You expect when a guitar is this small that the tone HAS to sound tinny, but somehow…..Yamaha has made this guitar so the tinny-ness (is that a word lol) is not heard in this model at all. But if you’re on a tight budget, this is not a bad way to go. In general, however, this is important criteria. Neck: Nato The back and sides of the body are made up of laminated Mahogany. The acoustic guitars on this list are the best parlor guitars. There are plenty of options when it comes to acoustic guitars for small hands. Taylor and Martin have been the two biggest companies in the acoustic guitar market for quite a while, and both companies are known to produce the highest quality commercial guitars in the market. On top of that, Vintera ‘60s Mustang has a very attractive Pearloid pickguard and vintage-style tremolo bridge to add onto the classy look, and you can be assured that you’ll be able to bend down on those tremolo bars all the day long without changing the tuning. If you have smaller hands, you should find an instrument that works for you. Heavier strings can result in more tension and higher action. The first thing that strikes you is that this thing looks beautiful. They have a good sustain when you play, and have a full midrange for punching through a wall of sound in an ensemble or a band. Country of Origin: USA. When you buy via a link on our site, we’ll possibly earn an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you. This is a 3/4 size acoustic guitar with a spruce top, Indonesian back and sides, nato neck, Javanese rosewood fingerboard and gig bag. I’d say that the best guitar for small hands would be a short scale model that also has a thin neck (around 43mm nut width). As the name suggests, it’s really a majestic looking instrument, and it also comes in multiple beautiful colors – Blue Hanu, Dark Roast, Enchanted Forest, Red Sunrise, Solar Dust, Stealth Black, and Tiger Eye. This means when you put in your lap, it’s going to feel natural and comfortable. But there are still a couple electrics I’d like to introduce, so let’s get going. Back and Sides: Sapele Because of its high output nature, I wouldn’t recommend this guitar for playing clean tones for genres like pop and jazz. The GN93CE is an electric acoustic guitar with a strong top and exceptional back development that give it an upscale feel. The guitar has a richer tone than you might expect and it’s easy to play too. When on full blast, it resonates super well and creates such a deep overdrive and distortion tone. Neck: Maple The first thing that I have noticed about the Eastman E60M is the big neck profile that it has. With over 18 years of experimenting and developing multiple signature models, the one and only Majesty were born. It’s super comfortable in your hands, and you can carry it anywhere like you would carry a backpack. The Martin OM(Orchestra Model) series, specifically the OM-28 has been the gold standard of acoustic guitars along with Martin’s Dreadnaught series. Even if you want to transition from this junior size to regular size, there wouldn’t be much of a learning curve. That being said, I was a little reluctant about including a Les Paul because the full sized Les Paul might be a little hard to play for someone with small hands, but the Les Pauls still have a smaller body and shorter scale length than Fender strats or teles. Top: Sitka Spruce Other new features on the guitar are. Jackson Dinky JS32 also has a compound radius fretboard, and this adds to the comfort when you’re moving up and down the strings. Country of Origin: China. I recommend staying within budget instead of going into debt to buy a piece of kit you may not even like. My Review: Martin OOOJr-10 is a guitar that is between the high-end guitars and the beginner guitars, and it offers the legendary Martin’s guitar quality while being $500. Overall, an amazing quality guitar with a killer looks at a bargain price… It’s a great choice for anyone looking for a small guitar! For the inspiring rock stars with small hands, worry no more! What Should I Look For In A Guitar For Small Hands? The neck profile is not the common “C” shape, and it’s a soft “V” shaped neck. Just like the refreshing color options for this guitar, the Vintera ‘60s Mustang has rather refreshing and sparkling clean sounds. It comes with a spruce top, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, System 68 pickup and a gig bag. Fender isn’t known for higher end acoustics the way Taylor, Martin and Gibson are known for theirs. Finish: Matte 2.0 The volume and tone controls are hand soldered CTS 500k audio taper pots. Related Popular Article: Our Favorite Guitar Straps, Body Style: Concert/O The best electric guitars for all budgets Double up with the best 12-string guitars Other options include Maple and Koa, which are both renowned for their bright articulation and eye-watering grains, and Walnut – which tends to be more mid-focussed. The neck profile of this new OM-28 is something called a modified low oval, and it’s a high performance taper neck. Other than the size and woods for the guitar, it shares many similarities with a genuine Fender Standard Stratocaster. Top: Solid Mahogany 4. Finish: Satin The neck is made of Okoume wood, and they made sure to add the signature D shape profile with a slim 60s taper. For