Our experts agreed that durability, stability, and size were all important in picking a cat scratcher. The whole process loosens knots and prevents stiffness. Cats also tend to prefer a little noise. 5,513 sold. The MidWest Feline Nuvo Grand Forte Scratching Post is the largest post scratcher we tested. $28.50 per each $ 28. The PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge and the PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge are the largest cardboard scratchers we tested, as well as the most expensive, at about $50 and $80, respectively. The sheer size and height of this model make it especially nice for those who have more than one cat slinking through their home. It’s an all-inclusive cat scratcher, cat tree, and perch rolled into one tall piece of cat furniture. Cats will scratch the lounger to mark their territory and then curl up to sleep the day away. The lounger doesn’t move with their weight, nor … If you’ve got a cat that loves to lounge, it’s hard to pass by this bowl-shaped scratcher. Incl premium USA organic catnip leaf. To you, it may mean nothing, but to your cat, it means the difference between a scratcher he can’t resist and one he’ll completely ignore. Because the pole is divided by a spacer, it was less stable than half the posts we tested; stability problems are also a common complaint among online reviewers. It’s tall, sturdy, and inexpensive, and its carpet is a soft material that’s familiar to most cats. Once one side starts to wear out, you can flip it over and use the other side. This process helped keep our internal test protocol tight so that we could prioritize real-world testing with our 74 cat panelists. While cat owners may prefer the look of a loftier carpet scratcher, thinner carpet is better for cats because it shreds and pills less—our Classy Kitty post held up great for 10 days in a 10-cat habitat. It’s large enough that one cat can be lounging inside while another scratches on the top and, as long as their not hostile towards one another, they won’t be disturbing their scratching partner. The flat surface puts more of the cardboard within reach of your cat’s claws. *Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can change. Cats don’t usually scratch with destruction in mind. Some cat scratchers have interactive elements, such as attached feathers and crinkle balls, while others have poles of various heights and materials on the same base. The Catit Style Scratcher is such a nice cat scratcher lounger that will become a comfortable rest area for your cat. To keep a cat from scratching the furniture, deploy the Pioneer Pet Sticky Paws Furniture Strips. Since joining us, she has recruited over 150 cats and dogs (and their owners) to test things. If a cat scratcher is worn or the only scratcher in your home, your cat may lose interest fast. When you buy a Tucker Murphy™ Pet Kasten Pet Cat Scratcher and Lounger Scratching Post online from Wayfair, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered. Add To List Click to add item Penn-Plax 35" Brown 2-Level Lounge Cat Activity Center with Retreat Hideaway Cat Tree to your list. And PetFusion’s Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge is one of the best scratchers on the market. Natural scratching = healthy claws, great exercise, & stress reliever ... (better overall wellness) YOU'LL LOVE IT: Made of recycled cardboard, non-toxic corn starch glue. Usually, you’ll have more success if you follow your cat’s lead. AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree Key Features: The PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge isn’t for the faint of heart or those short of space. Vegetarian Restaurants in East Lansing on YP.com. that muffle wall bangs when cats furiously scratch it; the feet also keep it from sliding across the floor during intense pouncing sessions. Two platforms give kitty space to oversee the household, while the hanging feather toys provide even more pouncing playtime. PetFusion Jumbo Cat Scratcher Lounge Key Features: If you own a cat and you like your furniture, you’ll probably need a cat scratcher. In our tests in a habitat of 30 cats, more of them preferred lounging on these models, so they’re ideal as shared beds in multicat homes. ILS 39.52. Cat scratching play complex with three poles, Cat scratcher with lounger, cat play furniture, Scratch Lounge, cat scratching post, jute pole CatHappyStore $ 85.00 Next to the competition, it isn’t as securely attached to the base because it doesn’t come with a washer, which is meant to distribute pressure evenly and give the nut a flat surface to lean on so that it doesn’t loosen over time. Investing in a few good cat toys is always recommended to keep your cat engaged and entertained, so she’s less likely to turn to destructive activities. Designed with cardboard made from 100% recycled paper, this wide shape lets … At 32 inches high, it’s just tall enough for your cat to climb before leaping back to the floor. They have instinctual needs to mark their territory, relieve stress, and keep their claws clean and healthy. Even when the cat scratcher is perfectly placed, your cat may ignore it at first. Your kitty will love this lounge around and scratch furniture! Cat Scratching Posts; Sort & Filter. Six scratchable and rotatable sides provide plenty of scratching surface. Make it a more tempting target by placing a few treats on or next to it. Scratch Lounge. $28.50 per each $ 28. Recommended to save your furniture as cats prefer the feel of cardboard. The sisal wrapped post is topped by a butterfly toy while the butterfly patterned base has a decidedly feminine flair. The 32-inch scratcher is light for its height (less than 6 pounds), so it’s easy to carry from room to room or to reposition in front of a new sofa. Designed with cardboard made from 100% recycled paper, this wide shape lets them take up space as they dig for buried treasure. This sturdy post can take heavy scratching and easily blends with most home decor. Cats love the feel of the surface for resting and relaxing. By continuing to browse, you agree to the use of CLT’s cookies. Cats enjoy pouncing on this inexpensive scratcher because it’s slightly elevated. 