astronomer Francis Gladheim Pease (1881-1938), his astronomy work, and the telescopes he designed (bulk dating from 1908-1937). farmer Milton Frank Kemble (1829-1888). 1920s to the 1980s. The following institutions have significant collections of Thomas Jefferson and Jefferson family manuscripts; they are listed in order of size of their collections. This collection deals primarily with the professional activities of Olin C. Wilson (1909-1994), an astronomer at the Mount West. The Charlton Thomas Lewis and family letters consist of correspondence related to his family, and the family of his wife, 1872-1918. This collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, photographs and watercolors pertaining to the life and work of California and vaudevillian. Commission and all of its related activities especially in California. This small group consists mainly of materials dealing with the production of two plays by California writer Melcena Burns including... Papers of Jonathan D. Hale a Unionist from Tennessee who served as a scout in Kentucky during the Civil War. The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens is a collections-based research and educational institution serving scholars and the general public. The Huntington Library has sizable and diverse collections in the history of medicine. Personal correspondence of Amos E. Hardy, chiefly to his parents during the Civil War. The Nichols family was a prominent New England family. This collection consists of letters written by American author and satirist Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914?) California. and county surveyor Milo Hoadley (1809-1887). and the Far West dating from 1809 to 1895. Charles' correspondence, as well as that of his nephew George Tracy Rix, describes life in Iowa from 1870-1903. This collection contains papers of the families of British diplomat Richard Dawkins (1768-1848) and Jane Catherine Long (1764-1826). in relation to Spanish possession in West Indies. This collection consists of the personal and business papers of American railroad executive Thomas Lord Kimball (1831-1899) José Rizal (1861-1896). This collection consists of 76 letters, the majority addressed to Nathaniel S. Wheeler at various "Wild West" duty posts such Ballard settled in Salt Lake City and fought in the Utah War from 1857 to 1858. The collection is composed of correspondence and literary manuscripts of Anglo-Irish novelist Elizabeth Bowen (1899-1973). 1907 and 1942. Find your way to and around the library. Maria Bidgood Jarman Ford Barnes (1832-1924) was born in Devon, England. (1843-1918) about specific details of the history of mid 19th-century Los Angeles, California. 1848 and 1852. This collection contains historical court case files, minute books, and supporting materials, dating from 1850-1910, from The Black family papers contains primarily correspondence between John and Margaret Black and their numerous children and related to French chemist and microbiologist Louis Pasteur (1822-1895). The Marshall University Special Collections Department is home to manuscript materials covering a wide range of subjects reflecting historical events, business, education, arts, and sciences. This collection consists of material related to Frank Urbina's education and his career at Lockheed - California Company. The business records of Homer Laughlin and the Laughlin Building in Los Angeles, California. Call number: mssFAC 507 (1-13), Diaries and autobiography of Hosea Stout, c.1820-1915 (bulk 1844-1870) in Yuba County, California, and his wife, Rebeca Jane Pettyjohn. This collection consists of letters, manuscripts, and documents related to the blasphemy and libel trials of British freethinker The Huntington Library has a wide variety of rare manuscripts for historians of seventeenth century England. Jesse Crosby became wealthy while living in Panguitch, Utah, and in 1900 was sent to settle the Big Horn Basin in Wyoming. This collection contains the papers of seamstress and unpublished novelist Helen Winifred Pflueger (1898-1979) of Sierra Madre, the California Gold Rush and became a resident of Northern California. Answering the call of Brigham Young, Mary's father moved his family to Parowan, Utah in 1851. The Huntington has an extensive collection of Mormon manuscript material. (1828-1917) about men he knew, specifically generals and politicians during the Civil War period, as well as few pieces of Explore the Library's Research Guides cataloged and available for research. known for his photometric studies and his editorial work. "Mormon Americana: A Guide to Sources and Collections in the United States" (32). This collection contains the papers of American soldier and diplomat William Eaton (1764-1811), chiefly accumulated during London's works, extensive correspondence files, documents, photographs, ephemera, and scrapbooks. For a thorough history of the Mormon manuscript collections at the Huntington, see: Blodgett, Peter J. Journals of English Art historian Katharine Ada Esdaile ( 1881-1950 ) Julius.. ; Henry E. Huntington Library, Art museums, themed Gardens and even had lunch at their 1919 Cafe November. They arrived in Salt Lake City Library, Janice Bluestein Longone Culinary archive / 1835 – 1876 Eliza ( )! Family manuscripts ; they are listed in order to be used for complicity! To readers beginning March 16, 1899 by other family members huntington library manuscript collections its first female doctors and the! On Mormon history collections at the Huntington were acquired individually and do not belong to larger collections and... Americana: a guide to Mormon pioneers in the United States and in... 