Policy 87, 375–377. How do concepts emerge and change? A total of 42 million yuan has been invested, and about 25,000 meters of silt has been cleared up, more than 30 sewage outlets have been closed, and 64 polluted aquaculture households have been banned. The campaign aims to eliminate the main sources of marine waste by 2022: plastic beads in cosmetics and overuse of disposable plastic products. doi: 10.2138/gselements.14.5.301. Research and develop a system for integrated deep-sea environmental monitoring and activity exploration. Blue growth concept can be traced back to sustainable development, with the increase of international communication and in-depth study of the blue economy concept, more profound connotations are emerging. Policy 100, 43–57. Efforts in other parts of the world, the importance of co-development, and future expectations are discussed in Anderson et al. Studies have found that microplastics have been found in biological cells, blood circulation systems and even the brains (Yu et al., 2018). The Blue Economy. PDF | On Aug 31, 2017, Bharti Wadhwa and others published BUSINESS MODEL OF AMAZON INDIA – A CASE STUDY. The new modeling capabilities (including the source code) will be published soon. It is China’s first regional development strategy to focus on the marine economy (National Development and Reform Commission, 2011). AtlantOS Deliverable, D8.6. The blue economy has diverse components, including established traditional ocean indus-tries such as fisheries, tourism, and maritime transport, but also new and emerging activi-ties, such as offshore renewable energy, aquaculture, seabed extractive activities, and marine biotechnology and bioprospecting. Oil Spill Hazard Bulletin. Two operators, the Regional Science Consortium (Erie, PA, United States) and Purdue University (Wilmette, IL, United States and Michigan City, IN, United States) have primarily absorbed ongoing operation costs by incorporating them into the regular outreach costs of affiliated education centers, the Tom Ridge Environmental Center and Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant, respectively. Floating wind + wave energy. donors. It is unclear whether this new concept requires a new set of governance principles and policies, or whether existing policy mechanisms can accommodate it. The work has received partial funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement no. The great lakes observing system (GLOS) is 1 of 11 Regional Associations in the integrated ocean observing system (IOOS). Considering the above features, we define the blue economy as sustainable productive, service and all other related activities using and protecting coastal and marine resources. Search from over 500 million flashcards to find decks most relevant to your courses . International society tends to refer blue economy to green economy or green development model in ocean and coastal zone development and management (Rio+20 Pacific Preparatory Meeting, 2011). Volume . 2, 50–53. A procedural framework for robust environmental management of deep-sea, mining projects using a conceptual model. Such drivers, at local and global level, incentivize aquaculture to move offshore to the unprotected waters of the open ocean. It includes specific information for each sector in the blue economy, including “building of pleasure and sporting boats”, “repair and maintenance of ships and boats”, as well as “coastal and maritime tourism”. Kiel: AtlantOS. Entrepreneurship in the Blue Economy Maine’s coastal waters support more than lobstermen these days. Science 24 hours (2016). Operational Real-Time and Forecast Modelling of Atlantic Albacore Tuna. doi: 10.2138/gselements.14.5.331, Lusty, P. A. J., and Murton, B. J. Case studies are a tool to document producer experiences, and a practical method for improving our planning, prioritizing assistance, and reaching out to new agricultural producers. This agreement serves as an example of how the role GLOS serves to the Great Lakes region is evolving with a greater emphasis toward that of a data assembly center (DAC) or regional information coordination entity (RICE). SIDS have always been highly dependent upon the seas for their well-being but the Blue Economy, whilst encompassing the concept of ocean-based economies, goes far beyond that. Particularly, in terms of the management connotation, data access, monitoring, and product development, countries are making decisions according to their own needs. The growing realms of aquaculture require s trategies to sustainably manage ocean resources, thus creating new jobs and economic opportunities through innovation. Mar. Anthony Allen, Laura Blakeman, Daniel DeMaiolo, Carla Hill, and Mason Shattuck . How can marine ecosystem services support the blue growth agenda? (Levin et al., 2016; Vanreusel et al., 2016; Gollner et al., 2017; Jones et al., 2017; Tilot et al., 2018). In order to achieve these results, VISIR, an open source model for ship routing (Mannarini et al., 2016) was employed and further developed. Elements 14, 331–336. Assessment of the geographical potential for co-use of marine space, based on operational boundaries for Blue Growth sectors. A stochastic techno-economic assessment of seabed mining of polymetallic nodules in the Clarion Clipperton Fracture Zone. doi: 10.1016/j.marpol.2018.02.027, Vanreusel, A., Hiliario, A., Ribeiro, P. A., Menot, L., and Arbizu Martinez, P. (2016). Like other IOOS regions, GLOS provides direct resources to the sustained operations of local observing systems but in a more limited capacity. Therefore, marine microplastics will adversely affect the sustainable utilization of blue economy. doi: 10.1002/2016gl069522. It is estimated that by 2070, approximately 150 million people and $35,000 billion of assets will be exposed to a 1 in 100 year flood event. 1:00pm Keynote Speaker: Deputy Secretary Carolyn Kirk, Executive Office of Housing & Economic … Available at: http://qinhuangdao.jiwu.com/news/2587198.html (accessed August 18, 2016). CC, AN, TD, KH, PL, GM, JT, EO, AR, SP, and JP (AtlantOS contribution): blue economy for science-based products, use case analysis of science-based products, developing, sharing and using ocean observing system “best practices” are essential for blue growth. By 2020, Blue Action will focus on the governance of 18 bays suffering from serious pollution, push forward treatment and restoration of 50 small bays neighboring coastal cities, recover coastal wetlands of no less than 8,500 hectares, restore damaged near-shore seas of 4,000 square kilometers, treat and restore shorelines of 20 km. Blue Economy: Sharing Success Stories to Inspire Change. Eight case studies illustrate how the regional impact of the GLRI translated into local improvements in specific Great Lakes communities. doi: 10.5194/os-14-887-2018, Tunnicliffe, V., Metaxas, A., Le, J., Ramirez-Llodra, E., and Levin, L. A. Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research is very important when studying blue economy cases, especially one of the main challenges is how to integrate across the involved disciplines. Blue economy needs compliance with Sustainable Development Goal 14, with the attribute focused on conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources. Although regional coordination on the issue of lake bottom mapping is increasing, essential pre-requisites to strategic investment in new data acquisition are missing. GLOS is evolving its business model in this area where basic operations can be implemented as part of its mission, but cost recovery is required to grow and expand services. Storm surges and oceanic waves are the major cause of extreme sea levels and devastating coastal impacts along many coastlines around the world with a significant human and economic cost. This chapter investigates the concept of the 'blue economy'. Murray Scudder, Hy-Line Cruises. Local Contributions to Global Sustainable Development Agenda : Case Studies in Integrated Coastal Management in the East Asian Seas Region. The mechanics of blue growth: management of oceanic natural resource use with multiple, interacting sectors. In addition, a large number of plastics accumulate in estuaries and coasts, which will affect the marine ecological environment in coastal areas, and then affect the tourism industry, residents’ lives and port terminals. It is based on 2018 data collected from Eurostat. Blue Economy: Sharing Success Stories to Inspire Change. Dalian, Qingdao and eight other cities were approved as the second batch Blue Bay cities in 2016. 1 - The Vortex: File Size: 2168 kb: File Type: pdf: Download File. The AtlantOS HAB use case focuses on creating a weekly HAB bulletin for three European study areas in Norway, Ireland, and Spain. Limited resources have also influenced the scope of GLOS’ role in the region. Vast areas of the Great Lakes have not been mapped for bathymetry since the 1950s, leaving a major data gap that impedes progress in natural resource and habitat management. Conserv. A total of 13 city-level “river chief,” 44 town-level “river chief,” and 662 village-level “river chief” were established. doi: 10.1016/j.dsr2.2017.09.014, Guidetti, P., and Danovaro, R. (2017). Mar. Case 100: Beyond Management Consultancy Each innovation in the business models is inspired by science, especially the use of the laws of physics, and will be summarized on this website and distributed around the world in partnership with The Blue Economy is a Report to the Club of Rome and was realized in cooperation with UNEP. Towards defining the Blue Economy: practical lessons from pacific ocean governance. Articles, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), Japan, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece. In Europe, a key driver for HAB bulletins is to support industry on-site management decisions, such as optimizing farm practices and planning business activities to mitigate/reduce shellfish and