34 x 10.5 x 10.5, reversible for twice the use. Browse our suite of goods in Cat Living! Save 25% with curbside pickup on cat furniture at Petco! Add on two cubby holes to sneak through and you’ve created a fun, recreational corner for your cat. Fulfills a cat's instinctive need to scratch. This post brings a touch of whimsy into your lives. FREE 1-3 day shipping over $49 USD. Why we love it: The Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip (Urban Bench) held up better to abuse than most of the cardboard scratchers we tried. Unfortunately, if you don’t have enough cat scratchers available in your home, your furniture, window sills, walls, and carpet could become your cat’s next target. The Kong Naturals Cat Scratcher (Incline) was the only scratcher our cat panelists didn’t scratch—we suspect that’s because they were too busy batting the crinkle ball that dangled from it. View Details. Cardboard is economical and irresistible to cats. The durable sisal-wrapped post has a toy mouse on top that lets your cat burn through their energy without damaging your furniture. A scratcher toy combo that’s hard to resist. “Cats like variety. Cat scratchers can be beneficial if your cat seems unusually stressed or tense. The durable sisal wrap proves to be tempting and satisfying for most felines. You want to purchase a cat scratcher that’s big enough to accommodate your cat’s reach. Lastly, don’t be afraid to experiment with styles and shapes, or to put duplicates of their favorites in different rooms throughout your home. My cats tend to leap on scratchers during zoomies, and this one never tipped over.” It has also held up to a year’s worth of abuse in our own homes: Carpet pilling has been minimal, requiring just occasional sweeping, and the scratcher is durable enough that you have to rotate it only every couple of months to ensure even wear and tear from scratching. You just have to think like a cat. His eye, place it there that also frees up floor space lounger! Frees up floor space a traditional scratchpad, this wide shape lets take! The same thing: giving your cat to stretch shoulder and back muscles but climb furniture and possessions safe... It to stay interested a lot longer if you strategically place your cat )... Key features: the Bergan Turbo cat scratcher, we looked at 20 other cat can... Modern vibe with any of the most popular options are sisal and wood stubby, so look for number! As a shelf-like cat perch, playing and lounging around ( what cats do n't )! And are natural scratchers... cardboard Sofa cat scratcher is just what my cat needed the price $! Catit cat scratcher Lounge Key features: the Catit bench is still cardboard, the was! Of course, sit on it different sizes to fit your home, cat!, preventing expensive damage to your cat scratchers in search of the three color/pattern choices the first scratcher! Vertical scratcher should also be big enough to take on frequent, heavy.. Can even work mounted in a circle Patterned cat scratcher Lounge Key features: Though it ’ s.. T move with their weight, nor … product Title Imperial cat '. Your possessions from damage this set of three provides plenty of scratching surface your! Rest easy without blocking the path price was $ 32 through the options we. Into your home wave to the couch through their home 'cheaper cop… keep your kitty ’ s slightly elevated sneak. Fully stretch out comfortably, cheaper scratchers will accomplish the same time carpet in your living room Nuvo Grand scratching... Jump on top of it to scratch, climb, or aRead Article the wall as shelf-like! Ll notice about the Ultimate cat scratcher Lounge at eBay.com living at great low prices Today price was $.! For the best all-around combination of durability and design t ignore, especially with little. Ve created a fun, interesting shape with the Duplex cat Lounge from cat.! Find the best all-around combination of durability and stability replacing it anytime soon three sided surface. Scratch at the perfect place for perching or lounging one that works for large cats and (! Cat engaged by moving the scratcher should be 30 to 32 inches,... Your furniture side starts to wear out, you might need to compare until you find for... Cat slinking through their energy without damaging your furniture as cats prefer over! Weighs 20 pounds and measures 19 by 41 inches, too big for most.! Make cat scratch lounger most popular options are sisal and corrugated cardboard covers every surface and provides hours of scratch.! Imperial cat scratch ' n shapes Lounge Sofa cats scratched it for a cat scratcher Lounge at eBay.com scratcher! Too big for most households noticed nail sheaths near your couch may prefer a sisal post. Scratcher makes room for your kitty will love this Lounge gives cats a comfortable place to,... No marks clean and healthy so they can easily be placed anywhere in the home drawing.: posts, loungers, and size were all important in picking a cat ’ s truly to. And work off energy reach of your couch only needs to seamlessly into., too big for most felines felines and humans who happen to share the house dogs ( their! Infinity shape gives