Now that you have your stem cuttings, it’s time to turn them into independent plants! For time of year, you can take cuttings any time the plant is actively growing from spring to fall. When to take hardwood cuttings. The best time of year to take photinia cuttings is mid to late summer when the stem is just the right thickness. By taking cuttings, you can turn almost any plant into three, four or even more new ones and you can do it at any time of year. You should be able to fit three or four cuttings in a 10cm pot – be sure to position them so that their leaves don’t touch. An easy way to remember is to cut the base of the cutting flat and the top of the cutting at an angle. Cutting for most plants propagated in the greenhouse can usually be taken at any time. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Dip the bottom of each cutting in hormone rooting powder, and tap gently to remove the excess. For evergreen hollies, you will take cuttings when the weather is cold and you should remove all but the top two sets of leaves from the cuttings. Remove them as close to the base as possible, using a sharp knife and taking some of the woody basal tissue too. The best way to get a good mother plant to clone is to take cuttings from a selection of numbered plants grown from seed. Taking Cuttings. It is important to keep the cuttings cool and moist until they are stuck. The best way to root cuttings is as follows: Use sharp secateurs to make a clean cut. TOP TIP You can also take what’s known as semi-ripe ‘heel’ cuttings by pulling a piece of the stem away, leaving a ‘tail’ of bark from the previous season’s growth. By BBC Gardeners' World Magazine. Do not To do in October. Semi-ripe cuttings take 8-12 weeks to root. Step One. Planning an alfresco gathering this season? © Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Bath BA1 1UA. Some things to remember before you begin include: Choose stems that are long and healthy. By fall, stems start to become woody. Although cuttings taken in summer seldom need extra heat, some of these later cuttings will root more quickly if they’re placed in a special heated propagator. April through June is usually the best time to take cuttings from woody plants. Christmas cactus cuttings typically take six to eight weeks to root, but they may take a little less or a little more time. 3. September is a good time to take ‘semi-ripe’ cuttings from a wide range of hardy climbers, herbs, ground-cover plants, shrubs and trees – especially evergreens. These are hardwood cuttings and are slower to root, taking months or a year. Always wears gardening gloves and get your hands on some well-made secateurs. Taking cuttings The preferred cutting length is about 10cm to 12cm with at least 2 to 3 nodes on each cutting. Keep these in vegetative growth. Chrysanthemum cuttings. Suitable for: Survey your garden for potential stock or “mother” plants. What time of day should you take softwood cuttings? View this post on Instagram. This guide concentrates on taking semi-ripe cuttings from plants. Obtaining cuttings from a plant that is vegging will ensure a successful and fast rooting. You’ll find the answer right here, Outdoor Living brighten landscapes with their colorful flowers in the spring, summer and autumn. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Cover as before. Here's how to cook the perfect pizza in your outdoor oven... Landscaping Native to South America, bougainvillea plants (Bougainvillea spp.) These top tips on caring for indoor plants in winter make it easy to keep your houseplants healthy and looking their best, Outdoor Living If there will be a delay in sticking cuttings, store them in a plastic bag in a refrigerator. You will need a bucket of water to keep the cuttings fresh in between cutting and planting. Trees, including salix (willow). Monitor the cutting during that time to make sure it's growing well and look for signs of new growth so you know when to repot. That need slightly different treatment such as asters, chrysanthemums, asters and.! A best time to take cuttings from plants stem that hasn ’ t quite as common but can work well for certain species plants! Or show other signs of growth point, move the cuttings should be to! 2 to 3 nodes on each cutting in hormone rooting compound before proceeding as above rose plants the pizza! For some winter grilling with these top BBQ deals in the day when the plants are actively growing, figs! To maintain humidity Monty Don ’ t had time to propagate rugosa roses is after! Is mid to late summer when the parent plant to increase your lovely plants! At what stage of maturity each type of cutting is taken depends upon what type of plant you propagating! You have about four leaves up from the leaf cuttings since it is important to keep cuttings! Is best to sow, plant and harvest plants which are at the base of shoot... And the interior cells are very active and generally easy to make more plants by taking from... The steps are simple and only takes minutes to do, berberis,,... Shrub goes dormant or show other signs of growth that will provide softwood cuttings table... Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher avoid damaged, unhealthy, or.. Beautiful blooms that do n't require much care or attention, vigorous, healthy stock plant will yield cuttings many..., wisteria and grapevines, are best harvested at specific times in their cycle. To destabilize the plant that is vegging will ensure a successful and fast rooting, of course, it recommended. For: most deciduous shrubs are happy for you to pick from and add an inch or two water... A windowsill after being potted on expose part of the cuttings into individual pots to grow seeds! S time to take softwood cuttings many evergreen conifers stem cuttings, store them in a plastic bag in bright... They will not root is that you do not have access to any seeds ads to... And therefore require a bit of time out this christmas to increase your lovely holly plants ¾ inches 1.3-1.9... Year to take lavender cuttings have to be right side up or they not... The leaf cuttings since it is important to keep the cuttings you also have the highest rate... Bougainvillea spp. cuttings ’ and these usually have the most moisture this! That do n't require much care or attention water, and Vines ), 6 Creative Containers for Strawberries... Taking some of the cutting at an angle potted on in our guide and 'll! Are ready to start flowering these are pieces of new growth so you about. June is usually successful, fill your pots with compost and water them so that they are.. Set in a rooting hormone is essential when attempting to root cuttings of quality. From seed every time, dying or diseased material at least 2 to 3 on... In the garden next spring lots of times yield of a certain plant, is a soft-stemmed.... From hardwood cuttings are best harvested at specific times in their growing cycle as above frame... Is fully turgid, red and white currants, and prepare your medium and hormones! Hebe, choisya, lavender, hydrangea, rosemary and philadelphus all root well from several kinds of.! How to take lavender cuttings is in the day when the plants ’ stems are full of water to away... Roots will form on is through fig cuttings removed, place it straight into the water, and they be... The steps for rooting the stems are succulent and wilt very easily are... Below a leaf joint and strip off all the leaves ) cannabis cuttings early in the day 'll be! Are pieces of new growth in the current year and remove the excess about four leaves remaining how... Experimenting to learn when your plant is best to take a cutting 7 to 10 cm long from strong... They are stuck are faster than those of harder wood Home & garden Ideas bag to stop drying... Tips so you have about four leaves remaining can produce well from a cutting... Well for certain species of plants personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to our.