Moving pictures exuded a mystique that was unique. [8], He was also featured in an interview in The Australian. (But memory seems to be playing tricks with me- was it the first shop on the right hand side or the left as one entered Malli Bazzar?) It offered fifty percent discount to students- obviously this in practice translated as students of Public schools on their day out in town. Maybe a stronger wind will sway the coconut trees  tomorrow or day after registering the powerful presence of the monsoon. We always seem to encounter a fellow Uttarakhandi wherever we check in for the night. Was it Binu di who sang in Mukteshwar- Wo to tharhe Kadam ki Chaiyyan, Ghaam ka Maara Ri Mori Guiyaan? It was here that a future Olympian had honed his stick skills. Will welcome them but also miss the sound of raindrops on tin roof in the cottage in Ranikhet. Pushpesh Pant has written an encyclopedia on Indian cuisine and you can find recipes from all different parts of India. Pushpesh Pant's "India: the Cookbook" is a hefty tome that I could see thumbing through just about every week for ideas. Well, truth be told, our tea gardens are not even an apology. Enjoyed greatly my interaction with the Hindi medium students at this Oxford of Orient- long past its prime. “ Paltan man jaunla, Dhan maya launla German ka dhava man!” The glory of martyrdom in war or heroic return from the battlefield was reserved for the Gorkha recruits not these children of lesser gods in Nepal. I was made to feel like a minor star of black n white films of yesterday years. We are talking of an age before the advent of television. How one wishes that the Uttarakhand Government ‘markets’-like Kerala n Goa- monsoon as ‘Special Season for Special Tourists’. To join college mates at this adda was certainly akin to a rite of passage. It was a delight reliving memories (almost half century old) of a blissful month spent in ‘his’ city-Manila. It’s been almost half a century since those units that dazzled Nainital packed up and left. Also to days when I accompanied Malcom Buck a classmate from Nainital to Charal Kunj for a Christian Youth training camp and discovered how Kerala churches were like Hindu Temples. How one envied Binu Jijji who could choose what she wished to see- she an adult hostler studying in Allahabad University had privileges as a visitor during vacations. There are so many affinities between our culinary philosophy and it is under the influence of Buddhism that th The leading ladies all agreed appeared so plain without make up and none of us could get over retakes and lip-synching with recorded music. None else can service him! Andhra Pradesh Racket pilfering fuel at petrol pumps busted Pushpesh Pant, the famous food ... My wife's family are from Karachi, and their koftay are made in a delicious yogurt based sauce - to my liking; served with roti, or naan (flat bread). Pushpesh Pant (born 1947) is a noted Indian academic, food critic and historian. I declined the invitation to ‘flex’ my ageing muscles and remained content sipping glass after glass of steaming tea at the Dhaba. Can anything match the joy of getting a bida made to your specification and indulge in a stealthy puff unseen by countless self appointed local guardians- oh the seductions of nicotine! Kerala is entwined inextricably in my memory with our native hills. Our hosts were the warm hearted Dominique brothers of Casino Hotel, Coconut Lagoon and Spice Garden fame. Incidentally Baker had, following Gandhi’s advice settled n worked for long years in Pithoragarh. Those who had become institutions in their life time- family physicians like Dr. Charu Pande, dentists like the German Dr. Freund and Dr, Sharma who bough his practice, lawyers with larger than life appetites and reputation like DK Pande and legendary school teachers like Dhyan Singh Massab and his wife Dhyan Sundari Rawat. The kids were eager, far more responsive than their peers in Delhi. Asin Marriage: There are few other actresses’ of Asin Thottumkal’s mould in Hindi, or indeed any cinema today. Young adults drooled at the prospect of ogling at heroines and even more full of oomph starlets. Some remained aloof oozing hauteur a few smiled at fans. 12 Man shoots and kills journalist wife in Pakistan ... Pushpesh Pant to curate its museum: Trust . Quiet n not at all humid. Others had their eagle eyes focused on the Hockey matches played on the flats- part of the celebrated annual ritual Obidulla Cup All India Tournament. यह सवाल हर किसी नौजवान को परेशान करता है।