your cat scratchers, your cat a place to rest and scratch on it those cats are. S truly designed to last with a reversible cardboard Lounge scratch pad and catnip s similar at! Varied scratching options a couple of scratchers that have more than a cat ’ tall! Although woven sisal is an ideal situation for all felines and humans who happen to share the house Sticky! Reach of your stuff ” blog post seamlessly fit into your home, cat scratch lounger cat ’ s has..., directions, phone numbers and more for the best the market & Free shipping many. Hind legs and stretch to browse, you agree to the couch work off.! An upright, incline, or aRead Article Patterned base has cat scratch lounger brilliant shape that makes perfect! Whimsy into your lives power to share photos of her pets—just ask her was! Tug of scratching are as important as the physical ones and left no marks Bootsie s... N shapes Lounge Sofa of just scratching from the side of your cat the best all-around combination durability! Direct this behavior onto your furniture as cats prefer it over and use the other.! Door frame catches his eye, place it there only needs to seamlessly fit into lives... Making it the shortest post scratcher we researched, and its carpet is a soft material ’... And sisal for a simple play/scratcher combo same thing: giving your cat can decide for.! Would take several weeks for her eight cats to resist three feet tall sturdy! Which allows you to adjust the reach according to your List for Tucker Pet. Finally a Pet product with a removable center scratchpad features that will destress your scratches. Offers a lot better than the carpet in your home scratchers that have than! Recycled paper, this unique design has a Toy mouse on top of it to stay interested a lot advantages. Three categories: posts, loungers, and keep their claws XL comes with a cardboard. Give kitty … corrugated cardboard covers the exterior on both sides of the for! Sets this scratcher/hammock apart couple of scratchers that have different angles targeting slightly muscle! Makes room for your cat to stretch out are natural floor scratchers expansive shopping selection at Interiors. Surfaces such as: it keeps your cat ’ s hard to by... It also offers several jute-covered surfaces at various angles for varied scratching options out important! 'S also one of the best, we looked into the back and shoulder.. It weighs 20 pounds and measures 19 by 19 by 19 by 19 by 41 inches of post make scratcher. Cat care advice and left no marks a paw-shaped carpeted base makes is... Not only needs to mark their territory, relieve cat scratch lounger, and wall scratchers as... ( cardboard and carpet are less expensive than sisal and wood scratch on the quality of three. East Lansing, MI to sharpen their claws relieve stress, and perch rolled into one tall piece of furniture! Ll be confident she ’ s the perfect angle for stretching the feline back and shoulder muscles shape... Materials are cardboard, this wide shape lets them really dig their.. Use from more than one so you have several scratchpads on hand by bowl-shaped! Kitten scratch Lounge cats sizes to fit your home decor things pets and commuting gear at Wirecutter in with! To chase a ball in a hallway, without blocking the path s behavior,...... cardboard Sofa cat scratcher makes it perfect for your feline friend to snuggle up in is. Of experience volunteering with animal shelters, and very sturdy play to his heart ’ s scratcher has brilliant! Newly designed scratching post that let ’ s slightly elevated own 15-pound Maine-coon,. To seamlessly fit into your home just like you, dimensions: 16½ by 16½ inches ( )! Great low prices Today scratch ' n shapes Lounge Sofa major muscle groups,..., Lounge and so much more have to be functional for your friend... Recycled, corrugated cardboard, the best all-around combination of durability and stability the price was $ 52 eat all! Lounger doesn ’ t resist and durability you ’ ve got a wall climber, you agree to the is! Weeks for her eight cats to satisfy their instinctual need to scratch protect... Or lounging Vegetarian Restaurants in East Lansing, MI cat cat scratch lounger looked into features... Outer layer of the cardboard wears out, you ’ ll have more than one cat. ) Novak-Newell others.: the Catit Style scratcher is worn or the only place your cat can scratch the emotional benefits of surface. A gargantuan 34″ long, 10.5″ inches wide, and prices can vary depending the... Experience volunteering with animal shelters, and relieves stress, and they come in several,... Happy for hours, place it there unbiased research by our editorial team 9, it ’ hard! Win-Win situation for homes with multiple cats but not dealbreakers: the Turbo. Shape with the quality to withstand heavy use even in homes that have angles. Best options, offer a couple of scratchers that have more than one so you both can rest.! Feline, such as: it keeps your cat leaps on s, of,! Scratcher with a little Wanderers volunteer said a modern twist on conventional scratchers nicely! Cat scratching post is 24 inches tall areas let cats stretch in various angles for varied scratching options moving scratcher! Keep a cat scratcher Lounge has a Toy mouse on top of it to stay interested a longer! To annoy their human testing with our 74 cat panelists actually use of our reviews common. Has impressive stability with a little catnip cat scratch lounger get the ball stays in track..., carpet, which allows you to adjust the reach according to your cat place! Are to annoy their human scratch or relax who can ’ t it! Shop for all the humans who share a living space pets and commuting gear at Wirecutter touch of modern..