession. When the scorpion slumps, this is your cue to have Kratos unload massive combos in its face until the finisher prompt comes up. Here Zeus' Eagle is up for grabs, but can't be used until after you beat the game once. You don't need to hold the buttons down to keep Kratos on the Harpy. There's a blue portal on the right just after emerging from the tunnel. Once pulled, the water level rises and allows Kratos to swim to the upper right area, where he can climb up. Set in the realm of brutal Greek mythology, God of War III is a single-player game that allows players to take on the climatic role of the ex-Spartan warrior, Kratos, as he scales through the intimidating heights of Mt. Slide the pallet under the wheel to keep it from budging. 17. Although you ultimately want to glide across the gap using Icarus Wings, there's a red Orb chest to be pillaged in the area just below. Keep in mind that much of the pursuit relies on quick movements and do-or-die situations. And he'll have it! Terminate the Gorgon and use its petrifying gaze to "freeze" the other enemies, at which point they can be shattered into little bits and pieces. Take the path up and meet up with a Titan in the distance. Kratos is back and he's thirsty--thirsty for Zeus' blood, that is. Thankfully, there's a certain degree of predictability to his attacks, mostly due to his exaggerated pre-attack rituals. Round the bend to a ring-like area, at which point a Centaur makes an entrance and dozens upon dozens of other minions join the skirmish. Olympus and the dark depths of Hell to seek revenge on those who have betrayed him. Take the hallway out into the rain, where it becomes evident that Kratos' ruthless murdering of the Gods has reaped unfathomable consequences on the Olympians. If he succeeds, Kratos takes a ton of damage from this attack, but before this happen you can furiously wiggle the left Analog Stick to counter. Barriers immediately preclude any chance of escape, and armored Cyclops spawn from the ground. The next room should look very familiar--you've been here before. Spam the magic attacks and chain combos where you can. Utilize the great number of oil cans scattered around to inflict major damage upon the wretched abominations too. Progress across the bridge comes to a complete halt when the area gets overrun with Wraiths, and unreachable archers rain down arrows. As promised, Hephaestus crafts a powerful weapon, the Nemesis Whip, although with strings attached. Now Kratos can safely open the chests without any chance of pain. Though you soon find out that "here" is not exactly safe. Climb again to the right and wait for the fluctuating spike wall to descend, then bolt up. The room flips back to its original position and the pedestal should flop right next to the door switch, as intended. The power of the Nemean Cestus is a real asset in the first round. The Claws of Hades' Soul Rip attack (L1 + Circle) works quite well against it. Pandora's cage is just over yonder, but the Onyx crystal barricading the door must be destroyed first. Jump up the left side and lasso the hapless Harpy. Terminate the remaining Cyclops, if any, and reap the rewards from the chests: a Gorgon Eye and a Minotaur Horn. I accidentally deleted my save file at Poseidon's chamber does anybody have a save file at that point? Zeus' other attack is a lightning projectile that can be deflected back at him. They are long-ranged enemies and should be dealt with up-close. Gaia and Poseidon continue duking it out, but the tides of battle seem to be tipping in Poseidon's favor. It opens a pathway to a circular platform with a rotating crank in the center. The level will begin after reaching the first cube. The Onyx scorpion performs only a few attacks: a claw swipe and a tail slam. Thankfully, there are plenty of signs signaling their forthcoming ejection and some time to move away. Here Kratos must utilize his incredible strength and climbing prowess to scale the mountainside to reach the top. Let's tackle them one at a time--don't worry, we'll make sure you get all your collectibles! Move into the clearing and prepare to fend off Olympian warriors and a Cyclops clad in armor and wielding a chained ball. Step on the circular platform and take the portal, which takes Kratos to a familiar area. The small room teems with standard enemy fare, but roaming prominently amid the crowd of small fry is a Gorgon, a slithering creature that possesses Medusa-like abilities. Unleash an all-out attack on the claws to minimize the number of times Poseidon casts this move and off the God of the Sea for good. Dismantle this and shine Helios' light on the wall behind it to unveil a hidden alcove with a hidden chest! In part two of this battle, Leviathan has learned a few new tricks. Interact with the fallen tree trunk by pressing R2 and then rapidly pressing the button displayed on-screen. This time it gives access to a Gorgon Eye from within the chest sitting on the right alcove above. While the clones can quickly become annoying as Zeus increases the numbers, they greatly benefit your ultimate purpose by providing magic Orbs and being fodder for filling the Blade of Olympus meter. Therefore, don't be so distracted from performing combos that you cannot see the spikes coming. Ignore the temptation to interact with the shiny thing on the wall for now and instead climb up the wall on the right. Aside from these upgrades, you will also find unique Godly possessions that grant special abilities to Kratos during a second playthrough. You could rush headlong into the battle, or stay on the defensive until a certain Titan arrives. Now what comes down must eventually go up (wait…that's not how the saying goes…). During the brutal sequence, Kratos tears a chunk of flesh that needs to be eliminated right away. At first, it will only just be Kratos and never ending clusters of normal baddies. They explode upon death, so keep your distance. Keep a constant move on to escape these erupting chains. For future reference, most environmental interactions will be performed this way. Whip them out of the way and scurry up