, आगे बढ़ने के लिए और क्या पढ़ें? iv. Written in an uplifting/humorous style by Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) Professor Pushpesh Pant, the book traverses DPT's life with allusions to the backdrop of India's progress over the decades. Settled in a small guest house by the backwaters. Information Technology, Computers and Cyber Law ). Decades later a son of the soil would strike fame as an actor in Bandit Queen and another would make his mark claiming a national award for film direction. Talk of coincidences. Some faces were familiar- both the traveller’s and the porter’s. Nothing matches the breath taking beauty of rain washed hills n snow crested peaks playing hide n seek in company of myriad hued clouds reflecting rays of setting sun. The real star of the show right now is Pushpesh Pant with his India cookbook which has an incredible range. Our National Anthem, too, seems to re-emphasise the cultural identity of the pe One learnt much later that it was during the 60’s that Amitabh Bacchan and Naseeruddin Shah too were students in Nainital but at that time they were a faceless presence. Thank you friends and mentors all who have oh so gently made me fall in love with Kerala! Column Culinary Legacy: Evolution of Indian and Arabian Cuisines From arts and sciences to literature and music, both sides imbibed a diversity of influences enriching their respective cultures. In 1970’s AK Damodaran the distinguished diplomat n freedom fighter joined JNU as visiting professor of Diplomacy. Following in your footsteps, I shall keep blogging about Nainital that lives only in shared memory- partial recall at best but enough to smile and get over the travails of living in plains. This is where the Library drew the reading types like a magnet and Chowdhry ji whipped his deshi Espresso paired with alu ke gutake pierced with matchsticks to make handling these easy. Incomes of locals wouldn’t register a sudden dip. We were told that Pratap Bhaiyya, the Socialist leader, had once organised an international kavi sammelan in Nainital with a dotiyal folk singer to justify the prefix. Vyjayantrimala and Waheeda Rahman, Mala Sinha and Meena Kumari dominated the posters. But this may be an apocryphal story. [2] He is one of India's leading experts on International Relations as well as Indian cuisine, and as a columnist has written for a number of major publications like Forbes,[3] Open,[4] Outlook,[5] Times of India[6] and The Tribune. Wish had also collected some bananas! There was an annual regatta with Yachts with colourful sails skimming the surface of the lake- at times tilting dangerously making the ‘land-lubbing’ spectators skip a heartbeat or two. CRST is as everyone identified and identifies the Intermediate college with a long name commemorating the philanthropy who endowed it. Happy about the jams n chutneys he has produced this season. Always generous with their time n encouraging. Wonder, what does the Metro labour force sustains itself on? The coolies were largely invisible elsewhere in Nainital- be it Mallital or Tallital. Prof Pant added that the ruling had to be seen as just one of many recent changes in Indian society. As rain lashes and coconut trees sway gently through haze n the backwaters ripple my thoughts turn to Kottayam where Anantmurthy was sometime the VC. Concession to constant stream of visitors from the North who can’t live without their daly fix? Half forgotten lines of another faux Nepali folk song stir upwards from some abyss. Shraddha Kapoor sported a feathered headdress, worn by the Native American tribes, for a photo in photographer Dabboo Ratnani’s calendar. Like Like Sampled some smacking lips. Then Harish(Trivedi) became my flat mate in Delhi and I imbibed more of Allahabad. Talked to people back home it’s raining there too. He went on to become the prime minister in Nepal. On days when one had money to splurge one couldn’t resist climbing the small uphill path to reach Sackley’s Swiss Confectionary. According to the historian and food critic Pushpesh Pant, who is writing what he calls a culinary biography of Gandhi, My Dinner With Gandhi (expected in January 2020 from Roli Books), early in his life, Gandhi had set the goal to encounter God. It screened English movies and billed latest Hindi films. Sensitive to the states resplendent pluralistic heritage and imperilled environment he has crafted a tourism policy that is really incredible! Enough of digression. It’s the people one misses most. Trysts were kept or missed elsewhere. The Boat House club hadn’t yet embraced democratic norms- the New Club in a lonely cold corner of the flats kept alive the wannabe Plebian challenge alive. Years later visited his house now a museum in Kozhikode. One marveled at the nimble sure footedness the dotiyal porters negotiated the hazardous journey along slippery leech infested paths. Clouds hang low here as it does in Kumaon and wind howls rather than whistle, trees bend aWith branches dancing wildly when rains come. Clouds covered the panoramic view of snow capped peaks but the raindrops falling on tin roof of the cottage more than made up for all the slushy inconvenience. 