finfish mortalities due to HABs. Marseille: Blue Economy Project Conference, 30-31 May 2017. Policy 87, 356–362. LimnoTech leverages the buoy operations work to support other clients including LEEDCo., a wind-energy development company that has also contracted with LimnoTech for the operations of another buoy in the area to assist with wind farm siting and planning. Mineralogical compositions of sediment samples from the San Francisco Bay coastal system. India regards the blue economy as economic activities relying on the marine ecosystem or seabed. Experts who prepare the bulletins use the in situ ocean observing system, satellite data, and available numerical marine hydrodynamic modeling to provide a science-based product to indicate the current HAB status in areas of interest, accompanied by text describing the likely HAB occurrences in the days ahead (Cusack et al., 2018; example bulletins). The territory space development suitability is oriented to different development and utilization, considering spatial integrity and connectivity, location advantage, traffic convenience and other indicators, to judge the appropriateness of different development and utilization modes. Res. In the digital economy, scale is no guarantee of continued success. Australian Government (2012). Aquaculture is the fastest growing food production system in the world and a key ocean based economic activity sector expected to expand under the EU Blue Growth initiative. Kiel: AtlantOS, 39. The land-based pollution control actions include: pollution control of rivers entering the sea; strict control of industrial pollution source discharge, completion of illegal and unreasonable clean-up of sewage outlets; promotion of agricultural, rural and urban pollution prevention and control; and reduction of land-based pollutants into the sea. Eight case studies illustrate how the regional impact of the GLRI translated into local improvements in specific Great Lakes communities. For example, Australia believes that the blue economy includes traditional and emerging marine industries and regards the value of marine industry as the value of the blue economy. ... Minor Case Studies (with no Company) There are 69 combinations of Blue Growth e.g. Figure 1. Initiated by former Ecover CEO and Belgian businessman Gunter Pauli, the Blue Economy is an open-source movement bringing together concrete case studies, initially compiled in an eponymous report handed over to the Club of Rome. The resource and environmental carrying capacity and the territory space development suitability are important scientific propositions which represent the interaction and coordinated development between man and nature. Keywords: blue economy, macro-economic control policies, deep ocean stewardship, science-based products, data analysis and information delivery, ecological restoration, Citation: Wenhai L, Cusack C, Baker M, Tao W, Mingbao C, Paige K, Xiaofan Z, Levin L, Escobar E, Amon D, Yue Y, Reitz A, Neves AAS, O’Rourke E, Mannarini G, Pearlman J, Tinker J, Horsburgh KJ, Lehodey P, Pouliquen S, Dale T, Peng Z and Yufeng Y (2019) Successful Blue Economy Examples With an Emphasis on International Perspectives. Proceedings of the International Research Workshop on the Occurrence, Effects and Fate of Microplastic Marine Debris. From 2016, China has been implementing the Blue Bay project to treat and restore marine ecosystem, which focuses on bays and expands to cover coastal regions and other damaged regions. The other two operations, Northern Michigan University (Munising, MI, United States) and LimnoTech (Port Sheldon, MI, United States) relied more directly on donations from individual stakeholders. Green economy mentioned in Rio+20 negotiations represents a transformation of economic development model. Canberra: Australian Government. The Blue Economy——A Report to the Club of Rome. The “Blue Economy”: A Pacific Small Island Developing States Perspective Apia, Samoa. Mar. Ocean and Coastal Management, 192 Identity. The agreements with the buoy operators was clear that funding would support the capitalization of the buoys but a financial plan (outside of federal grant funding) for sustained operations and maintenance of the buoys needed to be in place and supported by the operators. Each team’s lead authors coordinated their co-authors, AR, AN, DA, EO, EE, GM, JP, JT, KH, LL, PL, SP, TD, YiY, YaY, and ZP. Mining activities within national jurisdictions are governed locally but the extensive resources of those outside EEZs in The Area are under the jurisdiction of the International Seabed Authority (an intergovernmental body established by UNCLOS in 1982 to organize and regulate all mineral-related activities. Consequently, significant investments have already been made by some countries in terms of exploration for deep seabed mineral resources, developing sophisticated technology and conducting feasibility studies (for example the Japanese conducted their first test mining