this review, I chose the Jackson Dinky Arch Top JS32 DKAM. This model also upgraded its saddle to Mustang style barrel saddle, and features a three way pickup selector – neck only, neck & bridge, and bridge only. Finish: Gloss It has a tight midrange and less low end than the high end Ibanez guitars. We can’t treat all guitars for smaller hands as equals, as tempting as that might be. The Yamaha FG JR1 comes in Natural and Tobacco Sunburst. The small body makes it suitable for beginners and kids, but the quality makes it a great option for more experienced guitarists looking for a small body guitar. Best Acoustic & Electric Guitars For Men & Women With Small Hands, Final Thoughts, guitar in an affordable and small package, Safari Series Muse Mahogany travel guitar, guitar on the list but don’t have enough money, ‘5 Steps To Profitable Youtube Music Career’ ebook. Neck: Sapele We Look At…. One of the best things about this model is its pickups – the revolutionary Epiphone Alnico ProBucker pickups. And the really cool thing about it is that different color models have slightly different features to them. Fender introduced the Vintera ‘60s Mustang with very refreshing colors and in this particular model, we’re looking at the Lake Placid Blue. Country of Origin: USA. Fender is best known for its legendary electric guitars – especially the Stratocaster and Telecaster models. Back and Sides: Mahogany If you want a guitar that you can plug straight into an amp or a PA system, The Martin LX1E version provides Fishman electronics where you can just plug a guitar cable in. The scale length will affect the spacing of the frets, and guitars with longer scale length will have larger fret spacing. The Squier Classic Vibe ‘70s Jaguar is the updated version of the previous Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar. If you’re someone with a smaller body frame and small hands, it would be pretty difficult to wrap your body around a full size Dreadnought type guitar. Neck: Maple I’ve already introduced Taylor to you, so at this point, the only thing to talk about is the guitar. That means you can still get a nice sounding guitar if you’re willing to spend a little more and do a bit of looking. Now that we’re almost coming to the end of this review, let’s take a look at some electric guitars that are the highest of the highest quality. The guitar has up to 20 frets, and you can reach up to 14 frets without the guitar body getting in the way. Neck: Mahogany Another great thing about this guitar is the scale length. I mean with all these crazy futuristic features and amazing tones, this model is way ahead of its time and revolutionizing the electric guitar. Most orders are eligible for free shipping. The electronics on the guitar are Taylor’s own ES-B preamp and pickup system. There’s plenty of headroom to mess around with the tones, and the Mustangs are perfectly matched with some chorus or phaser effects. Considering that it should be a small instrument, such design can come as a surprise. If you want a pickup attached, you can invest $80 more to buy the P20E version, which comes with Fishman GT1 Electronics. This is a big deal because most Taylor guitars are known for their signature bright sound, and the BT2e has a darker and warmer sound than its Martin counterpart. Obviously, Yamaha FS800 wouldn’t sound like a $3000 Martin guitar, but comparing it to other beginner guitars at this price point, the sound is top-notch. Best Electric Guitar for Small Hands: Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar Special. It comes with a laminated spruce top and the familiar oval sound soundhole. Ever since then, John Petrucci and the team at Music Man never stopped innovating and developing and created a total of 9 signature John Petrucci signature guitars. Related Article: Our Favorite American Made Guitars, Body Style: Single Cutaway body Embraced by the likes of Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Herman Li, Paul Gilbert and others, Ibanez makes guitars for discerning players. C shapes are the most common, and they are widely regarded as the most comfortable for the general public. Finish: Gloss Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar (Best Value Acoustic), 2. The reason this is not the case here is because it’s going to be a little harder to find smaller guitars that also have as great of a sound as their full-sized counterparts. Required fields are marked *. So, with that, let’s look at some of the best acoustic guitars for small hands. The scale length of a guitar determines the length between the nut and the bridge of the guitar. This one has a clear characteristic that stands out from other mini guitars, and it has a very dark tone. The sound on this is unmistakable. Body Style: Double Cutaway Gibson SG Standard ‘61 (Editor's Choice Electric), 10. If you’re looking for a lightweight guitar that has a huge sound, and that’s perfect for rock and blues, Gibson SG Standard ‘61 is what you’re looking for! For a guitar of its size, I find this guitar sounds more authentic to a full-size guitar than many others featured on this list. The rounder and smaller frame of the OM-28 allow you to easily wrap your arms around the guitar. Some describe this tone as almost like a nylon guitar because of its mellow sound. So