1. i. Cyber Space vs Physical Space, xiii. Its only in Jis gali mein tera ghar na ho sajana from Kati Patang that Nainital of that vintage ‘survives. It seems strange how then I relate so affectionately and personally to this place. Kochi delightfully serene after Delhi. Maybe, it was an addictive whiff picked up at R-7 Hauz Khas when Munnu aka Guns was a constant companion and moved constantly between Delhi and Allahabad? As a matter of fact, never more than three of four days at a stretch. But nothing matched the buzz created by BR Chopra’s multi starrer Waqt. The young man at the tandoor turned out to be from Jhetain the village that Babu once owned! Memory plays strange tricks on the mind. It ranked much lower in pecking order than St Joseph’s, Sherwood, All Saints and Birla School- even GIC in Gorkha Lines or the GGIC close by. You can tell that a lot of love and years went into it, as mentioned in Pant… The tourists have all departed n business is slack for Bishan at Royal Mountain but he was bubbling with enthusiasm. A review of ‘Old’Technology Laws. Now people travel light- unburdened by baggage or memories- and there are no dotiyals visible in Nainital. Playing God: Organ Transplant, IVF, Cloning, Stem Cell Research*, xiv. Ram Singh was bombarded every evening with listener’s request to play Come September, Ya Mustapha and Colonel Boogie’s March. But, it was years before I could indulge in these to my hearts content on a trip with Jiggs researching regional foods. Euthanasia Assisted Suicide Santhara Fast unto Death, ix. The moment you reached Naintal-at the Bus Stand at the ‘Lake Bridge’ that was popularly known as Daand (Sluice Gate)- before the bus or the rare car could come to a stop-the swarm of ill clad unwashed coolies descended on you. Dr. D.D. Galileo, Copernicus, Newton:Secularism Shooting for Gumrah brought Sunil Dutt and Sashi Kapur to our town. It rained almost nonstop and kept me indoors most of the time. It didn’t take long for the bubble to burst but what fun was had by one and all while the ‘shooting spree’ lasted. Ashoka next to the Municipality Office with an imposing clock tower was preferred by the middlebrow audiences and Laxmi situated conveniently midway between Malli Tal and Talli Tal took care of the spill over. Anyway Govind has learnt how to buy good quality meat n mince for kebab n keema. Old student Amitabh Kant, belongs to Kerala cadre of IAS has left his indelible imprint on this state. Mukteshwar had lovely stands of deodar, oak and some rhododendron but no Kadam. ‘Regulation’ of Science and Technology, Machines,Transport,Medicine,Weapons ... Batras with Pushpesh Pant. Nainital then was the Summer Capital of UP and was much more glamorous than historic Almora and the spit and polish cantonment Ranikhet. Emerging Challenges and Responses In this ground-breaking book, The Holy 100, award-winning author, Meghna Pant has rewritten three of India’s greatest epics – the Mahabharata, Ramayana and Gita – in one hundred points each, just for you! Same as my education. On the road to Bhowali stood Yakub Mian’s Saloon where the gentry preferred to have their hair dressed. Wonderfully gifted n dedicated she has broken ice n the kids are beginning to show off their command of this alien tongue. Other locations were discovered- more interesting or competitive and we were left with fading memories of ‘the shooting’. Revived memories of mom describing Kathakali gurus n sashays at Shantiniketan. Capt. BSP turning the red landscape blue. Not to forget the mid lake section. Food Adulteration and Food Safety FSSAI/FDA*, xiii. 9 1hr Man shoots and kills journalist wife in Pakistan ... Pushpesh Pant to curate its museum: Trust . The overall design features lush photos and perfectly-sized fonts that are a cook's dream. This song uses a set but In hawaon mein in fizaon mein does justice to the natural beauty of Kilbury. Mrinal’s Baithak blogs on Nainital circa 1960’s have unleashed a gushing flood of nostalgia that I have been unable to do anything else for the past two days but live continuously in past- in a stupor spawned by the preferred poison. PRS Brar then a student at the DSB College (later a much in news police officer) had to fire a shot in self-defence from his licensed pistol when assaulted by a group of Hockey Stick swinging toughs in a scuffle following Student Union Elections. कौन सा विषय या कैरियर चुनें? Researched n anchored with Chani. to recapture bars of music wafting from the Band Stand heard many moons ago or to savour once again the lingering taste of forbidden delights like Prem ki ghee ki tikki, Bakharuva ki tel ki jalebi or Chowdhary ke alu ke gutake. According to historian Pushpesh Pant the committee simply reiterates what the Government wants. Reflectors (not the tiny mirrors wielded by naughty boys!) 05 / 8 , Priyanka Rai (L) and Sucharita Gupta perform at the event. Indra Pharmacy run by Basant Lal Gangola was a landmark in more ways than one. The bulk of the evening fare comprised tunes of popular Hindi film songs. Sharad Dutt, elder brotherly always, treated me to wonderful prawns and a unforgettable sunset at Covalam just out of Trivedram,  ride into Poonamadi hill country and a visit to Laurie Bakers House. Titles range from a collector’s edition of Nan Goldin photographs ($4,000) to Pushpesh Pant’s “India: Cookbook “($49.95). Downed a can of Foster’s -missing San Miguel. The word shooting conjured up visions of Arabian Nights and more. Apart from her super good looks, the actress packs an array of talents that seem inconceivable for any one person to possess – she’s a trained Bharatnatyam dancer, speaks eight languages and dubs her own films, oh, irrespective of language that is. Gone to seed decades ago, revival by good friend RS Tolia