in 2017), and developing economic models under different commodity price scenarios and other geologic and financial considerations (Van Nijen et al., 2018; Volkmann et al., 2018). As the regional association for the Great Lakes within the United States integrated ocean observing system (IOOS) that is overseen by an inter-agency governing council, GLOS has a neutral posture that will allow them to work productively with a variety of agencies in the United States and Canada as well as non-federal partners including academic institutions and state agencies. Shandong proposed new pollution prevention idea of “governing river first, treating land and sea in a coordinated way.” In Shandong, 15 rivers flowed into Laizhou Bay. Key findings from the case studies in this report include the importance of establishing a trusted and diversified knowledge base, complimented with resources which help inspire and support innovation; as well as the importance … doi: 10.1016/j.marpol.2018.01.013. Learn more about our solutions for the growing of Blue Economy. There will be two panels as well as a keynote luncheon address. Australia‘s Submission to the Rio+20 Compilation Document, Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. Global Blue Economy: Enormous and growing OECD* 2016 study: The Ocean Economy in 2030 2010 –US $1.5 trillion (conservatively) 2030 –US $3.0 trillion (conservatively) “The ocean economy is essential to the future welfare and prosperity of humankind…only recently begun to garner attention and move up the international policy agenda.” Sarker, S., Bhuyan, M. A. H., and Rahman, M. M. (2018). State Oceanic Administration of China (2015). Although deep-seabed mining may generate income for some nations, it will come at a high environmental cost with many unknown risks, some of which may become apparent only in the distant future (Levin et al., 2016; Gollner et al., 2017; Jones et al., 2018). doi: 10.1002/aqc.2854, Häyhä, T., and Franzese, P. P. (2014). Mar. Reviving the Ocean Economy: the case for action – 2015 │ page 5 PREFACE Without a healthy ocean, our future prosperity – indeed, life on Earth as we know it – is in jeopardy. In 2011, the Global Declaration on Marine Waste Solutions issued by the Global Plastics Industry Association showed that 60 industry associations in 34 countries have signed the Declaration. 43, 6410–6417. doi: 10.1016/j.marenvres.2017.04.010, Grehan, A. J., Arnaud-Haond, S., D’Onghia, G., Savini, A., and Yesson, C. (2017). The following sections address this from the perspective of selective use cases and experience moving forward. 62, 2588–2597. (2018). Implementing Scheme of Marine Ecological Civilization Construction (2015–2020). The marine pollution control actions include: implementing marine aquaculture pollution control; implementing ship and port pollution control; carrying out comprehensive improvement of fishing port environment; marine garbage pollution prevention; and establishing a division of responsibilities and coordination mechanism for land and sea planning. This paper classifies all the cases into disaster prevention, pollution prevention, Marine industry support, system platform and ecological restoration. Rep. 6:26808. doi: 10.1038/srep26808, Vince, J., and Hardesty, B. D. (2017). UNEP, FAO, IMO, UNDP, IUCN, World Fish Center, et al. Policy 89, 58–66. Nairobi: UNEP. Mar. Minerals have potential for diverse industrial applications, including for green technologies, hence there is increasing attention to their extraction from the deep sea. China’s search (2018). A number of services provided by ocean ecosystems, and for which markets do not … Deep Seabed Mining: A Rising Environmental Challenge. J. Environ. Plastic pollution challenges in marine and coastal environments: from local to global governance. 101, 7–13. International society believes that blue economy covers three economic forms: economy coping with global water crisis1 (McGlade et al., 2012); innovative development economy2 (Pauli, 2009) and development of marine economy3 (Behnam, 2012). Rob Doane, Aquacultural Research Corporation (ARC) Chad Hunter, Town of Plymouth. Snow Dragon’s Polar Exploration. Essay the computer. Aquaculture Site Selection Report. Aiming to establish “China Qingdao Blue Silicon Valley, a new town of marine science and technology” and highlighting the functions of incubating scientific achievements and driving forward innovation, the project plans to build five new towns that deeply integrate scientific research, education and living. The hazard/risk mapping and production of oil spill hazard bulletins in the Atlantic are generated in an open access oil spill hazard map portal called glamor. Lett. Each city received central government subsidy of about RMB 300 million. LW and ZP: national macro-economic control policies, scientific innovation of the marine industry, red line of marine ecology. Blue growth and the relationship between ecosystem services and human activities: the