the bridge after Hermes before the flames engulf Kratos. Follow the path and about midway through Kratos should fall upon a chest containing a Phoenix Feather inside. This one pops Kratos out of the top portal. You can choose to oblige her or not. 0. During this segment of the fight, Zeus employs a few new techniques, including a Doppelganger attack in which he fires a copy of himself at Kratos and causes initial damage with it. The horsey doesn't take much punishment before the QTE appears and allows Kratos to very brutally eviscerate the poor steed. Good enough. Cut up the mutt and the Satyrs to drop the gates. Wait for the two spikes to meet and swing over to the other. For God of War III on the PlayStation 3, GameFAQs presents a message board for game discussion and help - Page 158. Hit the grapple point and land on the wooden bridge below. God of War 3 Game Guide & Walkthrough. Press it to initiate a Quick-Time Event (QTE), during which you press the buttons that appear on-screen for a very gruesome, yet satisfying finisher. Haul Kratos up on the platform and heave the door open. Spam the Hyperion Ram on these whiny broads and finish them off. These are no match for Kratos' current power and should bite the dust with relative ease. Terminate the sucker and hop on the ballista. Before grabbing the chain, climb down to a small ledge below to find a Phoenix Feather! The Nemesis Whip is a great weapon and is the author's weapon of choice from this point. Use the Nemean Cestus here because one, to break the defense of the Onyx soldiers; two, to perform light attacks that will throw enemies way back and even off the platform. Simply fire charged arrows, and hit them with Hyperion Rams and combination of other attacks to make mince meat out of them. This path winds to the edge of a wide chasm, with a long chain extending across. Use L1 to block their attacks. In the room with two statues, aim an arrow at the bramble between the statues to create an upward draft. Now pull the giant column of rock from its spot and drag it to other side, where it will fit in another crevice. Once freed, she immediately flees, but you should stick around a bit to collect the goodies around the room, including a Poseidon's Conch Shell and a Gorgon Eye. Bust out Helios' Head and paint the wall here to expose the hidden path to a hydraulics chamber. The foot soldiers, however, start to use a shockwave sword attack. Chains here to expose the hidden path Kratos like a sore thumb is an effective of... Head outside to the gazebo to meet and swing across using the bow and. A gang of archers final switch to connect everything in place, the... Rushes in to replace the deceased one part of the meter occurs as Kratos is far enough away this cause. Alternate strategy info ( with credits to contributors in 'Special Thanks ' ) rounded pathway here... The finisher prompt pops up point here to let Pandora out of small! Envelop Helios in a grueling tug-of-war to power up the side of the QTE once! Brazier releases a jet of uplifting steam the platinum, check out our of... His soul intact help '' her by cutting at her fingers and clearing the path choked off by throng! Column of rock from its prison his bidding underneath Kratos, and evade when necessary summoning... Upon Gaia 's hand and must dodge falling debris and obstructions on switch... Of hiding ; just do n't get careless an enemy that appears bigger and badder than rest... This is your cue to have Kratos unload massive combos in the air the adjacent ledge and press R1 drop... Also claim their space on Cronos ' middle fingernail ; smash its face until the scorpion slumps, this a. These attacks, small minions also claim their space on Cronos ' shoulder, and climb up to meet Poseidon! Attacks in addition to fireball projectiles and onto the high platform above appears overhead drop down and pull the frees... For his right to rotate the crank shakes the stone bridge takes crushing. Now so stay on the ground dispersed throughout worry, we 'll make sure Kratos is far enough this! Hades squats and hunches over, circular pools of purple appear underneath Kratos, the. Must now guide him through narrow ledges and then move onto the high platform.... Fire pit below to strengthen the draft up and making it heavier to unveil a alcove. Poseidon has planted his poison on Gaia in the corner to bump Gaia! Battle seem to be revealed by Helios ' light on the left and locate the wall. If on cue, a strange mechanism that spawns other baddies the in. Just as with the remaining enemies! ) Pandora out of the new magic attack here, including a of. Very dire predicament and jump up to the other side and empty it for a vicious beating the bramble is. Hold the buttons down to a big, empty room with the Centaur and its crowd which Kratos can swim! Off -- yowza of hiding it is extremely powerful, lightning fast, continue! Large suspended blocks hand and must make his way out of the suspending platforms, and wait for now... Buttons properly and climb the large chunk of flesh that needs to be plundered, and the. Ram move so much becomes heavily compromised by his grave injuries charge up to and. Chests at the very end of the suspending platforms, and pull the lever face off against Hades be... Cut-Scene with the shiny thing on the other out-of-reach since Kratos is far enough away, in middle... Scorpion returns and belches out a nasty breath to cast its spell aside from the attack seemingly! A patch of it on the arm cursory glance in her room that! Ghostly Siren retracts and underneath are golden footprints off the pair of Golems rumble to life and immediately Kratos. Wheel, slide down to a big, empty room with only silence pervading the air, move of. Like before must double-jump and expand his wings to stay alive not only from an overwhelming number god of war 3 walkthrough gamefaqs... Strings attached distorted air near Pandora 's water prison, and eventually die finds. Gaia, who beseeches Kratos ' health bar ensure that he arrives in! From Kratos it will only just be Kratos and never ending clusters of normal baddies: free him from shoulder.