is yet to take off but why complain? Have ever since always begun my Introduction to Diplomacy class with a reverent bow to Dootvakyam mentioned by Sardar Pannikkar in hil lectures on the subject. Ustadji tried his house recipe that stretches every thing- cooked for two is made to serve five! So Beautiful Thing is a memoir; India After Gandhi is a history; B R Ambedkar is a political hero of the 20th century – these are his most important writings; Pushpesh Pant’s India: Cookbook is obviously a cookbook, and 2 States is a novel. Talked of Jeepnies n Pasig, Indi Cult Movies like Sagwan and had a very satisfying dinner cooked by students at HImalayan Institute of Hospitality Management at Royal Mountain Hotel. The caretaker cum cook Teerath is from West Chaparan. Some strapping youths, far outnumbered by wizened aged before their years elders and a sprinkling of rosy cheeked adolescents jostling to hand you their ‘token’- a small bracelet like piece of steel with a string attached making it look like a clumsy key ring. Had heard a lot about Kerala Ayurved massages but pressed for time couldn’t try it out. Pant the then principal of the DSB College didn’t like the reputation of his wards besmirched but understood their desire to ‘participate’ from the ringside seat in the spectacle. PLEASE PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME I NEED TO FIND OUT IF I CAN TRACE WERE MY WIFE OF 20YRS N I HAVE 3 KIDS BUT I CANNOT GET TO HER PHONE SHE CARRIES IT 24/7 BUT I cannot afford a private investigator N I was told now I can track her without touching her phone she HAS A SAMSUNG S4 PLEASE HELP I TRIED EVERY APP NO LUCK THANK GOD BLESS. Cyber Crimes: Pornography, Obscenity, Defamation, Stalking, xv. For Bombay producers Nainital soon ceased to be the flavor of the month or whatever such passing trends are called. Minu (Mrinal ) Jijji (Binu di) Ira darling all went to the university there and talk at home never strayed far from their alma mater. Law, Religion, Science: Contending Claims and Overlapping Domains Can’t blame others- gossiping downstairs lost track of time and failed to step into kitchen in time. Pushpesh Pant. “The festival was characterised by card playing sessions and binging. On my last day, the misty veil parted for minutes to reveal the smiling snow capped peaks. Years later Rajan assumed office as VC of the university and invited me a couple of times for seminars and talks. The Dotiyals who were engaged as quartet of dandi bearers or pulled the rickshaws were slightly better off- appeared much better clad and not so abjectly poor. The charming couple knows everyone in town and adjacent villages. Genetically Modified Crops* But this market too could boast of outlets that ranked higher than any competitor in Malli Tal Market. The first film I recall that used Nainital for its ‘outdoor’ sequences was Gumrah. Mom darling had insisted that the yajnopavit rite be performed at Sangam to ensure that her sons could perform her Shraddha properly- she was then obsessed with imminent death as a suspected case of Utrine cancer. Mahatma Gandhi's favourite bhajan 'Vaishnav Jan To' now has Kashmiri version. What blew our minds then was encountering famous film stars in flesh and blood. The family has many claims to fame. Is it because I never ended up their as a student after passing my intermediate exams in 1961( as was planned by my parents) and some sort of wish fulfilment draws me to Allahabad? Pushpesh Pant We have always wondered why Japanese cuisine is not better known in India. Once while a song was being shot there were repeated interruptions due to shining mirrors aimed at blinding the poor stars. Industrial Revolution: Jenner, Watts Transformation of Society "There have been a lot more inter-caste marriages; some inter-community marriages; and people are taking up jobs outside their places of origin," he said. No one could swear that he had seen any dotiyal take a bath. When in a generous mood she shared a short description of scenes to whet our appetites more about what was denied to us. Only if n when valuable visitors become long staying regulars the roads to n from our hills will be repaired n better maintained. Introductory Overview No one could imagine the bliss experienced standing under the shade of a Kadam tree. How mobile the young rural Indians are! Once your hand touched it you and your baggage were ‘claimed’. Then came the Forts of India series. From restrictions on their movement to being forced to do chores and facing domestic abuse, women are facing the brunt of the lockdown. I’m a good cook but my wife is a superb cook and she has cooked some of the recipes in his book. Brindaji his wife has kindly agreed to teach HIHM students English. Thanks Gopi for so patiently explaining the mysteries of make up and alphabets of mudras. Kerala Coronavirus | COVID-19 patient raped inside ambulance in Kerala Hopefully, this small venture will provide gainful employment for some school drop outs n village women. The Crammer I have written , published by TMH has sold very well in the Hindi Belt n I owe it to my readers to be available face to face when required!