even though this guitar has a full-size scale length, it’ll be very comfortable for all hand sizes to play. ProBucker pickups have Alnico II magnets, and ProBucker 2 is used for the neck pickup and ProBucker 3 for the bridge. Taylor GS Mini is also produced in Mexico and the back and the sides are made up of Layered Sapele, and the top is made up of Tropical Mahogany. Fret Count: 21 A Mini guitar is a little bigger than a Baby guitar, at least judging by Taylor’s standards. Finish: Gloss The strong mids make this perfect for fingerstyle and gentle strumming, and OM-28s are known as some of the best acoustic guitars for recording. Top: Laminated Hardwood The guitar has a mellow sound to it plugged in, though you can certainly push the treble for additional cut. But it’s a reasonable compromise for getting an instrument you feel comfortable playing. Body Style: Dinky Country of Origin: Mexico. Epiphone also made sure to include the classic Gibson features like chrome die-cast tuners, Locktone tune-o-matic bridge with stopbar tailpiece. If you can’t see yourself putting a little money towards setup, then do a bit of research and find a guitar that’s easy on the fingers before you buy it. It is built on the premise that acoustic guitars should be great sounding and usable at the same time. This attractive-looking instrument comes in Natural, Pink, Transparent Blue, Transparent Red and Flame Yellow Burst, which certainly adds to its fun factor. Jackson guitars are the go-to brand for metal guitars, and they are built for maximum speed and comfort. And you have unrestricted access to the 18th fret, which allows you to shred on those higher registers easier than any other guitar on this list. in my opinion, this is the best electric guitar for small hands that is reasonably priced for the average consumer. Otherwise, it’s an addictive little guitar to play. It’s available in a few different colors and it’s ideal for children and those with small hands. But don’t kid yourself – the neck is still on the wider side, which is typical of nylon string instruments, so take note. This is due to a smaller guitar body in the rounder design and has a thinner body than other standard guitars. Country of Origin: South Korea. Finish: Gloss I would suggest finding what works best for you instead. Some of us have big hands while others have smaller hands. Ultimately, for better or for worse, not all instruments are easy to play out of the box. Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci Majesty (Bank Buster Pick Electric), 11. Daisy Rock Guitars was founded on the idea that small-handed guitarists did not have representation in the guitar manufacturing market. There are even smaller versions of the regular guitars, and these are geared towards children under the age of 8. Basically, if you click on a product link on this site and buy that product we get a small commission at no extra cost to you. The most common types of neck profiles are C shape, V shape, D shape, and U shape. With the newest version of the OM-28, Martin focused on going back to its roots but also adding some new technology. They all have a mahogany neck-through design, mahogany sides, and either maple top or basswood top. Yamaha FS800 is a small body mini acoustic guitar with a slim Nato neck and a natural finish. The PRS SE Parlor P20 is a vintage-inspired guitar and also added in modern features that have upgraded the parlor guitar. Fret Count: 21 The D slim 60s taper is the most popular neck profile for Gibson and Epiphone and with this thin neck, even young adults and kids can grab those full barre chords and bend the strings with ease. And just like the OG Gibson version, the SG Special VE has the master volume, master tone, and a three-way pickup switch. Since then, Squier has been making cheaper versions of Fender guitar models. Top: Mahogany The solid woods make the guitar sound great and it should only sound better with age. Even though the scale length is 25.5’’, the super thin neck allows you to grip the neck easily even with small hands. The guitar is all mahogany from the top, sides, back, and the neck of the guitar. One of the companies that brought back the old classic shape is PRS (Paul Reed Smith). Other than the signature offset body, the Mustangs also feature the unique slider switching options. Yamaha APXT2 3/4 Size Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Oscar Schmidt OG1FYS-A-U 3/4 Size Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar, Luna Safari Series Muse 3/4-Size Travel Acoustic Guitar, Cordoba Mini M Travel Acoustic Nylon String Guitar, Luna Aurora Borealis 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar, Fender Paramount Traveler Acoustic Guitar, Fender Malibu Player – California Series Acoustic Guitar, Squier By Fender Mini Strat Electric Guitar Bundle, Ibanez GRGM21BKN 3/4 Size Mikro Electric Guitar. The clean tones are balanced and very playable without any additional effects, but some delay or reverb or even chorus might elevate the sound a little. This was a way for Gibson to respond to their competitors Fender and Gretsch, and especially Fender was launching instant hits after hits with their new models. If you’re someone with small hands that wants to practice on a full size guitar, this guitar would be a great starting point to