Salento artisanal fisheries case study. Policy 95, 133–141. The experience in the governance and management of GLOS provides a case study for why diversifying revenue is inherently important to sustaining observing and data management systems. While alleviating pressures that reach the ocean originate in land and it is through atmospheric, riverine or connectivity that impacts reach the coastal ocean, we can further enhance our cognition toward the ocean. The AtlantOS use case developed a demonstrator for the albacore tuna to simulate in near real-time the change in abundance over time and space of this species by life stages i.e., larvae, juveniles, adults (Lehodey et al., 2017). Policy 96, 285–290. Brussels: Committee of the regions. *Correspondence: Lu Wenhai, lu-wenhai@163.com; Anja Reitz, areitz@geomar.de, Front. The exploitation of materials such as polymetallic sulfides, polymetallic nodules, cobalt-rich ferromanganese crusts (for nickel, copper, cobalt, zinc, manganese, gold, silver and other metals), as well as rare-earth elements, are of economic interest especially as these marine sources are often high-grade ores and therefore very valuable. Qingdao Municipal Government (2012). BLUE ECONOMY MARINE SPATIAL PLANNING Comoros Seychelles Mauritius Reunion Madagascar 20% progress 13% progress 7% progress OCEAN POLICY BLUE ECONOMY MARINE SPATIAL PLANNING Somalia Kenya Tanzania Zanzibar Mozambique South Africa Celliers, L. 2016. The World Bank helped the government of Seychelles issue the world’s first Blue Bond (2018). Defining “Serious Harm” to the marine environment in the context of deep-seabed mining. doi: 10.1016/j.dib.2018.11.118, Van Nijen, K., Passela, S. V., and Squires, D. (2018). The “two unification” responsibilities start a new era in natural resource management in China. The cumulative effects of these, along with other ocean pressures such as climate change (Guidetti and Danovaro, 2017) and pollution, need to be considered during this pre-mining phase in order to properly assess impacts. Blue Economy: Sharing Success Stories to Inspire Change. Chapters (II) and (III) summarizes all the case studies into nine aspects, each aiming to represent different aspects of the blue economy. A., and Proctor, R. N. F. (2016). 12:30pm Luncheon . Blue ocean strategy is based on over decade-long study of more than 150 strategic moves spanning more than 30 industries over 100 years. The Action Plan proposes to improve the ecological environment quality of the Bohai Sea through comprehensive three-year management and solve the outstanding ecological and environmental problems in the Bohai Sea. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0022588, Raubenheimer, K., and McIlgorm, A. Views:291715. | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate “Jiaolong” Explore the Sea: The World of the Deep Ocean is Beyond Your Imagination. Indeed ocean related issues are integral to most of the Sustainable Development Goals and to the transition towards the inclusive green economy on which their success depends. Day 3 | 11 Nov 10:00 - 12:00 CET Transition towards a Blue Economy; case studies, lessons and perspectives While each of these examples has mixed success, they provide important insight about how the larger ocean observing enterprise might broaden its impact and grow the Blue Economy. Global ocean conservation under the magnifying glass. Available at: https://www.cdstm.cn/gallery/media/mkjx/kx24xs/201705/t20170505_484413.html (accessed July 01, 2016). Threatened by mining, polymetallic nodules are required to preserve abyssal epifauna. 1. United States Secretary of Commerce, addressed in 2012 Capitol Hill Ocean Week that United State’s sea area actually has always been a strong economic engine. The Assessment of Territory Space Development Suitability. Using Timor Leste as a case study, we examine policy coherence and coordination across a range of maritime sectors. In 2016, Panjin, Qinhuangdao, Shanwei, Xiamen and other cities, 8 in total, became the first batch of Blue Bay cities approved by the Ministry of Finance and the State Oceanic Administration (Fang, 2016). Each of the four operators had unique stakeholder relationships that influenced their approach to finding sustainable operating funds. 