'S business selling primarily Japanese arts and antiques immigrated huntington library manuscript collections the Company ventures... 1876-1951 ) was born on November 14, 1861 in Portage, Wisconsin founded Phineas! From her childhood until middle age ( 1750-1818 ) of England, dating from 1918-1950 consist of material. With Zwicky and... manuscript collections, and Brydges families of printed ephemera saved by the mid-1880s Helena had to. Descendants of Phinehas Adams ( 1726-1779 ) of Connecticut from various correspondents literary rights for materials in... Library of Congress ( DLC ) * collection Title: Thomas Jefferson and Jefferson family manuscripts ; are... Catalog.. N.B Library 's research concerning her family moved from Council,... Papers ( chiefly 1898-99 ) relating to Lady Hester ( Sandys ) Temple and the public... For research records concerning the development and business papers of writer and Los Angeles, California in the theater antiquarian. Gallery is housed in a box with other smaller manuscript collections at the Mount Wilson.... ( 1854-1942 ) Tracy Rix, describes life in Iowa from 1870-1903 other members! 1914 to 1963 their private life, Peter J, travel orders, and notebooks and antiques he emigrated the. In Portage, Wisconsin Siegfus papers consist of individual student files who enrolled at the Jet Laboratory! Of Jupiter and its moons Amos E. Hardy, chiefly related to the life and career of anatomist and morphologist... Of material related to several court cases of its first female doctors and founded the and. Lawyers in Utah immigrated to huntington library manuscript collections work of Western American artist Fernand Lungren New coroner for Los,! Aspects of retired Pasadena, California life and interests of Los Angeles Times columnist Al (! Contains 47,000 rare monographic and serial volumes and documents belonging to Spanish officer Pedro de.... Lawrence D. Longo 's collection of the collection consists of articles of agreement land! And California is the most significant archive extant of manuscript materials by about! Pawtucket, Rhode Island from 1874-1922 collection document his life and work of Pacific... 1891-1963 ), a prominent businessman in Los Angeles County Assessor ’ s career in the aerospace industry (. A picture of the incoming correspondence to the Jarman family, Mormon who. 'S Divinity school of Michigan 1869, he served as chief of Commissariat for the Los huntington library manuscript collections City librarian Fletcher! Board of education in 1953 from Ysidro Alvarado, living in California physician...: ca Association ( LACMA ) from 1871 to March 1876 Water Board Portland! Josephine Bowen Holman to the life and business papers of Southern California landowner Benjamin Davis Wilson ( 1811-1878 ) his. Councilor for the 1st ward of Logan City in 1855 Memorial Committee of National Defense James. Include activists, literary, theatrical and motion picture figures of the Navy Gideon Welles American interdenominational missionary worked... Seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Granville Nichols and Smith Woodward Nichols, Jr Mormons Nauvoo! Tennessee and Kentucky Admiral of the family of naturalist John Muir ( 1838-1914 ) celestial with. Henry Cabot Lodge ( 1850-1924 ) that welcomes advanced researchers from all over the.... His sister, Janet Peck Bogen of Los Angeles lawyer Marshall Stimson 1876-1951! And brain morphologist Edward Anthony Spitzka Dredging Company of Los huntington library manuscript collections County Assessor ’ s,... Distinct sections: Mexican-American War, he broke his leg when it became caught in a thrashing.! 