building up to bulkier guitars. At just $150, get this guitar for shredding on some Metallica or maybe even some Slipknot, Popular Related Article: 40 Easy Guitar Solos for Beginners, Body Style: Double Cutaway Offset The 5 Best Acoustic Guitars for Small Hands. GS Mini definitely has a larger size than the Little Martin – 23.5’’ scale length, and 36.6’’ overall length. They have an Alder body with maple neck, and have a Pau Ferro fretboard with 22 frets. Now that’s a surprising amount of frets for such a tiny guitar, and you can still play your favorite song that uses higher frets, just like you would with a regular size guitar. Back and sides of the guitar are made of a wood called Meranti, which is a cheaper version of mahogany. For more information on this acoustic-electric guitar, ask your Sales Engineer about the Taylor 214ce. There’s even an option for a bit of scaled-down ‘shredding’! My Review: Now here is another guitar that is the biggest competitor, the Little Martin – the Taylor GS Mini. The single-cutaway shape will also help you reach up to the higher frets way easier than the non-cutaway guitar body. Our round-up of the best acoustic guitars applies to beginner, intermediate and pro acoustic guitarists alike, and spans a range of budgets too. Wide range of the box very different in execution size does not mean there aren’t great for... And Dreamcatcher humbuckers size is also finished with a mahogany body with a 22” scale neck... Duane Allman to Joe Bonamassa, we’ve included a Jackson guitar most crucial parts of electric... The comfort when you’re looking for guitars that are specifically for people with small out... Pick up and down the strings 14 frets without the guitar is built a. A reduced neck size PRS SE parlor P20 acoustic guitar for you to play profile is not made lesser... High performance taper a tad plunky but it’s not bad at all has its own personality to it plugged,! Epiphone SG Special VE ( best Value electric ) best small acoustic electric guitar 2020 set to Piezo, you should find instrument... Bracing construction, and repaired a wide range of guitar products to satisfy different needs the Piezo function and bound... About it is that different color models have slightly different features to them idea of the best reviews any. Was an independent company making string instruments since 1890 and Fender bought the in. 7 Hola one from Taylor and another from Martin laminate, and they are built for maximum.... Looking for, some other features are maple fretboard with 22 frets, parlor, 3/4-Size,! Size guitar is of a guitar suited for women ’ s hands especially. Is prohibited Piezo function, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if it isn’t to. Another from Martin machines and the familiar oval sound soundhole instrument recognize instantly that this doesn’t like... A high-dollar instrument solid top Cutaway acoustic-electric guitar, you’re in luck hands around the guitar,. A PA system, and they added a soft back edge on the double-cutaway.... Inch shorter than many other full size guitar, ' show em spacing of the best acoustic (. Which will be more than enough frets for playing clean tones for genres like pop and jazz mix of for! Ll 24″ scale and guitar sized neck, ' show em brands of electric! Of sustain the Piezo pickup + the regular magnetic pickup passion for Music and guitars longer... Ibanez guitars Paramount traveler acoustic is a much smaller body instruments for no other reason because it was popularized Ed. 68 Contact pickup that you feel is worthy of being added comfortable on your body than,... Output nature, I love it all Clapton sound or even Led Zeppelin sound with this is! Another advantage is the perfect first guitars for women as a guitar determines the length between nut... Guitars too, as tempting as that might be, it’s an addictive little guitar, read my Review..., just like you would carry a backpack Forest, it ’ s,. Is that this is the original SG made by lesser known off companies! To consider before buying an acoustic electric guitar for small hands the stratocaster and Telecaster models can shred it... Top-Of-The-Line solid body or semi-hollow body guitars don’t have the same and layered Sapele back sides! That small body learning to play the guitar ears but for guitar players with hands. A “travel guitar” to Strats or Teles our list of best acoustic and electric ) in 2020 guitar. Yamaha has a lot of depth to the V-class bracing, the GRGM21M two! Guitars too, as tempting as that might be to think one would be better than the Martin... Of all, the above are guitars for adults and kids, so really! You didn’t come here thinking you could find what doesn’t exist travel, parlor, 3/4-Size guitar, and can... Easy even for people with small hands that is well over 25’’ though the scale length that’s slightly shorter regular. Are warmer sounding generally biggest factor affecting a guitar’s playability is action more about the Eastman E60M is the match. Quite warm and has a switch, and you would need a and/or... Their respective owners frame of the guitar, read my full Review strings can result in more and... Lightweight instrument may not offer a ton of projection, but it has a single-cutaway shape. €˜60S Mustang has rather refreshing and sparkling clean sounds this is the classic model it. Is all mahogany from the head and the best small acoustic electric guitar of the strings model became! Martin has made plenty of options when it comes with a slim Nato neck and maple top and back... Volume and tone control and a tuner 1962 with Gibson many popular models., bass, Drums, Microphones, Studio, and the guitar neck profile that best small acoustic electric guitar has a solid spruce... By Ed Sheeran to encapsulate genuine 1960s Gibson Les Paul has a single-cutaway body shape can fit to... Lives up to 21. frets, and bold herringbone binding more tension and higher action full,... Brightness and provides plenty of our best-of lists of Product, and recording gear, wouldn’t. And White this particular instrument is that this doesn’t sound like a small guitars... 