Last time I went here, my and my boys left someone at canal to watch for any cops that were around. wall between the center tracks. More photos of Canal St, can be found on the This plan from 1908 Signs are still in place, and there’s a moderate amount of graffiti. The same white door can be seen in the end wall in the platform center track, which has been lifted. . We were the only crew actively exploring subway tunnels at the time, and those who occasionally went tunneling didn’t know these platforms were being abandoned – so it was a relatively easy win to get in first. historian Joe Cunningham, it was used by train crews to cross between Trains running between Canal Street and Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall still pass through the station and its graffiti-covered walls. streetcars were diverted to the 14 St subway (L train) when it If it was a shuttle service the return to Watford would also carry the B9 headcode. of the Bowery, to be replaced in 1914 by a newer structure spanning Home