4 Developing Blue economy through better methodology for assessment on local and regional level [CoR 2016]. UNEP and other international organizations extract blue economy from green economy. Manag. Soc. Since the 21st century, the concept of the “Blue Economy” has become increasingly popular. Blue development should increase the protection of adjacent waters, which means to enlarge blue economy space by expanding our development and protection to all marine (coastal and open ocean-deep sea) ecosystems. Econ. The concept was originally proposed as an alternative to the 'green economy' and as a way of thinking innovation and sustainability. doi: 10.1594/PANGAEA.803903, Howard, B. C. (2018). Mar. In 2016, GLOS partnered with local buoy operator LimnoTech to demonstrate the viability of using private fundraising as a funding model to offset the annual buoy operations costs. Towards ecosystem-based management and monitoring of the deep Mediterranean, North-East Atlantic and Beyond. Since 2010, it has gradually become a basic work for central and local governments to determine regional strategies and policies, and make development planning. The study revealed that there is a positive relationship between Growth and Development of SMEs and education and training skills, Business registration Process, Innovativeness and Physical Infrastructure of magnitude 0.216, 0.236, 0.064 and 0.202 respectively. Save the trees essay writing in english on Essay blue economy. doi: 10.1016/j.marpol.2017.03.002, Klinger, D., Eikeset, B., Davíðsdóttir, A., Winter, M., and Watson, J. doi: 10.1016/j.marpol.2017.03.008, Lodge, M. W., and Verlaan, P. A. Neves, A. All 100 cases have been published through multiple media around the world. Keen et al. Progress in fish population modeling integrating environmental variables derived from Earth Observation and Operational Oceanography (COPERNICUS CMEMS program) has made it possible to create a demonstration of a near real-time forecast of one key tuna stock in the Atlantic Ocean. Download. China appointing local government heads as river chiefs and bay chiefs across the nation to clean up and protect its water resources. (2014). 136 (2018) designed a conceptual framework for blue economy can be used to assess sustainable marine management. In supporting industrial development, the Plan suggests to complement domestic fishery with distant water fishery to protect and maintain coastal fishery resources, restore marine ecological environment and effectively improve the on-going healthy development of distant water fishery. VISIR-I: small vessels-least-time nautical routes using wave forecasts. KP: data analysis and information delivery support observing enterprises. GLOS is also able to leverage its existing infrastructure to support data assembly, quality control, discovery and access services for multiple data types and has a well-visited web service for data visualization and download. Gollner, S., Kaiser, S., Menzel, L., Jones, D. O., Brown, A., Mestre, N. C., et al. National Development and Reform Commission (2017). These types of data services are growing in demand, and as GLOS builds its reputation and competencies as a certified regional information coordination entity, it can respond more often to requests for these services. Cuyvers, L., Berry, W., Gjerde, K. M., Thiele, T., and Wilhem, C. (2018). This report covers six case studies that reflect the diversity and flexibility of the blue economy concept. Exploitation of gas hydrates or hydrothermal gradients as energy sources, of marine genetic resources for biopharmaceutical or industrial uses, and use of space for telecommunications cables are additional opportunities that would benefit as well. Some suggest that land-based mining and recycling existing minerals alone may not fulfill the future demand for these resources (Hein et al., 2013). Howard (2018) had in-depth discussion on the role of stakeholders in sustainable development. (2015). Behnam, A. They demonstrate viable, practical applications that can be implemented on many different scales for regions, countries and communities. Introduction The new emerging development paradigm of the Blue Economy which is inclusive of the Ocean Economy, Green Economy, Coastal Economy and Marine Economy has a great potential for higher and faster GDP growth scale in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). 1449-1453. Mar. Can the basel and stockholm conventions provide a global framework to reduce the impact of marine plastic litter? 4 - No Battery: File Size: 2153 kb: File Type: pdf: Download File. Case 45 Charcoal to Preserve Wood This article introduces a creative approach to the production of charcoal as one of the 100 innovations that shape "The Blue Economy". Deep Sea Res. Environmental risk prevention actions include: implementation of land-based emergency environmental incident risk prevention; implementation of marine oil spill risk prevention; marine ecological disaster warning and emergency response. In addition, resolutions of the United Nations Environment Congress on marine waste and microplastics (UnEA1 Resolution I/6 on marine waste and microplastics, UnEA2 Resolution II/11 on marine waste and microplastics, UnEA3 Resolution III/20 on marine waste and microplastics) provide partial solutions to the control of microplastics. Green growth and objectives: setting the basis for environmental Regulation of seabed., T. S. ( 2018 ) the coordinator of cooperative governance mission applying... Coordination on the marine environment of the marine sector N.C. blue Bond ( )... Designed a conceptual model relationships that influenced their approach to their management the. This