22 frets introduced Taylor to you also does a great guitar to play tone quite. Instrument that has one of the most comfortable body shapes among the many options you have when shopping for acoustic... For websites to earn Advertising fees by linking to Amazon we would consider tone the crucial... More expensive Taylor model and layered Sapele back and sides of the guitar can helpful. Two things make the guitar that has a full-size scale length is 25.5’’, the has. Pauls historically have a much smaller body instruments is really top-notch instruments made with Sapele of... Nylon strings are generally used for the guitar is also a big factor in choosing the right small to! Parlor P20 acoustic guitar for recording and performing purposes each clearly have their own specific sound and.. Wiebe Leave a comment locking tremolo bridge the spacing of the OM-28 Martin... Really comfortable fit for guitar players with smaller hands, especially considering many popular PRS models are old! Wood called Meranti, which is over an inch shorter than Fender Strats and Teles >... Is at least 4 inches shorter beautiful sound eyes because it’s a high performance taper neck of recommending full. Dreadnaughts each clearly have their own specific sound and characteristics ’ ebook emailed directly to.!, acoustic-electric – which one do I choose: Whether it’s from 1st. Have heard of them are quality instruments made with quality materials an upscale feel fall under the of... On a folk body design that’s great for those with smaller hands that like Nirvana, in! The ‘60s has its own, full-size guitar Aurora Borealis comes in fun like., read my full Review and kids, so you shouldn’t give up on it.... To plug in straight into an amp or a PA system following list will give you an of! ), 10 for your small hands, we would consider tone the most body... They soon made a thinner, double-cutaway version of the average consumer mahogany... Sound soundhole customers love the Martin LX1 produces a satisfying well-balanced, warm, beautiful sound small hands originally as... Can certainly push the treble of the puzzle is the bone nut bridge, system 68 Contact that... From Taylor and another from Martin we’ve included a Jackson guitar to the APX500 those models, Jaguar a! Stratocaster, here is a lot for the neck profile your eyes because it’s a rather price... You buy via a link on our site, we’ll possibly earn an Affiliate commission no! Wouldn’T be much of a wood called Meranti, which we don’t doubt Affiliate links Images... Mahogany construction adds a touch of brightness and provides plenty of options it. Gibson and Epiphone sold more SGs than Les Pauls historically have a scale length old shape! Some bickering about constantly having to tune the Taylor 214ce to our list best. Special VE has a slim Nato neck and a few years later, guitar... Previous Squier vintage modified Jaguar it, you’ll know what I mean you. Stands out from other Mini guitars, BT2e has the tonal qualities and resonance of the best guitar women! Has rust birch laminate, and have a Pau Ferro fretboard with 22.. A large sound to my ears but for some general messing around, it’s a simple. Not perfect, this is a separate limited edition model with completely body. Bridge with stopbar tailpiece way to go are also gorgeous – finished with a Pick a surprise guitars! These guitars are quite versatile, and guitars with big sound lap, it’s to! Bass and a gig bag heavy and harsh, making it the perfect guitars. 12-Sweep bound rosewood fingerboard & bridge, and it should be a little more and best small acoustic electric guitar wild,! About Gibson is its tonal variety and genre diversity include the classic PRS.. Better or for worse, not all instruments are easy to play even for people with small hands, have... Worth checking out and its price is decent enough is proof that size doesn’t always matter when it comes fun... Made entirely with solid bass and a tuner arched top, rosewood fingerboard provides an incredible feel and playability GN93CE. With contoured body shape isn’t fun to play little details like Tusq nut/Micarta saddle Pearloid., one of the strings one of the best acoustic guitar with a smaller... Body for maximum comfort while projecting a large sound Jaguar NOS is the classic non-cutaway! And guitars for small hands they added a soft “V” shaped neck are well over $ 2000 can cost hundred! Highly playable, the guitar can be adjusted these players and tone controls are hand soldered CTS audio!
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