The biggest change… Williams Grove Amusement Park has quite a long-standing history, with its origins dating all the way back to 1850. Williams Grove Amusement Park was a family-oriented amusement park located just outside Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, that operated from 1850 until 2005. It wasn’t until 1928, though, after the ownership was passed on, that rides started appearing at the renamed Williams Grove Amusement Park. Ten years later the Williams Grove Speedway half-mile track, which would go on to be more successful than the park itself, made its debut. Williams Grove Amusement Park has quite a long-standing history. It's a historic park with the Williams Grove speedway and the Williams Grove Historical Steam Engine Society nearby. Halloween Park has teamed up with the owners of the dilapidated Williams Grove Amusement Park to reopen the park for a horror attraction on Halloween night. The Williams Grove Speedway (located right beside the park’s entrance) was built in 1938 and is still used today. Developer: EightGames. It's been abandoned for about 6 years, and was originally built in the 1930's. Morgan Hughes purchased the park in 1972 for $1.2 million. Williams Grove Park was nearly destroyed in the summer of the same year due to Hurricane Agnes and the subsequent flooding from nearby Yellow Breeches Creek. The first rides were built in 1928 and the Speedway opened in 1938. Many of the rides were relocated to Williams Grove from the defunct New Jersey's Palisades Amusement Park, which closed in 1972. In my excursion at the Williams Grove Amusement Park with my team mates, we are enjoying the fantastic rides in Roller Coasters, Fun Houses, Water Slides and much more. Other Rides: The Bumper Cars at Williams Grove: Monster: Musik Express Despite closing, plenty of aged equipment continues to haunt the abandoned property. In fact, the rides (which are mostly gone now) were all transferred from the Palisades Amusement Park in NJ after it was closed. Williams Grove Amusement Park is a family oriented amusement park with historic buildings which is located near Mechanicsburg in Pennsylvania. In the summer of 1972, the park was nearly destroyed by Hurricane Agness. Went with my good friend Rob up to Carlisle, PA over the weekend to visit this old amusement park. Any how, on to the photos. Dante's Inferno: Dante's Inferno (right and below) is the park's classic dark ride with Pretzel cars. The Williams family, who lived near Mechanicsburg at the time, began hosting picnics in the grove — which, over the years, led to the site growing into the Mechanicsburg Fairgrounds. Media Coverage On February tenth 2007, all the rides will be auctioned off in preparation to turn the land into a flea market. For the past decade, its remains have slowly decayed, becoming more and more overgrown with each passing year. The Williams family began hosting picnics and … The Williams family began hosting picnics here in 1850, eventually becoming the Mechanicsburg Fairgrounds. 4 Williams Grove Amusement Park The Williams Grove Amusement Park in Pennsylvania boasts a long history, having operated for over a century from 1850 to 2005. It still features the rotating barrel or you can choose to bypass it if you wish. Williams Grove Amusement Park is located in Mechanicsburg, PA, right down the road from the Williams Grove Speedway and the Williams Grove Steam Engine Association. In 1850, the Williams family hosted picnics on the property, and in 1928, the property grew into an amusement park as the first rides appeared. Allotria is the Funhouse at Williams Grove.