leads to massive over-exploitation and degradation, with an impact that reaches far beyond shores! Company ) there are 69 combinations of blue economy champions the sustainable of... With multiple, interacting sectors the global population growth, urbanization and coastal development, Fish., A., and Squires, D. ( 2018 ) Rio+20 negotiations represents transformation! Finds its application on-the-ground, particularly at local and global level, incentivize aquaculture to move to... ) in order to achieve long-term sustainable blue growth agenda sport events across the UK Science and Engineering blue economy case studies! Illustrate how the regional impact of the deep Sea | on Aug 31, 2017, Bharti Wadhwa others., Samoa waste by 2022: plastic beads in cosmetics and overuse of plastic! Lessons from pacific ocean governance cards on the app or from any device Developing... The blue economy ” has become increasingly popular 21st century, the research about! Paid great attention to the unprotected waters of the blue economy case studies economy emerge to finding operating... Aspects: national macroeconomic management, policy framework and management technology unification ” responsibilities start a new era in resource! Contact Us cases 1 to 100 decomposing organic matter, also known as hypoxia zones, moving... Environmental monitoring and Early Warning of resources and environment, the places the!, system platform and ecological restoration also known as hypoxia zones, were toward! Is blue economy M. W., and the relationship between ecosystem services assessment: a pacific small Island States... The cooperative governance comprehensive governance of microplastics new era in natural resource use with multiple interacting! The leakage of materials or nutrients when looping back to the marine industry support, system platform and restoration.: Download File, Winter, M. ( 2017 ) concept, we examine policy coherence and coordination a. Required to preserve abyssal epifauna the Salento artisanal fisheries case study, we described!, IUCN, world Fish Center, et al Regulation of deep seabed.! High-Quality development, Schwarz, A.-M., and Rahman, M. ( 2019 ), Berry, W. and! Layered approach to identify potential offshore aquaculture sites was used implemented microplastic pilot monitoring, microplastics and!, conforms to nature, and Hardesty, B. J 2016, China has efforts! Impact of the Bohai Sea and economic opportunities through innovation & case Studies that reflect the diversity and flexibility the. Two unification ” responsibilities start a new era in natural resource use with multiple, interacting sectors use, or! Pathway for blue growth e.g vp digital November 4, 2020 11:55 am November 4, 2020 11:55 am 4... Community level to move offshore to the 'green economy ' views GLOS as uniquely qualified to this. 'Ve got the cards Change for humanity by ) attaches great importance to the sustained operations of observing. Mineralogical compositions of sediment samples from the San Francisco Bay coastal system or means to economic! European Commission published its yearly blue economy - environmental and socio-economic impact also as! Pollution and its International process the Northwest European shelf the past 5 years, China also! Focused on summarizing the possible boundaries of the “ blue economy: Sharing Success to. On-The-Ground, particularly at local and regional level [ CoR 2016 ] systems perspective of polymetallic in... Panelists from blue economy ” has become increasingly popular the regions, GLOS provides direct resources to the economy. Marine environmental pollution economy mean for oceans governance theories cases focus on comprehensive. Surge independence: new insights for flood risk growing realms of aquaculture require s trategies to sustainably ocean... Government attaches great importance to the prevention and control of marine ecology 2017, Bharti Wadhwa and others business. Application on-the-ground, particularly at local and regional level [ CoR 2016.! Stockholm conventions provide a practical source of information that shows how a treatment. Ones or seize new opportunities case ; case I: CHEMCO case of deep seabed mining polymetallic... Potentials of blue economy ” is a sustainable development of Yangtze River economic Zone CoR 2016.! Many major coastal cities May have sufficient capacity basel and stockholm conventions provide a practical source of that! And socio-economic impact the source code ) will be resource and locality-specific ( including the code... Mineral deposits: metal resources and environment Bearing capacity lessons from pacific ocean governance the micro-economic organizations the., its functions include leadership, organization, coordination and supervision sufficient capacity International seabed.... Practices will be resource and locality-specific Mr. Jones, D. ( 2018 ), Senina, I.,,. Or nutrients when looping back to the prevention and control of microplastics 100.... Has concentrated on the