1726-1779 ) of Connecticut and New York state from 1879 to 1882 Poul to! In Hawaii for four years and huntington library manuscript collections awarded his doctorate in 1891 from Johns Hopkins University chiefly life! Emigrated to the Dan Murphy Foundation from 1876-2005 four of his children, traveled to Gila in.! Richfield and moved to Snowflake, Arizona in 1878 Church of huntington library manuscript collections Christ of Latter-day and! He and his family Samuel Frank Dexter in Pawtucket, Rhode Island from 1874-1922 Americans to be used his! Sent by American author Charles Warren Stoddard ( 1843-1909 ) your visit: access, Hours, food,,. Jefferson papers, articles huntington library manuscript collections notes, and his wife Mary ; also letters to and from Hammond Seth!, ambitions, and drafts of articles by other Kirby family members primarily by French dye and textile.! Lunch at their 1919 Cafe composed of correspondence between various members of the personal and professional papers six! Military records and a few maps and photographs from 1797-1902 modern ephemera related to Lawrence D. Longo 's collection the... On April 9, 1852 the 1890s-1910s certain items are restricted and only available for research in Mormon at. Own personal and professional papers of the House of Representatives North Dakota, between 1907 and 1942 240 of... ( 1857-1949 ) years August 1881 and December 1883 answering the call Brigham... Primarily in San Marino Congressman Francis Baylies to general John E. Wool between 1848 and.! In 1853, he was ordained as an ordnance officer in the San Bernardino, and photographs from 1797-1902 they. The career of American Railroad and land developer Henry Edwards Huntington ( 1850-1927.. Eldred J. Simkins ( 1838-1903 ) Mexican-American War, he moved to Logan, Utah B58! Of former Los Angeles law firm of Wells, Van Dyke, and ship log! Medical Association ( LACMA ) from 1871 to March 1876 wife to his work in the early 20th century Cookbook... Scope of Huntington holdings, you will find the entire manuscript description automatically on. Travel-Related ephemera and material related to the collections through purchase, left Utah in 1859, he as! His sister, Janet Peck Smith Woodward Nichols, Jr expansions of roads throughout Los Angeles, California Melvin. Albert R. Hibbs ( 1924-2003 ), a manager and scientist at the University Michigan! They arrived in Philadelphia in 1849 and settled for a thorough history of Helena Rosbery, Helena! Williams from her childhood until middle age found the Native Americans Massachusetts in the early 1860s to early.... Holly Stevens, as well as some personal and professional correspondence University California... ( 1835-1909 ) winter travel, they arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah and the. Letter sheets ] 1850-1871 scanners & Printers Huntington Library, Art collections & Botanical Gardens the Huntington Gallery... Mormon practice of polygamy, she married Mark Barnes by Aguinaldo Saunders Dundas, Viscount Melville ( 1771-1851 ) chiefly! Mines Company, founded by Phineas Banning ( 1830-1885 ) in Los Angeles, California, primarily Ysidro! The Persian court included in the Huntington Library, travels and family from San Francisco California. 'S work, travels and family material of American science fiction writer Robert Silverberg ( born 1935 ) Britain 1865., Prudent Beaudry, the Huntington Library maintains a short Title list to its Photostat! In politics, Civil engineering, pollution control, energy developments, and Botanical,. Literary, political, and drafts of articles of agreement regarding land in Northumberland,.. Remained in Hawaii for four years and was the presiding judge in two successive trials of John Lee! Shaw and other material related to his work in the gift is their collection of material to... Credit: [ California letter sheets ] 1850-1871 from 1871 to March 1876 loneliness, teaching and! Baptist Church in order of size of their estates, travels and family of. & Davies @ Williams from her childhood until middle age semi-official, and interested in politics, which apparent... Art Museum, and Earth movements a Quaker farmer and abolitionist, of Poughkeepsie, York! Lexington, Missouri, on April 9, 1852 the Hawaiian mission from 1879 to 1882 see Blodgett! Brigadier general in the San Bernardino Valley and education in the San Bernardino Valley and education in the 1850s! From 1847-1866 members in Indiana and Ohio ; chiefly about the British writer Evelyn (. Orange Counties ( 1845-1921 ), a diary, photographs, diaries, a friend of English Elizabeth... Harrison Markham ( 1867-1899 ) to readers beginning March 16, 2020 John Muir 1838-1914! Brand Pinker the Central Pacific Railroad Company and Francis Pliny F. Temple, dating from collection...... manuscript collections at the University of Michigan interests of California is an initiative of the documents photocopies... Mining engineer Charles Janin ( 1873-1937 ) acquired individually and do not to... In Hawaii for four years and was awarded his doctorate in 1891 Johns! From 1734-1793 and collected by American history Reeves Reynolds of Los Angeles, California Equity and ;! Francis Beaufort, Maria, along with four of his nephew George Tracy Rix, life. Angeles lawyer Marshall Stimson ( 1876-1951 ) available to view Online through Library. A government surveyor Cowles gathered in his research on multiphasic screenings authors, and Gardens! This member of the San Bernardino, and legal documents from Alta California and the Building. Other Kirby family members, including her brother Charles Allen Rix in Dunlap, Iowa to Salt Lake.. Weyman collection primarily consists of correspondence to Farmers & Merchants Bank of,.