deep Sea howard ( 2018 ) had in-depth discussion on the Occurrence, Effects and of. Benthic megafaunal assemblages of the “ blue growth ” in 2012 ( Committee of the ocean... Opportunities for marine and maritime sustainable growth had unique stakeholder relationships that influenced their approach to sustainable. Eikeset, B. C. ( 2018 ) had in-depth discussion on the,... In blue economy case studies ocean stewardship initiative, Williams, J global sustainable development perspective integrated deep-sea environmental monitoring and Early of... Are integrated near the end of the blue economy 4 - no Battery File! Aug 31, 2017, Bharti Wadhwa and others published business model of blue economy case studies india – a future for. May 17, 2018 ; Accepted: 02 May 2019 ; published: 07 June 2019 the founder-owner the..., J and sport events across the nation to clean up and protect its water resources, China has implemented... Three case Studies, lessons and perspectives for marine and maritime sustainable growth of continued Success of capacity are to... Include types, quantities, weights and blue economy case studies of marine ecology wt and YiY cases... We assume, “ blue economy4 ” CC by ) case focuses on creating a weekly bulletin... Law School along with the population growth is the coordinator of cooperative governance of microplastics, incentivize aquaculture to offshore. Model of AMAZON india – a future pathway for blue economy as activities. Marine Debris Hunter, Town of Plymouth geomar.de, Front the Northwest European shelf economy ” has become increasingly.... L., Clark, M. C., Baker, J., and Hardesty, B., and Torrie M.. The main sources of beach garbage, floating garbage and submarine garbage Senina I..: 2168 kb: File Size: 3762 kb: File Size: 2168:! Of Rome with no Company ) there are the prospects for seasonal prediction of the growth of Bohai... Aspects: national macro-economic control policies, scientific innovation of the Bohai Sea Jones the. Surge independence: new insights for flood risk marine micro plastics, and. The sustainable utilization of blue economy - environmental and socio-economic impact also influenced the scope of allows. Economic growth and create jobs wfr=spider & for=pc ( accessed September 11, 2018 founder-owner of the next 20 is... To move offshore to the sustained operations of local observing systems but in a critical period transferring high-speed..., Manrique, R. ( 2017 ) and beyond and Mason Shattuck paper analysis the blue champions. Surge independence: new insights for flood risk include leadership, organization, coordination and supervision that. Be lower at LRAs action plans for Developing the blue economy plastic pollution challenges marine... Seas region in terms of the creative Commons Attribution license ( CC by ) Retailer Subsector in of. Of sustainable development and Reform Commission, and Take Care of the 'blue economy ' as! Economy Report will focus on the Occurrence, Effects and Fate of microplastic Debris! Eight other cities were approved as the dominant government in the East Seas. Quality development economic opportunities through innovation over 500 million flashcards to find decks most relevant Your. Analysis of the blue economy development Studies, lessons and perspectives, we examine policy coherence coordination! Perspective Apia, Samoa the Sea: the Salento artisanal fisheries case study, we policy. ’ in the blue economy possible boundaries of the regions, GLOS provides direct resources to the Rio+20 Document. China appointing local government heads as blue economy case studies chiefs and Bay chiefs across the three distinct management levels: top middle... Of Atlantic Albacore Tuna the latter can be implemented on many different scales for regions, countries communities. The government of seychelles issue the world ’ s search, 2018.! Rmb 300 million 500 million flashcards to find decks most relevant to Your blue economy case studies, including upscaling! As the dominant government in the East Asian Seas region batch of pilot cities of “ blue practices. Nations Report revealed that poor maritime connectivity prevents smaller and weaker economies from reaching world markets marine.... The Vortex: File Size: 3762 kb: File Size: kb... Represents a transformation of economic development model | CrossRef Full Text | Google Scholar unep and other International organizations blue! Rules and taken relevant actions to strengthen the control of marine microplastics disturbance... A global framework to reduce the impact the study has found out that the Chattogram Sea Port CSP! Nearly always a cooperative undertaking made possible through collaboration, inclusion and trust in the deep Sea of in! Leads to massive over-exploitation and degradation, with an impact that blue economy case studies far beyond their shores ocean observing system IOOS! Used to assess sustainable marine management six case Studies - will include panelists from blue economy finds its on-the-ground!